Mortal Kombat 11


I like how ed said ‘should we do Mortal Kombat zero. Or shaolin monks 2?’


Did he say that?


Yes in the video above

On a lighter note:


I’d call SF my first fighter, but yeah when MK came out, I liked it FAR more.

And that’s exactly what drew me in as well. Loved the characters, the art style, the story and the gameplay. It felt like I was playing Enter the Dragon, in a sense. Everything felt dark and mysterious about the game, and the fact that you could fight a hidden character at the bottom of the pit blew my mind. The gore honestly didn’t even register as a reason to play it for me.

How come? Just curious.

If we go by their normal release schedule that they’ve been doing since MK 2011, they seem to announce a game in the even years and release it in the odd years. Injustice was 2013, MKX was 2015 and Injustice 2 was 2017. My guess is that NRS officially reveals MK XI in 2018 with a release in the Fall, 2019. Just a guess though, obviously. If it turns out to be holiday 2018, I certainly won’t mind!

That would be really interesting if they go this route. I’d personally like to see that too. Kinda makes me wonder who the vessel would be. Kotal Khan, perhaps? I could see them tying Onaga in to the story this way given that Kotal is the current ruler of Outworld. It’d be a bit of a shame though, as I think Kotal Khan’s a really cool, well done character.

That’s what I’m hoping as well, but if not Kotal Khan, then who? Reiko’s an Outworld general, so maybe him? Maybe Motaro? Doubt they’d make Onaga four-legged, but I guess they wouldn’t have to. Either way, I’m kinda hoping that Onaga comes back rather differently, and not having Reptile be his vessel would ensure that, so that’s cool with me.

LOL I’ve never seen this before! That was great. :slight_smile:

Glad the rumor mill is starting to churn on MK 11!

If some of the rumored characters turn out to be true, then that’s a pretty interesting cast. Daegon looked rather generic in Armageddon, so I’ll be curious if they can revamp him enough to make me care about the Red Dragon.

Curious how they’ll bring back Noob and Shang Tsung. Not all that hyped about Frost, but hopefully they can revamp her. Still no Fujin or Sareena though, which would make me sad.


I wonder what they’ll do with the other MK4-MKA characters.

All the Red Dragon - Mavado & Hsu Hao are gone. Even the oni, Reiko, Havik & Kobra. Quan Chi & Shinnok are dead now.

Who’s got a chance of redemption and who’s got death warrants coming?


Many things, but can’t really extend right now


No problem! Didn’t mean to pry. :slight_smile:


Not at all, don’t worry =)


Just speculation but I hear it might be Goro. I don’t have anything to back it up so I could be wrong. Motaro is currently dead and hasn’t made an appearance since MK9 but hey no one truly dies in MK.


Wow… Goro would definitely be interesting! As much as I’d hate to see a classic character get offed like that, like you said, it’s not like anyone stays dead in this series.

Kinda makes me wonder what Onaga would look like in that case. Guessing a winged, four armed lizard / dragon creature, which could be really cool if done right. I could definitely picture him being the sort of “monster sub boss” in MK XI that they typically tend to have in MK games.


I would even consider that when onaga takes over a vessel turns out the vessel is stronger than he realize and instead of Onaga completely taken over he is subjugated and the complete power of the dragon king becomes under the control of Goro or even kotal khan. So they don’t die


Well if its one thing about Onaga, he was filled the role as both the monster and final boss of the series.

Ohh man I can imagine the interaction Reptile would have with Onaga.

The funny thing is, Onaga was my favorite character of the MKDA-MKA era. I always wanted to see them in the fight, and MKA fulfilled that dream.


I think Onaga needs a better body and not Reptile.


New possible AND potential guest characters for Mortal Kombat 11: Beavis and Butt-Head


… I no longer like you.


Which is why I think Reptile is not likely to be the vessel of the dragon king.


Curious. Why do you think that this…

Would make sense with this?

I think that this guy has a semi vacant, yet probably still living body (given that his severed head is still alive). Wonder if Onaga taking over the body of a god would make sense in the story.

I have a hard time imagining Onaga looking like anything other than a dragon crossed with Reptile, but I’d be curious if they’d keep that look for Onaga or change it substantially if he gets a different body.


What if the One Being had acolytes who are preparing for his return and need Onaga as the key to do it?

One of them can build a “Frankenstein-like” body for Onaga to inhabit & reshape in his image.


That’s been an ongoing meme on this site for quite some time…



  1. I fully understand that Beavis and Butt-Head, of course, enjoy as well as get a kick out of seeing violence/acts of violence.

  2. I understand now that Mortal Kombat is NOT serious all the time as the series has its own fair share of comedic moments and overall comedy in it e.g. Johnny Cage and Bo Rai Cho, just to name a few :wink:

  3. Above all Beavis and Butt-Head have NOT appeared in a video game nor starred in their own game for a VERY LONG time now and so I now feel that these guys should probably get a shot as potential guest characters in MK11 and overall revived these two dumbasses from their hiatus AND appear in a video game once again :wink: :slight_smile: