Mortal Kombat 11


Yes. Unironically. I’ve said so here before.


Is Max’s video talking about leaks in general, or does he explicitly say which characters have been leaked? I’d like to watch the video, but since I’ve managed to avoid roster spoilers thus far, it’d be highly unpleasant to end up spoiling myself watching an anti-leak video (delicious irony notwithstanding) :sweat_smile:


I read the transcript on reddit, no I don’t think he disclosed each character,

EDit -Confirmed he does not reveal character specifics

he only spoke of how much even he & other video game influencers are just as much fans as the rest of us, he seems to want to have his name cleared imo lol

It’s his usual presentation- find a way to say the same thing in six different ways to make the post as long as possible


You’re good. He doesn’t mention the characters.


I just want to say that I’m very disappointed to see that Blaze was nowhere to be seen in MK11 so far. I want my Cinder copy back plz

Nobody actually cares about that guy but me honestly lol


That leak is sadly fake:


Yeah, I was right to keep my excitement down.


I thought that particular one was pretty fishey. Is the rest of it any good?


So could the whole leak be fake? And NRS just laughing? That would be a FAKALITY :blush:


well some of the stuff does look legit. The other character we saw was fake though, But then again all of this could be fake.

Welp, as I’ve said All leaks are false until confirmed by developer.


My reaction to the leak basically. Real or not, I believe no screenshot should have been posted on this thread, out of respect for the developers. Just saying.


yup, always somethin LOL. im actually keeping a bucket of popcorn by me every time i come onto this forum.

anyway, these character leaks sucked. i feel for the devs who were working hard trying to surprise everyone. its killed some of the hype i had goin for MK11, but its whatever. spoilers gotta spoil. at least my fav characters are in, which are the basic ■■■■■ characters. scorpion sub zero and raiden lol. i do want to give johnny cage a try though, he looks alot of fun to play


Yeah, it has to suck being the people that are trying to plan this big rollout and wanting to keep people interested, only to have a bunch of stuff leak and know that your job may have become that much harder. I mean, I can’t imagine it’s any easier to sell IGN or someone on a character reveal when the character’s already out there.

Still, the nice thing is that there’s SO much we don’t know at this point. We don’t know how any of those leaked characters play, what they currently look like (for the most part), as that select screen image looked kinda old and grainy and didn’t have character’s masks or perhaps hair equipped.

Plus we know very little about the game’s various modes. We haven’t seen any pictures of the krypt and we don’t know much about how it will work. We haven’t seen much about the items we’ll get in for the towers or how they’ll effect things. I’m sure there’s probably another large mode we also know nothing about. I honestly love that the kombat kasts are focusing on the characters right now, for the most part, as I’d prefer to get the rest of the info when we get closer to the day of release.

So yeah, I just prefer to look on the bright side as far as this leak goes. Would it have been cool to see certain characters get revealed and to feel that sense of surprise? Sure, no question. But we still have DLC to be psyched for and one upside here is that since we know most of the roster, if not all of it, we don’t really have to hold out much hope that certain characters will make the base roster, only to be disappointed right before the game comes out.

Yeah, it sucks that there’s no MK:DA or MK:D characters (IMO), but I’d rather know that now and get over it for the most part than be bummed about it later. Plus, given that two pics have proven to be fakes, who knows… We might still have an opening or two and some more surprises in store.


yeah its definitely not cool, somebody leaks stuff online and im pretty sure the leads pulled all the rank and file into a board room to throw down the gauntlet asking who did it. thats never any fun, thats also never fun when your boss walks in ■■■■■■ off and he starts giving everyone a yelling about the importance of keeping everything game related under lock and key with no leaks online. i myself have experienced such meetings but in regards to my field, not gaming dev you know?

i mean ■■■■ man, it really sucks! i still remember the day we all got a huge yelling after we had ourselves an awesome breakfast at the meeting. i just happened to be sittin next to my supervisor and the boss minding my own business. then i heard the supe say “so do we tell em here or…” and then i glanced at my boss lookin pretty grim replying to send us all into the conference room. at that point i was like ohhhhhhhhhhh ■■■■ what happened? sure enough, it was pretty brutal and even though it wasnt me who failed, it was still pretty demoralizing to have to go through it.

i would imagine these leaks of the roster had to have some consequences, and while we get to know more about the game it just sucks that the surprise had to not only be spoiled for us fans, but also ruin things back stage as well. its a big deal when a new mortal kombat game starts, everyone inside and outside wants the launch to be as great and memorable as possible. that is how im looking at these leaks at present


whata bout frost? she’s likely confirmed.


Tomorrow’s Kombat Kast should be good. I’m still turning off the chat since humans are as dumb as the words the use to spew negativity just for the sake of it.

As long as there’s unique skeleton/skull based gears for most, if not all characters in the game, I’m good.

Nobody but me is responsible for my own hype.


My expectations for tomorrow’s kast are, Kano’s full reveal, gameplay in a few more stages and a new character’s teaser.


I’ll hype that too!


looking forward to frost and moreso Cetrion- however, I feel she & kollector may be reserved for an inevitable story mode trailer that will introduce them in a dramatic way


Welp, here is the trailer.