Mortal Kombat 11


Doesn’t Johnny Cage + Stunt Doubles count as a team already?


Cassie’s intro dialogues are hilarious, but watching a bunch of them back-to-back helped me figure out why her voice rubbed me the wrong way initially. It’s solid, but she sounds weirdly young. MKX Cassie was largely a send-up of meme culture and all that, but she had a bit of edge to her delivery. In MK11 she sounds even younger, which just seems odd to me since the game takes place after X and Cassie is presumably more experienced after saving the world :man_shrugging:t5:

Ah well. At least the actual dialogue is quite entertaining.


And as worse memes have come to light, worse memes will be used for this character.

May the Elder Gods save us all.


I’m so disappointed in you NRS.


Lmao it’s ridiculous!


Cassie’s new voice is horrible compared to the MKX voice. THe MKX voice was so good…it just had that extra “oomph” to it ya know? I mean a the end of the day it doesnt matter gameplay wise obviously but it is painfully noticeable that Cassie and SOnyas voices just dont feel like they fit into the game. I dont understand why the NR team decided to change so many voices. Even Kanos voice was changed and …why? Was there a voice actor strike or something?



If it is than he looks horrible without his beard.


How many dlc slots are there again?
Could be a chance we see some legacy characters if it’s more than six


I wonder if Shang Tsung is in the game how will his tranformations function and will he be able to transform to the entire roster?


Honestly, that would be pretty broken. If they do do it it would have to have some sort of time limit. No idea how you’d select the transformation unless he’s gonna have 30+ different button commands for it.


Yes, like 30 commands? Or will it be random? Or only the character you are playing against? But if you can choose two or three characters to tranform, Shang Tsung could be the tag team we were looking for.


Honestly, I’d just MK9 it and have him change into his oponant after a meter burned soul steel


The hard part of transforming like he did in MK9 is that people have custom moves now. Not sure how they’d handle that this time. With Shinnok in MKX, it was limited to just one move so having to deal with Variations wasn’t as big of a deal.

They could limit it to base moves, but some of the custom moves override those so it could just be up to the Shang Tsung player to take that into account. If it’s gonna be like that, they might as well include the whole custom moveset.

That sounds like an interesting idea. Sounds difficult to set up though. You’d have to come up with 3-4 character moveset for it to be complete. In a way, it also might seem kinda cheap having that much potentially in your ■■■■■■■■

ARIA could be considered the same idea though. Except with ARIA, the difference in moves isn’t as big so it’s not as much of an issue. This is even without considering the life difference.

EDIT: Why did that get censored?


Yes it would be cheap but also difficult to handle with one lifebar.
It also could be an assist like move if Shang Tsung could transform to another character for only one move. That move could be an ability. He could have about 40 abilities but it could happen.



Lol. No idea :joy:

The word was ars en al, for anyone wondering.


Reminds me of Dark Souls, where certain words will get bleeped because of specific letters in the words.

So the new reveals look good, I don’t really care for Kano’s new voice (he looks younger but sounds older?!) but overall it looks good.

Also, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but would anyone care if they just put a new Raptor character instead of Reptile or Chameleon? After remembering Reptile’s MKX ending I would honestly rather see the Raptor Queen be playable instead. Because I’m honestly getting sick of Reptile just being there and doing literally nothing for the story (like how Seraphs feels about Jax basically).

And I just skimmed the topic, I don’t want to step on any toes with this but:

Why are you blaming the actors for something that was clearly WB’s/NRS’s fault? I mean, I also hate some of the new voices but Epcar has nothing to do with it (though I was surprised they threw out so many legacy voices apart from him).

Also DC clearly wants a knockoff Hamill Joker voice, since Hamill himself can’t do the voice anymore (he said it caused too much strain of his vocal chords, back in the Arkham City days). But that’s the voice people think of when they think Joker, so it’s not surprising they hire other actors to emulate his work.

I actually agree with this, many of the non-human characters are grossly underdeveloped to the point where they come across as generic, not the human characters. I really hope they fix this with MK11; I want to care more for the entire roster’s story, not just part of it.


Could this guy be Noob Saibot?


I hope SHang Tsung doesnt transform at all…he just has his own move set that is just bad ■■■ like everyone else. No reason he has to transform into other characters. His Fatal blow and fatality could do that or a brutality… but normal move set doesnt need to be all transforming IMO


Well this is also a solution. I do not have a problem with that, but i think most people are waiting for Shang Tsung because of his transformation ability. At first I want to see how will it happen (if), i mean the graphics and generally how will it look.