Mortal Kombat 11


I don’t know, I still think he’s cool without that gimmick. He steals your soul and can shoot flaming skulls! Plus he can still turn directly into his opponent. I don’t know how you’d even go about shapeshifting on that scale, even just for the UI, and you know it would be SUPER broken.


Yeah, that kinda defeats the purpose of him as a character to be honest :-p He’s got his own moves of course, but “Shang Tsung is a shapeshifter” is easily his most defining trait.

In other news, I’m bummed about all the leaks/data mining. Having to just skim the thread at this point to avoid getting spoiled :pensive:


Sorry! I keep forgetting people care about spoilers. I can’t speak for everyone else but I’ll go back and hide my spoiler content.

Don’t mind me. I’m just here liking everything about Shang Tsung that’s not shapeshifting.


Im glad most X characters are back. Howmany were there? 8
Kotal, Erron, Ferra Torre, Davohra
Cassie, Jaqui, Takeda, King Jin

And they possibly brought back 4 of 8…that’s fair.
Surprised no Takeda or Kenshi though.

Im happy with the 4 that might make it though.


Honestly, I’m glad they seem to be putting as many as five of the MKX newbies in MK11. I was rather worried most of them would be left in the dust. I can see why some aren’t hyped about Jacqui, but given all they’ve done for characters in MK11, I’m hoping they can give her some fun stuff and maybe redeem her a bit.

I still don’t love the entire Cage family being in the game, but I’d more prefer Sonya and/or Johnny to miss a game and let Cassie kinda strike out on her own. I think she’s pretty funny, though I do kinda hope they tone down the snark a bit in this game. It just feels odd, even if it’s meant to be gallows humor. Either way, doubt that’ll happen.

As for Mileena, I could easily see her as DLC, probably Sindel too, though I’ve never been a fan of hers in the least. That’s just me though. I get she has her fans, of course.

SUCH a strange name for a character, but yeah… I remember seeing this too. Hope “The Kollektor” has an actual name so I don’ have to call them that lol.

If that ends up being the final roster, I’ll be happy. Plenty of core classics, returning classics, perhaps underutilized classics and a nice mix of MKX characters. It’s definitely light on 3D era characters, but I went in expecting that, so it’s hard to be too disappointed. I like that they picked a less common one, at least.

Still really hoping some of Fujin, Sareena, Kai, Reiko, Li Mei, Mavado, Nitara, Kira, Tasia, Drahmin, Havik, make the cut as DLC. I mean, I’m kinda expecting Ermac, Mileena, Sindel, at least one cyborg (guessing Cyrax) and perhaps another MKX character or two like Takeda and Kung Jin will be in as DLC. We’ll see.

I believe Ed officially deconfirmed Khrome in his interview with Angry… Whatever that guy’s name is. Joe maybe?

Well, he was able to morph in to his opponent in MK9. I just wonder how practical it is from a move list standpoint to have him be able to morph in to 24 other characters, plus however many more DLC follow. They’d have to find some type of way to streamline the process, as opposed to different special move commands for each one. It was hard to remember half of them in MK2 and that game only had 11 other characters. And how would variations work on top of that?

I get that you’re not saying how viable the idea is, just that you have a preference toward him being able to do that. I’d like to see that too. I just have a feeling that MK9 is probably the closest we’ll get to morphing Shang Tsung.

Steve Brownback (the guy to the right of Tyler in the video explaining Kabal earlier this week if you’re not aware) kinda vague-tweeted “like what a bummer” so I tend to wonder if he’s just messing with people or if he’s legit bummed because so much of the roster is out there now. I think they’ve been really ramping up to surprise people, so I’d honestly feel bad for them if this leak was the real deal.

Hope for your sake you’re able to steer clear!

I believe it’s five, if that leak is to be believed: Erron Black, Kotal Khan, D’Vorah, Cassie and Jaqui. I actually like that group a lot. I’d like to see Takeda as well, for sure, and even Kung Jin perhaps. Only one I was kinda hoping wouldn’t return was Ferra Torr. They fought well, but the look, story… They just kinda felt like a one-off to me. Either way, it’s great to see MKX newbies getting so much attention in MK11!


Your right! Derp…I cant add worth ■■■■■■ lol
Lot of big names not gonna make it which is surprising. I cant believe frost will make it over others. Thats just odd to me.


Yeah no Shang Tsung, Jax, Mileena, Reptile, Goro, Sindel, Sektor, Cyrax, Nightwolf, Smoke, Ermac, Kenshi or Quan Chi, but there’s always DLC. I’m still hoping Fujin, Sareena, Kai, Reiko, Havik, Nitara, Kira, Drahmin, Li Mei, Mavado, Onaga and Ashrah make the cut as well so yeah… Lots of characters, not a lot of spaces, even as DLC. I kinda doubt we’ll get 18 DLC characters. Twelve seems more likely to me and we have to assume at least four of those slots will go to guests.

