Mortal Kombat 11


Normally I would begrudgingly agree with you that this was their reasoning for their decision but literally 5 min. Ago the new patchnotes for injustice was revealed and 3-4 gear moves were adjusted. Mostly recovery frames on hit and block and some bug fixes but this shows that the devs have the capability to nerf/adjust gear moves as they see fit right now. This wouldn’t change much if gear moves was allowed in ranked.

Rather now that I think about I really feel it’s because they locked gear moves under severe random luck based loot drop and similar to our shadow Jago problem we had before they don’t feel it’s right that people can bring moves that are not readily available to the public into ranked. While they still the don’t want to let go of the giant juicy replay value grinding for gear moves create for the game.

I can only hope that they won’t lock off cool gameplay stuff like this in the next mk/injustice game.


the roster for me should be.

  1. Reptile
  2. Scorpion
  3. Sub-Zero
  4. Ermac
  5. Rain
  6. Kitana
  7. Mileena
  8. Liu Kang
  9. Raiden
  10. Jax
  11. Jhonny Cage
  12. Sonya Blade
  13. Onaga
  14. Blaze
  15. Khameleon (It’s about time they do something with her)
  16. Goro
  17. Kung Lao
  18. Kenshi
  19. Kotal Khan
  20. Erron Black
  21. D’vorah
  22. Smoke
  23. New
  24. New
  25. New
  26. New
  27. New
  28. New
  29. New
  30. New
  31. New
  32. New
  33. New
  34. New

this is the roster I would choose.


I just hope this “Dominic” is a real official character. I can picture him neutral yet siding with the Red Dragon against Kano.


Yeah, that’s been their tradition. So MK11 looks to come out 2019, I’m guessing right in time for EVO.

Here are some additional, older rumors, basically hitting on the same points as the vid but w/ some additional roster info (which is a bit poorly relayed).


The only two Kharacters I need. But if this true then I can’t wait for my favorite fighting game franchise to have a new game.



Reptile in MKX looks amazing, also I liked his version in MK9. Specially with both masks

About MK, I LOVE that game. I love the MK world, the characters the story, the charisma. It’s like a movie, a one that I enjoy. MK9 and 10 have been wonderful to me regarding the story. MK9 was 100% nostalgia (along with MK Shaolin Monks) and MKX wasn’t that amazing but I still think it was totally enjoyable (long live Johnny!)
As far as gameplay goes, I prefer KI, but I’ll always feel love for most MK characters. They are all so cool!!


MK was my first fighting and violent game it grew on me and honestly I knew MK more then KI.


Me too. in fact, KI is my MK replacement since NRS has apparently given up on PC. But here’s to KI2!


MK was my first fighter! (tried SF and I didn’t like it, however I played beat 'em ups).
Then KI and Primal Rage became my main games because my parents said I would not play MK. It was too violent -_-

You know, I was never attracted to that (I even think they took it too far) I like the characters, the design,the story and fighthing. It’s not the gore for me, never was.
Loved Scorpion and the dragon logo with the classic music :smiley:
If MKXI is out, I’ll play it (well,I hope because the XOne Will be my last console).


Reptile is my number one favorite of all. I want him to keep coming back for as long as MK lives.

though this time, I doubt they will make him be Onaga. I’ve been hearing rumors (correct me on that) that the dragon king will have someone else as his vessel this time.


Same Reptile was my first MK character and Onaga could return it’s possible.


I’ve herd Kano’s son is gonna be in MK 11 and roumor has it that his name is Dominc


Jade (long overdue return)
Sindel ( no sense to sit out 2 iterations)


All I want to see is

Shang Tsung
Shao Kahn (PLAYABLE!!!)


Forget about the dragon King,I want the dragon Prince! :smiley:


MK11 confirmed…


I’d say holiday 2018!


Revamped Onaga


Kotal khan absorb the spirit of Onaga to be come the true dragon king and looks like Quetzalcoatl the winged serpent god of the Aztec

My dream for mk11


Interesting, but I think Kotal will need to remain what he is for abit longer. That doesn’t mean the possibility should be endless.