Mortal Kombat 11


It’s funny, I have simply not clicked on anything that says “MK 11 huge roster leak!” And I’ve been fine. I’m not particularly dying to be surprised, I just hate leaks in general and usually they turn out not to be true.


A bit off topic yes I r,ember how the marvel vs capcom ‘leak’ had Psylocke names and I was all excited only to - well you know


The difference is, that was for DLC that they cancelled because the game flopped. The leaker is adamant that if they had gone through with it his info would have been accurate. But this is the coding directly in the steam achievements for a game that is absolutely happening. This leak is way more plausible either way.


Plot twist: Those achievements just reference the characters and don’t necessarily mean they’re in the playable roster.

Except judging by the reaction from the higher ups, that doesn’t seem to be the case lol


You know what, one of the newcomers is probably a big boy. Like Bane, Doomsday, Goro, and Ferra/Torr. Tyler Lansdown loves big boys. He’s not gonna let the game go without at least one big boy. Unless Shao Kahn counts. Not sure on that one.

My bet is that CET has something to do with Cetacean. The family whales and hippos belong too. I mean, it has to be something with a soft c otherwise, in MK tradition, it would be a K.

TER is either Terminator (an early look at the DLC maybe?) or an all new cyber Ninja (please)


You’re joking, right? That sounds pretty stupid if you ask me.


There aren’t a lot of words that start with CET. Or names. This is what you get when you type it into google.

A Fighter that resembles a whale or orca isn’t as rediculous as you think. If you’re so smart what do YOU think it is?


Assuming CET isn’t just some fake codename for someone else different, maybe it means some kind of mutant or Lovecraftian monster? I mean, MK never really had Cthulhu or anything similar before, at least not to that extent. Just wishful thinking I guess, but considering how MK’s lore works I could see it finally being a thing here.


I think it’s Cetaphil… the face wash… is the guest character



Aerith confirmed guest character!


Mustard and ketchup were once code names for Cyrax and Sektor.CET,chances are,probably has nothing to do with this characters name or race.


Except this list is from steam achievements. It’s not some design doc or esoteric hinting system. It’s straight up the computer code names of the steam achievements. And all the other characters except for CET, TER, and KOL all match a pre-existing character. Even Geras. If HE’s got his actual name in there, then the others are accurate. If they were using code names, than none of them would line up with any characters. Especially sense we can only see the first three letters.



Ugh… I hate exclusives! This better be available for 3$ later down the line!


Eh, I’m sure we’ll get that Kold War skin at some point. It does look pretty cool though, so here’s hoping we don’t miss out on it.

Yeah, I tend to agree that it’s not a code for something that has nothing to do with the character’s name. My guess though is that CET still has to do with the first three letters of the character’s name and isn’t an indicator of what the character is. Every other character we’ve seen on those achievements lists thus far has adhered to that code, so it’d be surprising to see one that randomly doesn’t.

One name starting with CET is Cetanwakuwa, which is a male Sioux name meaning a hawk about to attack. My initial guess was that maybe Nightwolf is getting a real name the way Thunder has a real name in Hinmantoom, but Nightwolf is Apache, not Sioux.

However, there ARE other options: Cetac, Cetae, Cetaip, Cetak, Cetana, Cetano, Cetap, Cetarh, Cetas, Cetau, Cetco, Ceteam, Cetec, Cetech, Cetel, Cetem, Ceteno, Cetep, Cetera, Cetes, Cethan, Cethra, Cetia, Cetiac, Cetic, Cetik, Cetil, Cetin, Cetina… And that’s just off of one baby name’s site.

My guess is that this is simply a new character’s name and not something with deeper connotations beyond some type of ethnic origin, but we’ll see.


Even if he did, his character name would still be Nightwolf. Like how Thunder is still called thunder. Maybe they saw my posts and combined them together and we’re getting a trans-girl member of Nightwolf’s tribe. Probably not. But still.

IDK. Just trying to speculate. I legit didn’t know that there were that many names that started CET.


Well when I think of a MK character, I think a humanoid-ish character, possibly elemental, also possibly a ninja. My theory-crafting skills based on those 3 letters won’t do me any good here honestly. But I will say that if you ask me for a good idea for a character, never in my life would I say a HIPPO as my answer.

A whale might be alright. If they try to throw an actual whale head on them though, it can honestly only turn out bad IMO. Stuff like that with sea creatures always seemed like a joke to me, and there’s a reason why there are no sea monsters in Bloody Roar.


I mean, we don’t have any characters with an ocean or aquatic animal motif in Mortal Kombat’s history. Some sort of Outworld semi-aquatic whale-human hybrid monster could be interesting. The kinds of creatures who would live in the Kove. I keep half remembering some old 3D cartoon with this big fat guy who the main character had to fight. He was super strong and dressed in tribal gear and he was constantly laughing and slapping his own gut. I don’t remember WHO I’m talking about, but that’s the kind of character I’m picturing.

But just know, you’re opinion on sea monsters is not universally held.


Ed Boon just responded to the leak.


It’s so funny- ‘leaks’ are the new form of buzz & promotion.
This game comes out in a few months, rather than Injustice2 ‘s