Mortal Kombat 11


I get what you mean. Sometimes you do have to experiment to see what works and not everything can be the same. I just feel like with Skarlet, they went too far. In each of your examples, there’s still a healthy amount of preservation of their older versions along with the new tricks. Heck, even in this MK, the returning characters have their returning moves well preserved while giving them completely new moves. So if they could do that with them, why couldn’t they do that with her? They still could have done it with the character changes they were going for.

I will give them this though. As much as I’m bagging on the Skarlet changes, everyone else seems to like it so it must be a success on their part. The hood she wears is really ugly though. I can’t believe that’s part of her default.


Not going down that road with you-the evidence is all there…there’s more black representation than robotic dreadlocked dark skin people
It’s not up for debate that NRS chose to follow a trend, period

The fact that she’s there anyway is a wasted slot imo- will I be here for Jacqui? She has her fans, just as say Erron Black has fans in another genre?:woman_shrugging:

The point is, there’s little direction in evolution compared to other roster slots, it’s quite redundant in my opinion, that’s all,I’ll have to say about the stereotype. Idk, maybe that costume is pivotal to the Mortal Kombat 11 story lol :joy:

I never liked it, either since the reveal. It wasn’t until I saw the unmasked/ unhooked version that I began to even appreciate Skarlet. Didn’t care for Jade at ALL until I saw the mortal version, even still, her costume is rather meh as well. In contrast, aside from some costuming, most of the character models look amazing-

I’d say my favorite atm is sub zero’s Mortal figure


At least the hood on Jade is an actual hood. She’s also one of those characters that got her old moves preserved lol

Would it be a waste if Jax isn’t in the game? I’m asking cuz I don’t actually know if Jax was leaked or not lol


It’s mostly the odd colored revenant default I’m not a fan of, jade’s hood I could deal with, the rest of the design -
On Jacqui & the other youngins’:
I get it, maybe NRS wants a parallel to the WB’s titans
in that there’s a new generation of mk characters (Cassie firmly corrects her opponent “that’s COMMANDER CASSIE”
I actually love Jax but if he’s not dlc still I’d have loved to see Darrius, Rain, Sheeva, Li Mei or even Meat over having the likes of Jacqui back to back

speaking of jades revenant default, if Sindel were to return, do you think they’d have her default as a revenant as well? Hope not


Darrius can’t be in the game without Hotaru, his story is directly tied to Hotaru and the Orderrealm. I could have sworn they deconfirmed Meat like they did with Mokap, but either way I don’t see a joke character like him returning.

In the case of Sindel, considering how they made Jade and Kabal revenants by default (unlike MKX where the revenant skins had to be unlocked) that would clearly be the case for Sindel as well. I guess it wouldn’t matter since they have actual costumes again, unlike IJ2 where everything was in pieces.


I’d wager that she’ll still have the old hair option, since there’s such a heavy emphasis on customization. This may not even be a replacement for her current hair. Just another option of many.


Even better!

Love design behind-the-scenes content like this!
I think Baraka favors mike Tyson lol


Lol. I’m going to stay out of any discussion about whether Jacqui is generic/stereotypical. Especially since I’m sitting in Ethiopia right now at an African regional conference, lol. I am not about to tell the ladies with braids they are all the same!

I do think her fighting design is a nice adaptation of her father’s fighting style - with homages to his arms and arm rockets but not being completely the same.

I said before it’s the relationships that are interesting. Without Jax to play off of I don’t really know who Jacqui relates too. They could do a lot more with her character in the story if they choose to. I wouldn’t say I’m overly attached to her or especially interested in her character. But I’m definitely not less interested in her than the average MK character.


Here’s a feature I wouldn’t mind in the future.
Giving DLC characters a story mode. It’s not exactly possible considering the way they are doing it but it be neat.

For example you go to story mode and you can choose the base roster story which as all the chapters, and another story you can start but with all the DLC chapters.

thinking about it now, it
It would likely not work for this kind of game, but I thought it’d be nice.


I dunno, I think each character is more or less on a scale in terms of how much they want to rework them (looks and moveset). I think Skarlet got more of a redesign in part because of how basic her MK9 look was, but also because her moveset wasn’t the most fleshed out / exciting in a world where you have all of these variation moves.

With Jaqui, she already comes with variation moves and she was just in the last game, so I don’t know quite why people were expecting such a massive difference for her look. To me, she looks different. better hair, skin tone, much better face, a different looking outfit… And don’t forget one of the devs (Daanish Syed, I believe?) said that her alt looks are some of his favorite in the game.

