Mortal Kombat 11


I don’t think anyone expects Shang Tsung to transform at this point. He hasn’t had this ability in any of the 3D era games.


I think in MK9 he had his Soul steal ability, but he could only transform into the opponent.

Other than that, he really hasn’t had a “transforming” special, like in UMK3.


I personally disagree. I think his ability to transform IS his character. With all these custom moves, or even as a base move, there should be something resembling his ability to transform as a move. If they take it away entirely though, then it’s whatever. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s gone without it.


That is why I said Fatal blows, brutalities and fatalities can transform. Just not transforming to where you have to learn 200 moves fro 30 something characters.


I’ve always figured they removed this ability from Shang Tsung due to the same reasons Spinal couldn’t do his transformation ender in KI 2013, but even so I still think “transforms into other characters” is pretty much the only notable thing about Shang Tsung. Imposter Shinnok showed a way you can do the whole steal-a-move thing within current systems (heck, with the triple ground fireball he also had the only other notable thing about Shang), but overall I can’t really see the point behind a non-transforming Shang Tsung. That was the whole point of the character…the soul stuff never had much real gameplay impact.


Sure. He should transform. The way he did in MK9. I only have a problem with the idea of him being able to just morph into any character on the roster on a whim. That sounds like a nightmare to even develop, let alone balance. That one move alone would have 30+ unique inputs. Is that even possible? He’s only ever been able to do that in his unplayable boss mode. And even then, in MK9 he could only have two characters “equipped” at a time.

I could see that actually being how it works. Like if you pick Shang Tsung you can pick two other characters that he can morph into. But that would be a little much imo.

Also, as a Shang Tsung fan, I live and find value in every aspect of the character and his moveset. And the soul stealing is really cool imo. Anything that lets me restore my health.


Well, he could do it in MK 2 and 3. There were fewer characters and they were sprite based. This caused load time problems on CD rom based systems like PlayStation even then so imagine what would happen as they loaded in the character work for a fully 3D character. The moves are certainly possible le but would be boring and tedious and not leave a whole lot else for him to do. Balance though wouldn’t be a problem since it’s just the same as the other character.

They could give him some Kirby style accessory or whatever representing each character. Or more workable have him select a few transformations or moves as part of his custom variations. But frankly I think this is an idea hat requires a sprite based game.


I dont understand why everyone feels he NEEDS to transform to be cool? WHy cant he just be a new version of himself with magical powers?


-shrug- Shang Tsung is the old dude-turned-young-dude who transforms. His character moveset consisted of 1/2/3 fireball tosses and ground fireballs and that was basically it for 4 games. The thing that made him unique, that made him Shang Tsung, was his ability to take on the forms of the rest of the cast. The soul stuff (which would admittedly make for a cool character -coughErmaccough-), was never really incorporated into his actual gameplay.


Except for his ability to restore his own health by soul stealing, which lets him transform into his direct opponent.


Obviously there are many cool wizard characters who don’t transform. But it’s part of his identity. If they took away Raiden’s lightning and gave him water powers he might still be really cool. But he wouldn’t really be Raiden.


I think if they made him with all new moves and utilize the transformation into Fatal blows, throws, brutalities, fatalities, ect… he would be just fine. No doubt NR can make him awesome without the worry of transformation issues with hundreds of moves ect


I wonder if they considered having one of his variation mimicking one or more that particular fighters’ moveset somehat but not exactly similar to how spinal ki2 Enders reflected only the character he was fighting


This guy most likely is Shang Tsung because only he can transform to Liu Kang and throw skulls for fireballs. He could be Liu Kang himself and the fireballs could be part of his gear, but i do not think so. Also there is a green halo place behind him. So Shang Tsung in some way can transform into other characters in the game. I do not know if this clip is part of an intro, or story but his transformation is there.


They really went all out with Johnny. Saw this tweet that had a in-between round interaction where Johnny is flipping off the other character saying “F you” a lot. Like, they really went all out with the personalities and characters.


Wait. Where is that from? What did I miss? And what are you talking about?


It is from the gameplay reveal trailer 0:40


They updated skarlet’s Hair

Plus, Kano looking great


I don’t like the new hair very much, it looks like a hood, the previous hair was making her looking more different.


In the full-motion it doesn’t translate/ animate like a hood, but then again it could be a direct animation transfer from her default fabric ‘hood’

this could also still be an early build before the final disc version as well- they did so well with poison ivy/ Starfire I’m not worried

Cassie reminds me of the attitude for Kim Wu intro I predicted a couple years ago


Dec '15

She should be texting on a smartphone and blowing a bubble of gum

‘(Sigh)… Like really, I’m so over this’

'Omg do I really have to fight YOU’

’I TOLD you not to underestimate me- HIYYYYAHHHH!’
If love to see her do a split and land with a peace sign and a smile lol

Jokes aside Season 3 has an opportunity to bring in alternate win poses

And black hair red hair and purple or green hair options


Cut to 2019- Cassie is totally a smartphone-swiping bubble gum popping brat lol