Mortal Kombat 11


I think that’s still just Evil MKX Liu Kang. You gotta remember that this game is setting up fights with each other’s duplicates. A literal display of Good VS Evil.


The Skull Fireball could just be a little detail they didn’t think of until now.


I like Skarlet’s new look a lot more than the initial reveal. Looked too much like they ripped Catwoman from Injustice and put her in a new costume.




Meh yourself - I think she looks cool :slight_smile:

I liked Skarlet’s bob cut more. Wouldn’t be surprised if they let you tweak some characters’ hair though - it’s one of the big ways to change a silhouette after all.


I like it! She reminds me of Lupita Nyongo… and that is definitely NOT a bad thing. :joy_cat:


A-line cut suits skarlet more, imo glad they updated it… I was kinda cool with the initial one tho…
Looking forward to variations of the upcoming characters to change otherwise bland repetitive design choices (paneled bodysuits/ parallel asymmetrical straps here/ there etc

Can’t shake the design education fundamentals here-

I bet Erron Black will have a radical new costume variation I just bet


My problem with Skarlet is more about her gameplay, which seems to go hand-in-hand with her design.

Despite maybe 1-2 moves, she plays almost nothing like her first incarnation. From the ninja-like offensive style she had in MK9, they turned her into a magic-using zoning type character with almost nothing resembling her ninja style. From the description alone, they sound like two different characters but this is done intentionally.

From a design standpoint, you could compare this change to Ermac, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But from a gameplay standpoint, at least Ermac kept the base moves that practically were his character since his debut. It’s more like Juri from SFIV to SFV. In comparison, the two iterations share one move, and even that isn’t very similar to each other.


I see what you mean

Say if orchid is ever featured (right lol) in a future game, if her moveset only had a slide move and the rest was gunkata what’s the point

I didn’t play skarlet much but I also would feel the same about Sindel without her scream levitations and hair whips it’s difficult


I think with Skarlet, given that she’s only appeared once, they probably felt a little better about remaking her in to something they felt was superior creatively. The game has had so many characters that have been classified as “ninjas” throughout its history (rightly or wrongly) that it’s somewhat natural they’d want to take her in a more unique or individualized direction.

I think the blood mage aspect is pretty awesome and it really plays up her most defining characteristic, which her MK9 iteration barely scratched the surface on. Now she seems to have a ton of blood-based moves and it’s really become her signature, much more so than it was before IMO.

That said, have we seen the full breakdown for her yet? I can’t recall if we have or not. It’d be kinda cool if she had her blood drop teleport from MK9 and maybe the option to throw kunai and air kunai instead of bloodballs.

After that though, I dunno… Looking back at her MK9 move list, there wasn’t a ton of really exciting, signature type stuff there that feels out of place by its absence. A downward sword/knife strike, an upward version, a knee charge, etc.

I love the meter burn version of her blood drop teleport, but that’s really the only thing I’d be all that psyched to see return. None of the other stuff overly screamed “ninja” to me to begin with. Just kinda felt like standard fighting game type moves. That’s just me though.


Am I the only one that sees Jacqui as a female version of human Cyrax now? Not just the hair but also the use of bombs in her fatality.

Also I prefer this new version of Skarlet, the old version always felt unfinished to me, at least from a creative standpoint. Granted yes, she is just M-Rated Mira now, but it’s a big improvement over what she previously had. Hopefully she still retains a variation that lets her play like classic rushdown Skarlet, would seem off to just dump that playstyle altogether in favor of making her a zoner or something.

On a side note, I’ve been hearing people say this game runs on a tweaked version of UE3 like IJ2. If that’s true than that’s crazy, it looks better than most fighters running on UE4.


There is a video of Skarlet and all of her moves. Doesn’t look to me like there’s gonna be that much rushdown going on.


I’m Kano’s stream they said that a character’s “archetype” can change completely depending on how you customize the variation. Don’t see why tat couldn’t happen here. We don’t know every single option we’ll have for every character.


They also said you could make Geras a zoner in one of the older streams (the reveal stream maybe? I don’t remember), so unless they plan to add/change more in the final product we might still get rushdown Skarlet in the end.

Also that video swordman posted is age-gated on Youtube itself. Ugh, I’m getting sick of making accounts for every little thing in this world, and considering how a large portion of MK11 videos are also age-gated I’ll probably have to in order to see anything MK-related in the future (since we can’t just put them all here obviously).


That video showcased all of her available Variation moves in the Reveal Build. None of them act like rushdown moves. Rather, the moves that aren’t buffs or projectiles seem like extenders or finishers. Moves can be added in the future, but as of right now, she doesn’t seem to be the rushdown-oriented type. Maybe in her strings.

I apologise for that. Stuff like age restrictions is beyond my control, unfortunately.


Yeah I just venting my frustrations over having to manage so many accounts because of how things are now (also my memory seems to have gotten worse over the years in regards to stuff like that). And as I said watching the video on this forum still works (no age-gate here) so I still saw the video and understood your statement on Skarlet’s moveset. But like you also said there is a change new moves will get added in the future, just like what Injustice 2 did.

Maybe after a while she’ll at least get her blood drop move back, since that’s the one that isn’t here at all right now.


I can turn any character into Rushdown! Years ago I played thunder like a rabid beast lmao

Grappler for what? :woman_shrugging:

On that note, looks like most people try to get that jump in hit then smack a few hits in- that’s one thing I like about Soul Calibur NO BUNNIES lmao

exactly, she could have been a perfect opportunity to appear with a godlike design but oh well seems like a lot of people are liking a repetitive basic familiar representation! We’ve SEEN this before!

Jacqui Briggs
Jacqui Briggs

Jacqui Briggs
Jacqui Briggs

The SAME D thing
she could EASILY be in that same design in any of these other popular games and not stand out(overwatch/ fortnite/ tekken all give you a dark skin dreadlocked in a tech/robot suit whatever type):woman_shrugging:

Makes me actually long for Spawn


I see what you mean, but NRS has clearly settled on the “armored soldier” designs for some time now; even Jacqui’s MKX design fit the mold you’re describing here. Also seems weird we don’t have a proper power armor character for the Earthrealm faction either (thinking like the Space Marines or SM Terminators in Warhammer 40k).

Either way I’m not surprised at this point, even in the old games most normal Earthrealm fighters were either just “martial artists” or “soldier with guns/cybernetic weapons”. I’m still hoping they surprise us, even as DLC, but I guess I’ll just look forward to the gameplay instead.


Yes actually liked her design in mkx but expected more this iteration :sunglasses:
Again, I speak before I see her variations so I’ll wait

I’m looking forward to dlc too!!! Not too much longer now for release


@swordman09 I can see what you mean with Skarlett. Personally I found her MK9 design to feel a bit half baked, but I admit I wasn’t exactly an expert player either. But I think more broadly, you are describing the downside of taking risks.

Capcom takes very little risk with their character evolutions from game to game. The idea that giving Ken a modified heavy Tatsu and changing the framedata for his crazy legs moves is considered “different” illustrates this perfectly. Killer Instinct is the riskiest franchise. Each of the three entries so far features both radical redisigns of fighters aesthetics and fighting style. NRS has fallen somewhere in between with MK, leaning towards the safe side.

But for me, personally, I’d rather see them take risks. This means I accept that sometimes they will change a character that I like into one I don’t (as seems to be the case for you with Skarlett). But the alternative means when I buy Tekken 7 I can do the same 10 hit combo I could do in Tekken 3. The games don’t evolve if the developers don’t take risks and change things. I give NRS a lot of credit in this regard.


So all black characters with locs/braids and armor are the same. Gotcha. :+1:t5: