Mortal Kombat 11


Seen this? Cassie Cage and Kano gameplay!


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Why is it that everytime they turn a good guy into a bad guy, they use time as an excuse to bring the good guy version back?


Well, this trailer was… interesting.

Even without the leaks I’d be complaining that everything in this trailer was completely expected and boring.


Oh crap that’s right. Frost debuted in MKDA. I don’t know why I had it in my brain that she debuted in MK4. Thanks!

NICE! Very cool to see that Shao Khan is actually in the story. The two Johnnys was kinda funny too. I’m liking how these alliances are seemingly forming. Shao Khan pledging his army to Kronika, Raiden and Kotal Khan working together, Kronika trying to recruit the Netherealm leaders Liu Kang and Kitana…

I’m getting the sense this story is going to be exactly what it needs to be (and was described in the video itself): Temporal Armageddon. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this story will be the culmination of the MK9 / MKX / MK11 trilogy. I’ll be curious to see how it all plays out, who’s left standing, and what that could mean for the future of the series.

Obviously no one really dies in MK, so they could clearly bring back any character for any reason, but I kinda get the feeling that this will be the end of the whole alternate timelines business, but who knows.

Either way, I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy this story!


No one really dies in MK indeed! Past and Future colliding. It’s Armageddon all over again!

Hurry up online beta!!


Man, today feels like information overload! Not that I mind, lol.

GameInformer did a breakdown article on Cassie’s moveset, IGN posted Cassie and Kano’s fatalities, then we get this story trailer which shows off Cassie, Jaqui, Kotal Khan, Erron Black and an ever so brief glimpse of the Kollector at the 39 second mark. Part of me wonders if he’s going to be the official “reveal” on the kombat kast today.



Here’s something on Shao Khan.


I still don’t like how a majority of the conflict comes from Liu Kang being an idiot. Just my problem.

I like how we got a bunch of character reveals, even if we still aren’t certain they’ll be playable. But I don’t know. If this is anything like Armageddon then the ending is going to be poor and needlessly tragic for the sake of being edgey. I still hope we get a somewhat optimistic ending.

Now if we could just get an Armageddon style watershed game where everyone’s back. That would be great. And the Slasher Fighter. And Injustice vs Mortal Kombat.

But sense we’re probably not getting any of that, Do you guys think the console generation will shift before or after Injustice 3 starts production.


How so? Liu Kang’s barely in the trailer. If anything, his evil version seems to be little more than the leader of one of the factions Kronika’s recruiting. I suppose maybe his good version will have more of a starring role though. Who knows. As far as the idiots in MK go though, I’d put him below Raiden and Scorpion. Those two seem to make the decisions that bother me the most lol.

I’m going to be an optimist on that one and assume that Armageddon in this situation is more about uniting the timelines. Sure, they could kill of several versions of characters (that’s already been hinted at strongly in the Cage family intro trailer on IGN, yet another thing that dropped today).

But I think they really learned their lesson with the last Armageddon. In many ways, that story seemed like it was built as a culmination of the entire series; a way to end the series because at the time, no one on the MK team likely had any idea if the series would ever see another sequel due to Midway’s dire financial issues.

I don’t think they’ll write themselves in to that corner again. I don’t think they’ll kill off a ton of characters for any reason without having the means to bring them back or have an alternate version of them survive or whatever. I think this story will be as much about bringing an end to the current MK9 / MKX / MK11 trilogy of timeline silliness than anything else. Once the dust settles, I have a feeling they’ll move rather easily in a new direction with MK12.

I think this will be a story watershed game, but I get what you mean about the roster. Man, that would be crazy to even think about right now given how much goes in to each character. It’d still be fun though, but hopefully that would be a non-canon story lol.

Yeah I think so. MS is supposedly announcing their next console(s) at E3 this year and it’s more or less assumed it’ll launch in late Fall 2020. I mean, they could maybe start working on I3 by then, but I don’t think we’ll even see anything about it until E3 2020 or even later given how they revealed MK11. Maybe they reveal it in early 2021? That would give MK11 plenty of time to get all of its DLC out and for the new consoles to arrive. Just a thought though.


You know what no. I’ve got some things to say.

