Mortal Kombat 11


Frankly. We disagree.


Choose 2.

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat vs. Capcom
Midway vs. Capcom
Midway vs. Street Fighter



Cassie’s trailer music reminds me of the licensed soundtracks from both of the MK films. I hope that’s actually in the game!

Cassie’s fatalities are impressive as they are ridiculous (in a good way). Kicking the groin THAT hard?! Sheesh!

Can’t wait for the beta and the official release!!


I signed up for the Stress Test, so hopefully I get in. I want to stream some Johnny matches :smile:


Man they did that again, they chain the color of the accesories to the shader of the skin. Why to make such a dicision. It is like saying to people you do not know how to make combinations and you will play with those i give you. It would give a million more variations not having this thing. So if you choose blue jacket for johnny cage the glasses also become blue. How bad is that.


It isn’t.


Yes it is. They could just give an option for color selection. The easiest thing to do.


Not that bad.

I’m sure you’re shocked. I know I am.

I think the compelling part of any story is the relationship between the characters and what relationship do any of the characters in any of the myriad MK games have that means anything at all? But Johnny and Sonya having a daughter provides a compelling relationship that adds depth to both characters. And then seeing who that daughter grows up to be - in relation to both her parents? Yeah, to me that’s interesting. Whereas I have zero ■■■■■ to give about who is the hidden queen of the nether realm and who is the leader of the lizard men and who is the secret lost something or other of the mystic blah de blahs that they made up to explain why character X throws his hat. To me, that’s all just drivel that could be replaced by any sword and sorcery schlock.

But again, that’s my opinion. You are entitled to feel however you want about it.


Still isn’t. Either way you feel.


I wasn’t expecting something different from you to say @BigBadAndy.

I doesn’t have to do with what i feel. It has to do with less variations. @TheSkullAddict


I agree Im not a fan of the new voices! Cassie, Kano, Sonya, Scorpion, Kabal, …they all have different voices and its not fro the better IMO…Im sure there will be more once the final roster is available.


I genuinely couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. This fatality is hilarious.


I have no real problems with the voice acting…yet.


I’m ok with Sonya’s voice. IMO, it sounds enough like the last one where it doesn’t make too much of a difference and isn’t a real problem.

Some of them I do have problems with though. Scorpion is the one that I have the biggest issue.


Just watched a video featuring some Johnny/Kano/Cassie/Sonya gameplay. I loved the intro interaction between Johnny and Cassie.

I’m increasingly inclined to think I will go to Johnny as my main for this game (as a long time Raider player). It’s not that I love the character especially, but his moveset looks fun and fits so perfectly with the character’s identity that I think it adds up to more than the sum of its parts. I will have to see how it feels when I get a chance to play.

Raiden still looks awesome but it seems he is veering more towards a Black Adam zoned style of gameplay and I’m not sure I want to play that game in MK.


The new trailer is dope! Awesome visuals, some cool character reveals (loving Jaqui’s new look :+1:t5:), and enough story tidbits to get me excited to see someone play through the mode. And great song choice as well - the problem with the reveal trailer wasn’t that it was rap…it was that it was bad rap.

Kano is about as interesting to me as he ever was (not very), but Cassie looks interesting even if not quite as flashy as before. Her animations and moveset retain her spunk and attitude, but dunno that her voice does yet. Kind of wished they hadn’t changed that about her - I liked the irreverent quipping that she clearly inherited from her father.

On the quality of MKX characters, I thought virtually all the newbies were very interesting and would be happy to see them return. Only Ferra/Torr seemed completely underdeveloped, but even they are unique enough in presentation and playstyle that I’d like to see them again. I thought Kotal was very cool personally - he was a leader genuinely trying to do right by his people and realm. Kotal could be brutal, but he wasn’t cruel for the sake of being cruel, and even when he turned “evil” the motivation made sense in the context of the narrative. I find that far more compelling than generic dictator-of-the-week who wants to conquer everything.

A short ranged gunshot eh? Ok then.

All companies actively hate the used game industry. They would love nothing more than to see it die.


I mean, single button long distance projectiles would be INSANELY broken. Just look at Green Arrow in the Injustice games.


Indeed - such things are generally quite strong in any game in which they appear (Cable in MvC2, Eagle in KI). But a bullet from a revolver that only goes two feet is just silly on its face. You’d get a gunslinger who is either shooting bullets made of fairy dust, or a gunslinger who inexplicably always fires his guns at the ground so they don’t go too far.

Either way, Erron Black used his guns more than enough in MKX. The trick shot and rifle variations had a fair amount of hardcore zoning to them.


6-9 months for a fatality to go from concept to completion…people really have no idea how much work goes into some of this stuff.


so wtf, when the hell did liu kang break bad lol. i am extremely far behind on this, looks like i need to go to the wikipedia for this ■■■■ or something. i barely remember any of the story from MK9, or even MKX.

btw, pretty cool kotal kahn is back. i like his aztec type appearance using the sun and all that. i hope he is given some really good tools for this one. i plan on trying him out again, as well as erron black. hes like roland deschain from stephen king’s the dark tower series (i highly encourage everyone here to read that…), an interdimensional gunslinger cowboy. way cool, i thought he was awesome in MKX as well but never really got into that game because at the time the netcode sucked so much balls compared to K.I.