But honestly, she’s a military character. Anyone expecting a change on the level of UMK3 Reptile vs MKDA Reptile were already setting themselves up for disappointment. I think as Jaqui goes, she has enough detractors among the hardcore base that thought she was bland in the last game and were so unbearably adamant about it that it’s unlikely any realistic changes would’ve been enough for them.

Some seemed to want them to really lean in to the whole cybernetic thing for some reason. They’re not turning her in to a cyborg or making her super-techy in that direction because if did that, they’d likely lose some of her originality at best, and worst they’d catch holy hell from fans wondering why they didn’t just put Cyrax and Sektor in the game.

Thing is, she has her fans, and it’s not a small number of people either. So why don’t we just check and see what she can actually do in this game before we call her a waste of space? Grey Meta said she’s a real badass this time around, and hopefully she’s right.

Also, and not to belabor this, but the whole “waste of space” thing is soooo relative. One person’s trash is another’s treasure and vice versa. People keep clamoring for Sindel, Nightwolf, the cyborgs, etc and those are honestly some of my least favorite trilogy originals, but that’s just me.

Yeah I didn’t realize being black and having braids made you generic or samey or whatever either.

Well, she has Cassie as her best friend and Takeda seemed to be a burgeoning love interest in the MKX story. She’s military, so that immediately puts her in a group with Cage and Sonya, especially if she were to be in the same group as before, which also includes Kung Jin and Kenshi.

Honestly, to me, she’s one of the glue characters in the story, as I think she holds multiple parts together and manages to do so while being far less quippy as the other three kombat kids. She was kinda the straight man in that group, at least to an extent. Kung Jin was the hot head, Takeda was more sarcastic and Cassie was just constant attitude and one-liners.

That’s all fine by me, btw. I liked all of them. But it always struck me as odd that people singled Jaqui out as the most annoying of the group. Ah well. I wasn’t blown away by her design in MKX from an appearance or gameplay perspective, but I still liked her from a story perspective and certainly don’t mind seeing her come back. Sure, other characters are deserving of a refresh or a reboot, but that’s all subjective anyways. I think she looks better in this game and I’m excited to see what type of improvements they’ve made to her gameplay.

No I think that’s an AWESOME idea and I’d love to see them do that! I’ve been hoping for that since MK9.

For one thing, they can have DLC characters in the story, as they will be with Shao Khan and they did in MKX with Tanya and Bo Rai Cho, so maybe their story chapters can intersect there with previous story moments, but it’s not like they can’t also create side story tracks for DLC characters that take them on their own path to an extent.

Maybe they help fill in some gaps or flesh out characters, or maybe they just have them doing new stuff either after the story’s end or during the story that we might not expect.

I mean, let’s say, hypothetically, Reiko and Havik are DLC. Maybe they focus on capturing the Kamidogu, and maybe that plot thread has zero relation to the main story, takes place after the ending of the main story, and maybe this plot thread involves Skarlet secretly defecting from Kotal Khan (if that’s who she’s with at the time) and maybe some characters that weren’t utilized as much in the story like Sub Zero (if that happens).

I think this could be a good way to give DLC characters their time in the spotlight and sort of justify their existence on one hand, but it’s also a good way to get those that were on the base roster but maybe weren’t as involved in the main story to still feel like they’re doing something, which I think would’ve been nice to see in MKX for some characters (looks directly at Kung Lao).

Another example would be Takeda, Tasia, Mavado and Daegon. Say Takeda’s looking for Daegon still to kill him with the help of NPC Taven and NPC Kenshi. Daegon and Mavado are working on their own plot to reawaken the Dragon King, while Tasia is working with Kabal and Kano to both stop them and reawaken the Dragon King themselves.

Or maybe none of them have to intersect in such ways. Maybe you have Fujin battling Raiden, Sareena helping Sub Zero bring Noob back from what he’s become, Sindel and Kitana plotting to take the Netherealm from Liu Kang and Ashrah on her own journey purify her soul by helping Kronika with a specific mission involving, I dunno, killing alt timeline Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

There are a million possibilities and I think a lot of them could work in various ways both within the main storyline, to the outskirts of the main storyline as it’s taking place, or after the main storyline either as an extended epilogue or even a bridge to MK12. I’d love to see them go this route with DLC characters instead of just saying “here’s your character, go play arcade mode and get some nonsense ending that almost assuredly won’t be canon.”


In a way that can mean that Reptile can finally get his own chapter. The benefit to this is.