I don’t like that Cassie and Jacqui are coming back. Neither of them do anything unique or interesting compared to their parents. If we were going to have them INSTEAD of their parents, then I’d be fine with it. But sense we have both, then I expect them to be more unique. Jacqui in particular. If you told me she WAS Jax from an alternate Rule 34 Universe, I would have no reason to think you were lying. She’s just her father with breasts. Even her NAME is unoriginal. I could believe it if she was born while Jax was dead and her mother named her after him, but if that’s true they haven’t said it. And Cassie was engineered to be popular. They gave her tat Deadpool-esque arrogance and joking personality and showed her off first among all the newcomers. Of COURSE people like her. And now we’re going to be stuck with this bad character in every numbered installment.

Kotal Kahn is boring as a character and in the story. He sucks as a villain, heck he barely is one. Erron Black is cool, but for a cowboy gunslinger he rarely used his guns. In all of MKX he doesn’t even have just a straight gunshot move. D’Vorah… I just don’t like her. Never have.

I hate how they’re making Kabal a villain again. He doesn’t choose to look like that, it was forced on him. And I like how he tried to be a good guy in spite of it. But nope. Now he’s a villain because he looks like one. That’s lame.

And by choosing to intentionally ignore the 3D era as a mistake and never touching those concepts again, you’re ignoring a world of potential for both gameplay and story.


I still don’t think Dark Raiden would have happened if Liu Kang had been more reasonable in MK9. Of course, this trailer suggests that that won’t be much of a problem anymore…

Wait. What if Shinnok IS Dark Raiden. Like, he slowly takes over and taints his personality until he literally becomes Shinnok.

Obviously a story like that would be non cannon. I think it would probably have almost no plot at all. Look to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a model for what I would want.

I just hope the next console generation isn’t too expensive. Or that it will have something tangible to justify the price it has.

Something like New 52, where the two timelines merge together into something more coherent.

I’d love it if Kronika was revealed to not actually be evil or something and she’s preventing some greater tragedy.


Eh, to be fair we haven’t seen enough of what they do so far. From the GameInformer breakdown of Cassie though, I’d say she doesn’t play anything like her mom and the only thing she really has in common with her dad is green energy. Otherwise her moveset seems much more unique this time around. I’m willing to bet that Jaqui is the same way.

I don’t think he was intended to be a villain though. He’s not the evil emperor hell bent on dominating the realms that Shao Khan was. Why would they just make another one of those? He’s the leader of his realm and has his own motivations. I think his look is really unique, and while I didn’t enjoy his sun powers in MKX, he still had a few cool moves. I think that’ll only improve in MKX, but that’s just me.

We don’t know that yet in MK11.

Didn’t he have a rifle that he shot in one of his variations? Maybe I’m mistaken. I thought he did.

What’s wrong with her? I think she has a fun design. It’s unique. But hey, to each his own.

How do we know he’s a villain? I haven’t seen anything indicating that.

Yeah I’m pretty bummed that Frost seems to be the only MKDA, MKD or MKA character they’re bringing back. A lot of those characters had potential; Nitara, Li Mei, Sareena, Mavado, Kira, Havik… Honestly, I’d like to see a few more MK4 returnees as well like Fujin and Kai. Hopefully we get a few of these as DLC.

Maybe, but I think that was more due to jumping in to the Jinsei to relieve it of Shinnok’s corruption. He seemingly absorbed all of that corruption in to himself… Perhaps? Tough to say.

That could be interesting. Shinnok’s rumored to be a hidden character though, so we’ll see.

Well, supposedly MS is making to consoles, one that’s the big, powerful machine and one that doesn’t have a disc drive and is supposedly a cheaper model. Who knows if that’s true, but if it is, that’d be a good call on their part. I just hope that the more expensive model isn’t prohibitively so, because if that winds up being the one that more people want and Sony comes in with PS5 at a lower price point, that could bring up the same issue MS had with this past generation.

That could be interesting. I think I’d like to see that. Like she’s doing all of this to rebalance things so the One Being doesn’t awaken and end existence or whatever.


I think the trailer is amazing! I think the gameplay of Cassie and Kano are amazing! I cant wait to see more and play more. Lets go!


Kanos fatallity


Sure, the move set may be unique. But she lacks her own… gimmick? I think that’s right. Like Takaeda and Kung Jin. They’re completely different from their relatives in both moveset and aesthetic. Kung Jin is an archer, Takaeda uses whips. As opposed to Kenshi and Kung Lao who are a telekinetic swordsman and Jackie Chan meets Odd Job. She needs to have more of a unique feel and design IMO.

