Mortal Kombat 11


this clip may be before the face update for Sonya, but love how the character viewer

and the quality of definition is superb here

What is thought of the blood vial customization

She reallllly looks good fighting Raiden, love that skin color way

And on a still from story mode, she does have the updated hairstyle as seen here with Erron Black


So the basic roster will have 29 characters.


Pretty sure they confirmed it was unintentional, but I’m not sure


Where did you find this? Also was this legit? Actually the base roster is 28 not 29. Shao Khan doesn’t really count.




It was on the official page. They put it down. There were also the character bios. There are 29 slots. There is a dark one bottom right.


You mean it’s not there anymore? Weird.


Yep. I didn’t see that either. I found these pics on another forum.


Considering Geras is called Terminus in his bio, I think I can figure out why these were taken down.


They put out a tease showing someone’s feet walking dragging a sword (or axe) along the ground. People think this is Kotal Khan.


I counted them all except for Shao Khan. So counting Shao Khan we have 29 but if not that leaves 28.


Welp here’s hoping for Reptile


There aren’t many other sword characters and his footwear is very similar to the MKX version. I believe someone even found an extended render that showed the full model.
After scrolling for a while, the only one I could really find was a meme post.
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Yeah, that’s definitely Kotal Khan. Cool! Glad they brought him back. He was always one of the more interesting characters in MKX.


I definitely found his playstyke to be very interesting and fun. Almost overpowered at the casual level.

I never got far in MKX because “run up 50/50” is a fundamental aspect of the game even at intermediate level and that’s just not my style. I’m increasingly interested in maybe playing MK11 seriously because it seems like that will be less prevalent.


Not really. He doesn’t really have any defining personality traits. Like, he wants to be a just ruler in a land of chaos and war. That’s interesting on paper, but they never really did anything with it. His moveset was kind of cool but nothing to really write home about.


Instead of “not really.” Which tells the other person their opinion is wrong, try “I didn’t find him that interesting.” Then you can discuss your different opinions without arguing about who’s right or wrong.

I know it’s preachy and granola, but I’m not anxious to have yet another meltdown I’m this thread about who has the right to say what.

My second grader is finishing her unit on “fact versus opinion.” I’m about ready to write to the school and ask them to make this a mandatory unit every year until graduation…


Definitely. Very unique visually, and an interesting playstyle for all variations (even if one of them was kind of underwhelming competitively). I also really liked his personality - “bwahahaha I’m evil and want to conquer all” is incredibly boring to me. I think Shao Khan is a very lackluster villain for that reason.


The 2nd fatality of Geras is sick.My favorite so far.