So if we really only have about eight slots to work with, I’m hoping for:

Pack 1


Human Smoke



Pack 2


Shang Tsung



Wow… That is CHALLENGING. Trying to fit 8 characters from the list of the many that didn’t make it. I really want to see them take another crack at Reiko, Mavado, Kira and Nitara, but I think I want to see them create Tasia too. Tough call.

I could see a cyborg being in there as well, though Boon has said that they won’t sell you the same character twice and technically, Cyrax, robot Smoke and Sektor have all been in already as DLC in MKX.


heh I’d have Reptile be DLC if he’s not in the base roster.


Agreed.Frost in this game is really an odd choice.1 ice powered character is enough,we dont need 2.Seems like a wasted opportunity to add another new character or a returning better 1.


Plus she got her ■■■ handed to her by Cassie in the MK X prequel comics which are cannon. And in the MK X story by Sub Zero. Id much rather have Tanya back.


I really like Frost. Oh well. To each their own. Hopefully we get more 3D Era characters in the DLC I think i got it refined down to 12 characters.

Kai, Fujin, Asgaarth, Ashrah, Sareena, Daegon, Spawn, Ash Williams, Micheal Myers, The Joker, The Terminator, Doomslayer. or The Crow if they can’t get Doomslayer.

Edit: Dang it! I forgot about Nitara! Would she be redundant with Skarlet on the roster?

Edit: And Li Mei! Arg this is so frustrating.


I’m just going to hope for the best as far as the storyline goes instead of thinking about who I want or didn’t want in MK11.


Well, on the upside, MKX basically proved that the story can be filled woth characters who aren’t otherwise in the game. So people’s lore hopes should be intact.

As an aside sorry for all the typos. I mostly post from my phone and sometimes I don’t proofread.


Considering how custom variations work and how NRS said Kira was rejected because they only wanted one “lady in red” character, most likely yes. Shame though, I still think there is room for Nitara as long as she plays differently (same with Frost, Kira, etc.).

Honestly this whole thing has got me worried that custom variations with cause far more overlap than the MKX variation system did. How will they have a roster of 20+ characters be completely unique from each other by April?


LOL…we been knowing the typos and that you are on a train or plane…ha ha! I kind of enjoy the typos sometimes…they give me a laugh every now and then when auto correct puts down something silly.
Thing is I make just as many typos…I just type to fast too worry bout it lookin good. I have a problem where my right hand is faster than my left, Im assuming guitar playing has something to do with it, but I ■■■■ near always “teh” for the and my send letter usually is capitalized as my right hand types before I lift the shift key. And im not on a train lol


Lol. I’m currently in a plane. It’s amazing there’s WiFi so I hate to complain. But it’s slow and wonky. I will pretend that’s why my typing sucks.


Eh I’m fine with it as long as your phone keeps making up klassics like Quantum Chi.

Far as the leaks go… I’m okay with the roster, not blown away or anything. Would like to see FerraTorr back in some way, we don’t really have a large kharacter in the roster yet, the largest one being Geras right now. Maybe CET is Ferra’s new partner, its possible if their Arcade ladder ending is kanon (if we’re really going out of the box, it kould stand for Combined Elemental Triborg). I do find it odd that the achievements don’t mention some of the already konfirmed kharacters like Geras or Shao Kahn. Then again, the list itself seems partially komplete. There’s definitely going to be more than 30 to get given their history from MK9 and a lot of them aren’t even as challenging.

Frost is an interesting choice, story-wise. If they retain her evil, angry nature it could set up for the next generation of Shirai Ryu-Lin Kuei beef. How they differentiate her from Sub Zero is also going to be interesting, but if they can do it with gun kharacters in Injustice 2 (Red Hood and Deadshot) they kan probably do it with these two as well.


They didn’t just do it with gun characters. They did it wish Super characters (Superman and Supergirl), Plant Characters (Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy), and ice characters (Captain Cold and Sub-Zero). They have been doing this kind of thing for years.


So, I haven’t been online all that much these last couple of days, and the Armageddon happens. Typical. XD

So erh… yay Jade. ^^
I don’t care for leaks, but was told she was in there. Now I’ll just be waiting for her official reveal, and of course the rest as well. :heart:


I must say after watching uncagedgamez’ YouTube from the exclusive influencer stream I love the stage that has the crowd reacting to moves that’s a nice touch

This was meant for the mk11 thread my apologies