I don’t know. I still think he’s kind of boring. He may not have been intended to be a villain but he still barely has a personality. Plus, if that’s not their intention with him, then someone should go tell that to the MKX marketing team and whoever wrote Sub-Zero’s ending in Injustice 2.

I forgot about the rifle. I just wished he used his guns more. I would have made him like Mega Man in Smash where his normals are all short range gunshots.

I just don’t like her. Don’t know why, really. Maybe it’s just cause she’s kind of gross. But that’s kind of shallow. I don’t know. Just don’t like her.

The way they presented him in the story trailer and the way he spoke in the few lines we’ve heard from him. Especially in the Johnny Cage trailer. Maybe I’m reading into it, but that’s the vibe I got. (And if that’s not Rob Paulson doing his voice i’ll eat my hat).

I think that a lot of those characters will be DLC, but DLC characters traditionally hold little influence on the story. I think Fujin and Kai could be a great thematic mirror to Raiden and Liu Kang in their current state. Really hope those two come back.

I don’t know how I feel about any model lacking a disc drive. Especially if they’re gonna feature backwards compatibility. Unless I can somehow register the game with my account and then download it to my disc-drive-less mini model, the feature would be mostly useless.

Plus, I like having a collection of game discs and boxes. I guess I’m just old fashioned like that.


Yeah I see what you’re getting at. Makes sense. I think her gimmick is less about having a weapon or specific powers and more about who she is; her personality. Granted, I think that makes her rather polarizing, but I don’t mind her. I’m kinda bummed her batons are gone this time around, but oh well.

Yeah we’ll have to see how his normals and specials shake out. I have a feeling he’ll have some gun play, but we’ll see. I’d love it if he had a juggle that involved rapid shots in the air.

Both Bo Rai Cho and Tanya were DLC and they had roles in the MKX story though. I’ll grant you they weren’t massive roles, but all that stuff is kinda relative anyways. Kung Lao was on the main roster and he barely appeared in the story at all, meanwhile Tremor was DLC and he was completely absent if I recall correctly. So I’m not sure if being DLC automatically means one thing or the other. We’ll have to wait and see, unfortunately.

Agree 100%. That’s something I’ve really wanted to see in the story for years now. I kinda thought they’d maybe go that route after MK9, but I guess not. I’d still love to see it though.

Yeah I mean that’s just a rumor at this point. It’d mainly just be for downloading and playing games, but I’d have to think they’d have some sort of way of allowing players to download games they can prove they own. Not sure how that would work though with used copies, like maybe it can only be registered once? Who knows. That could create some serious headaches for the used game market, but I don’t think MS or Sony or Nintendo for that matter really care about that.

I also like having game discs and boxes, but that’s mainly for the PSone, Dreamcast, era. For some reason I only have a few for this generation on each system, yet I have a ton of XB1 games in particular. I dunno, maybe I’ll regret that some day, but if everything keeps carrying forward compatibility-wise, maybe it won’t be an issue.


Ah and there we have it, straight from the eyebrows of the man himself. Today’s kombat kast is for Kano and Cassie Cage.

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Today’s KOMBAT KAST will feature game-play demonstrations of KANO and CASSIE CAGE


THIS! I’ve always though it was weird how irrelevancy in the story is an excuse to leave out cooler characters that aren’t as popular, but not a barrier AT ALL to creating new boring characters or bringing back Liu Kang for the 20th time. As for the DLC… I think Bo’ Rai Cho and Tanya were more exceptions rather than the rule. Look at MK9, Injustice, and Injustice 2. None of the DLC characters were featured in the story mode there at all. I don’t think this means that we can count out the possibility of story mode NPS becoming playable, but I don’t think it means we can assume they will.

I don’t know how that would work with used games. Then again, iTunes lets you convert any CD to your library, even if it’s a CD you bought used or rented from the library. At some point, I think they’ll just have to take the hit. Unless it becomes a significant problem.

Also, Shang Tsung, Sektor, and maybe a trans character. Please and thank you.


Kronika has various costumes in the trailers. Was she officially confirmed non playable or is it just rumours?