Mortal Kombat 11


Back at the end of MK9, Raiden figured out how defeat Shao Khan (that whole “he must win” thing). Liu Kang wasn’t in on the plan however, and tried to stop Raiden from letting Shao Khan in to Earthrealm. Raiden didn’t want to, but he wound up fighting Liu Kang and killing him. With Kitana already killed by Sindel, the two of them (Liu and Kitana), along with the rest of those killed in MK9 became the servants of Quan Chi. You see most of the revenants toward the end of MK9 when Raiden is asking Quan Chi for help. Now in MKX, Liu and Kitana are two of Quan Chi’s allies along with Stryker, Kabal, Nightwolf, etc. When Quan Chi and Shinnok were killed, Liu and Kitana became the rulers of the Netherealm.

Yeah I’m definitely psyched for him. Not sure if you realize that he’s a preorder bonus though, so if you want to use him, you might as well preorder if you’re planning on buying it regardless. Either way, I think it’ll be really cool to see Shao Khan vs Kotal Khan. I also see some stuff about Kitana Khan as well. Not sure what that’s all about, but it does make things even more interesting.

I’m just wondering how Shao Khan will be as a normal character. He’s always been uber-cheap as a boss, so I’m sure they’ll still want him to be powerful, but to have a fully fleshed out moveset the way other characters do in this game? I’ll be really curious to see how that pans out. In past games, it doesn’t feel like he’s had quite as much as everyone else, so we’ll see.

Yeah he’s easily one of my favorites now. My top 5 are probably Baraka, Erron Black, Kabal, Sareena and Fujin, at least in terms of who I wanted in MK11, so I’m happy to at least have three of them. Fingers crossed for DLC on the other two. But man, I can’t wait for Black’s breakdown. Really want to see what they’ve given him.


The SCIENCE! of Mortal Kombat


I’m not a big rap fan ( once again surprising no one) but I have to agree that the song in the new trailer works infinitely better than the last one.

Looking at the story mode, even knowing I find the story modes pretty annoying to play, I have to give NRS credit. They know how to cut a trailer, fire up the hype train and keep it rolling.


So, Johnny Cage has a Matrix reference with Cassie in the intros, and I’m so sold on this character. The Matrix is probably a contender if not top of my favorite movies. I hope he has a trench coat for one of his gear sets :smile:

I’m calling that variation “I know Kung-Fu” :joy:


I’m not a big rap fan either… (Although What’s Up Danger is my new obsession). The song in the new MK trailer is pure hype.

I assume @BigBadAndy that you’re at least an Aerosmith fan at least? :joy_cat:


Lol. If there’s a joke there I’m missing it. But I run hot and cold on Aerosmith. I’d rather gouge out my ears than listen to “love in an elevator” but “Dream On” is a great song.


Yeah, I think it was one of those things that sounded better in my head. :joy_cat:.

So what music does @BigBadAndy like?


I’m a little bit country a little bit rock and roll. I like middle aged white guy music - the Beatles, the Eagles, Zac Brown, Mumford and Sons… I play guitar so I’ve been listening to more folk-ey stuff in the last decade or two. I used to play in a jazz band so I like a lot of swing music (Glen Miller) and I like Baroque and classical music. Movie scores (John Williams, James Horner). So yeah lots of stuff. But for most artists I like some songs and can’t stand others. The last thing I listened to was the Lumineers “Cleopatra” which is pretty great.

So all over the place.


I’m the same way, except I have NO instramental talent whatsoever. :crying_cat_face: As my dad was a musician, I had to play something. I tried the Clarinet, but got banned at band. :joy_cat:

I close to 7000 songs on my iPhone, so yeah I love music. :joy_cat:


How do you spoiler tag?


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So NRS now has a tradition with team like characters like TMNT and Triborg. Who do you think would be a good team for MK11? I would say the Power Rangers but there is a new game coming out. The Daltons would be fun to make some dynamite combinations. Or will it be Triborg again? Which for me would be the best thing to do.:slight_smile:


I think to fully exploit this idea in MK it would either be Noob-Smoke or a newcomer.


If Triborg was in they could add the cyber version of noob saibot to that team. The Noob Cybot at last :smiley:




It could be worse. :poop:


Also i think there were three new stages revealed in the trailer


LOLOLOL thats so hilarious


I make a guess. In the sandclock stage, the clock will be getting empty according to the timer. If Geras is one of the opponents, while he will be doing his time reducing/adding move, the sandclock will be following that.


Future Mileena and Past Mileena as a team.