1: It shows Reptile doesn’t need a human skin to win his fights which it seems some people assume that.

Not sure how I drew to that conclusion though.

2: It shows he can be more than a jobber. Even if he is though he’s still my favorite.


Lol. Dude had a picture of Lucio (who’s a man) and Master Raven (who’s half naked and wields a sword) and said they’re the same thing because hair and future armor. No, no they are not. :joy:

Jacqui is no more “the same” as every other black character with braids or locs as Sonya is equivalent to every sandy blonde/brunette ponytailed white woman in gaming. Jacqui’s hair is common because hey, braids and locs are pretty common stylings for black people’s hair, and her attire matches the future-armor aesthetics that NRS likes for their military characters. The look is cohesive and makes sense within the context of the character and story, and for my money she looks a lot better overall than she did in X.

That’s why I always liked her narratively. She’s the classic straight man for this group of otherwise rowdy kids, and her and Cassie have good pre-fight dialogue in the game that I think shows off their relationship quite well. There’s a fair bit to mine there if the developers care to delve.

Gameplay-wise, while I wasn’t a huge fan of her focus on zoning, I really liked the more in-your-face aspects she had to her. She’s Jax’s daughter, so it’s cool to see a variation on the brawling stuff he’s known for. I’m hoping they lean into that a bit more for some of her variations.


I remembered that she and Cassie were clearly good friends but I didn’t remember that she and Takeda had a thing going. That’s probably on me since I played the story mode for MKX once and promptly forgot it all.


The reveal should bring about more inspection, until I see further reveal…
Right now, it’s a no. Just no.

Agree to disagree and try not to get a lump in your throat about generics. Lol
They all look one and the same… or is it because you can’t see it? Beats me…

Can’t change the perception, Africa or no it’s how I feel you can type a paragraph of excuses but it’s right there in front of you lol

are you trying to educate me about black people’s hair? I’m speaking on graphical expansion of a video game character, for crying out loud. :-1:t5:

my conversation had nothing to do with African ladies with braids.
How shallow.

Being defensive won’t further this conversation in the intended manner. I said what I said.


Only if the incredibly generic observation that lots of black women have braids or locs counts as education :thinking:

Yes, because I am clearly emotional about all this. How ever will I continue on in life with people not liking the look of MK11 Jacqui Briggs? -shudders and stifles sob-


I wouldn’t overreact. I can’t speak for others but I was just adding a little levity (or trying to). You don’t have to like Jacqui and I don’t think anyone asked you to apologize or flagged your post or asked for you to be banned from the forums. But I don’t think you made a good case for her being generic by putting up some wildly disparate characters who are all black women with braids. That’s all.


And again, just because there’s a fact that black woman with braids exist, I cannot be told how to feel that it is genetic for a video game character.
If someone takes that personal- NOT MY FAULT.

that’s how I feel. Don’t dare try to tell me what I feel is wrong because you see it a certain way, if not move on, don’t bring a whole repressed sense of hurt into the matter it’s a design opinion I have, not that deep don’t tell me what I’m supposed to feel because your friend or mother has dreads Tthat has nothing to with what I’m saying.

certain people try to address me rather than the topic ‘no you’re wrong because some black people have dreads hyuk hyuk ’ is NOT a way to continue the conversation. Period.

BARKBARKBARK you’re wrong for feeling that way because there’s other ponytailed- wait what SO???!!!? I STILL think jacqui’s design is GENERIC

That’s not right and I have a right to think so, and state it, and not be told that I’m wrong to think so, I don’t care it’s not right to try to tell someone how to feel about a subject.

I did not address anyone, I stated my opinion, triggered people are hurt by it, try to say I’m wrong for feeling so, apology Never, for whatttttt

If you feel triggered then maybe you have issues, not me- I won’t be told I’m wrong for how I feel do NOT try to bully me for my opinion


Calm down. It’s really not that deep.


In my humble opinion, I think Jacqui looks beautiful. :smile_cat:Dreads and all… again she reminds me of Lupita Nyongo, and I’m loving that. :slight_smile:

Lupita ROCKS!


Sorry, so what you’re saying is that you have a right (A RIGHT GODDAMMIT!!) to share your opinion but anyone who disagrees with you has no right to share their opinion and in fact by disagreeing with you they are bullying you?

It’s a forum. For discussion. People are discussing. Disagreeing is not a personal attack. No one has demeaned or insulted you. The only one who seems triggered to me is you. The only one insulting people and mocking them is you.