Mortal Kombat 11

So there’s been some rumours leaked about MK11…


I would never personally believe any rumours or leaks. I need an official confirmation before I can believe. I’ve been burned so many times, been disappointed time and time again due to them being fake, so I’ve learned to stay skeptical. And I am normally not one to enable the behaviour of believing in these things…

But hey! It’s the first we hear about anything MK11 related. So let the speculations and theories begin!


Well, before i was a great fan of MK, now, after the mistakes the game staff and Ed Boon made since MK 2011, make me to not like the franchise anymore with the same love of the past, but i still like the series, a little bit but still.
Now, about MK 11, will be a reboot of MKDA or a reboot of this game with the Deception chapter too, but whatever will be, they must bring some characters back with a good impact in the story mode, a example of this is Li Mei, she was the protagonist of Deadly Alliance chapter and is a good character, Netherrealm Studios are putting MK in a hole hard to take off.


I was never fond of Li Mei. The whole “kung fu girl” trope is not my thing, and Li Mei was rather basic at that. But I recognize that a lot of people seem to like her and have requested her for a long time, so there might be a chance for her to be playable in MK11. Especially now that we saw her as a Story Mode NPC in MKX.


11? I thought We were at Mortal Kombat 40 already.

Well, if you can’t count…

I like the way her design evolved from her first appearance. She’s certainly come a long way from her old design

Huh…what is it about old fighting games and giving the girl models Janet Jackson face? I thought KI2 was the only one

Check how much is XL smh

XL is a pun on “extra large” and MKX, which is the tenth main game in the series.
If you really thought it meant 40, then you didn’t do your homework.

You don’t say

Don’t place kappa emote once and everyone gets confused smh


Oh, I know it was a joke. I’m not laughing though.

Now back on topic.

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I’m excited about how the new roster for the new MK will be designed.

Can’t wait to hear about the confirmation, but dread the trickle of character roster release. That’s so overrated. Just announce the list, confirm the roster, then reveal in order you wish.

The carrot-dangling tease is super old.

Just kidding, it adds to the mystery, even if hearts are broken and salty tears flow when stans of certain characters don’t get their wishes granted.

I’d really love to see Fujin, ashrah, rain, hotaro?, Sindel and jade reinvented for this MK

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Doesn’t NRS come out with either a new Injustice or MK game every couple of years or so? Can’t believe MKX is already two years old. Seems like yesterday it came out.


I kinda feel like MK’s in a weird place right now. They aged forward a lot of the trilogy cast and they certainly don’t seem overly inclined toward taking the current plot in a Dragon King or Armageddon direction again. They also seemingly turned some of the heroes evil (or left them evil, I guess) and added several new characters, which one can easily assume will happen again in the next game.

So who makes it this time? How many trilogy characters, how many 3D era characters, how many MKX newbies and how many new characters?

It seems odd to me that after ten games they’d rely so heavily on the trilogy cast, but then again, I thought it was weird that they chose to do this in MKX, but maybe it’s now finally time to transition some characters out for a game or two, especially now that we know they’re pretty good at making new characters?

One thing that’s kinda sad as a fan going back to the first game is that the more the roster grows, the less of a chance some of the more obscure characters seem to have in making a triumphant return. I’d love to see them realize Mavado’s potential, or Drahmin’s, or Fujin’s or Kai’s. But while Fujin at least appeared in cameo form in MKX, he seems to be the only one of these four with even a snowball’s chance of appearing in the next game.

I’d honestly kinda like it if they limited the number of trilogy characters returning, as I’d like to see other characters get a chance, but I’d also like a chance to miss some of them for a game, like Reptile, Jax, Sonya and others that seem to appear in every game.

Personally, I’d kinda like to see a roster like this:

Sub Zero
Shang Tsung
Li Mei
Erron Black
Kung Jin
Jaqui Briggs
Cassie Cage
Kotal Khan
Shao Khan (Hidden Unlockable-Playable)
Kung Lao (Hidden Unlockable-Playable)

Raiden (Sub Boss-Unlockable-Playable)

Liu Kang & Kitana Endurance (Sub Bosses-Unplayable)
New Sub Boss Monster (Unplayable)
New Boss (Unplayable)

It’d be nice to see some hidden characters again, perhaps even more than I have here.

The nice part is that the story can pretty much go anywhere now, so I’ll be curious to see what they decide to do. I know they’ll never have this many 3D era characters in a game, regardless of how much they’ve aged the trilogy characters, but it’d be nice if they could strike a better balance and not have a roster full of older characters that have been in most games for a while now.

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i justhope they keep kotal khan as a reoccuring charecter. he is my favorite of the new charecter and i really like his gameplay especially the variation that let him use the command grab that gets more powerful the more you use it.

I’d like to see Kotal Khan return as well. He has a really cool look and some fun moves.

I will say this though… I REALLY hope they ditch the variation system. I honestly didn’t like it at all. It felt way too gimmicky. Some characters’ variations were barely anything at all, while others seemed to have some cool stuff, but since it was split between three forms, I always had a feeling like each character would be so much cooler if they were just combined in to one.

Granted, every character would be OP as hell if they did that, but still. Make a character cool and fun to use, I don’t need them split in to three characters, I don’t need them to have three different fighting styles like in MKDA. As much as I appreciate MK’s desire to shake up their own formula, part of me thinks that by this time, just having a straight forward experience without extraneous bells, whistles and buttons would be enough of a change (and a more desirable one at that).

As for the possible leak in the original post, who can say if anything in it is true, but if it turns out to be accurate or even somewhat accurate… WOW. I mean… A game that hasn’t even been announced yet it’s already having leaks like that? That’d be crazy lol.

i just want them to keep the injustice 2 formula while ditching the stupid extra moves can only be used outside of rank/tournament mode rule. that decision never made sense to me. if its a matter of never knowing the moves your opponent has chosen then it is trivial to show it on the charecter select screen via mkx or even street fighter 3rd strike and 4 when you could choose different ultra combo and the oponent can plainly see which one you chose.

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I like that idea. About 5-6 moves that can only fill 2 slots for specials.
No limits or mode exclusives.

And yes no variations just the gear system (simplified- maybe gear sets instead of gear all over the place)

My guess is because some of those moves provide enough of an advantage to throw off the balance of the game when playing against people that aren’t souped up? Or just against other characters in general? Not quite sure, to be honest, but that’d be my guess.

Either way, and this is just my personal opinion, but it’s going to look weird seeing loot boxes in a Mortal Kombat game. I’m sure it’ll happen. I’m sure they’ll find more ways to monetize the next MK than we can dream up in our wildest of nightmares.

But at the very least, I’d rather all that stuff be cosmetic or, at the most, add to your strength, defense and/or health or whatever. I’d rather not have extra moves tied to specific things you have to wear. Just give my character a move set and let me learn it.

I’d also hope that they wouldn’t add any of the extraneous systems like the clash system and even X-Rays at this point. I get that they’re super moves, but they honestly grind the action down to a halt for several seconds, just to watch a brief movie that we’ve seen hundreds of times before.

I like the idea of MK characters having super moves, but it’d be nice if they maybe went big and overpowering / cool instead of gory torture anatomy lesson. Maybe give characters a few different supers as well? I tend to prefer the darkness of MK come from it’s foreboding, eastern themed atmosphere as opposed to the dungeon, torture-pron, but that’s just me. Save the gory stuff for the fatalities, and even then, surprise me with something unique and stylish or cool. I’d prefer that to being shocked with how gross something is. When I was 12, that was cool. Now it’s just borderline embarrassing.

I will say this though, I’d MUCH prefer to be able to play and unlock character outfits, weapons, etc and in that sense, I think the gear system is a cool idea. If they want to monetize a shortcut here, that’s okay so long as it’s not “pay $5 or grind for two months straight” kind of a deal. If this was the hook system they want to use to be able to say MKXI is different from MKX (along with removing variations and exchanging X-Rays for actual supers), I’d be really psyched to play that game.

@Iago407 Would you even say that the Variation System is based MORE on favoritism as well as personal bias and LESS on practicality by any chance?

Honestly, I couldn’t say. I don’t know how much practicality enters in to it, whether it be timing on the devs part or character balance etc, but I tend to think that some characters objectively got much more compelling variations than others.

Regardless, I personally think it’s just too much to ask someone to learn so many matchups and if a fairly substantial percentage of the variations aren’t really that compelling, or they feel like they’re taking a cool character and tearing them in to three less cool parts, then what’s the point? At best, you’re making too many characters to figure out and worst you’re diluting the quality of characters, at least to some extent.

Now sure, you’re likely not going to give each character 20 special moves not including metered versions, but there has to be some sort of compromise in there where a character can be fully fleshed out depth-wise and interesting from a moves standpoint without having so much crap that splitting them in to another version of that character seems like a good idea. Find some interesting mix of moves to make a character feel complete without resorting to gimmickry, that’s all I ask. If you want to add a stance or a set of moves, find a way to do it organically that keeps the character whole and consistent.

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