Mortal Kombat 11


Ok. Cool. Still hoping for Sekor and Shang Tsung. Those two are my most wanted.


If Shang Tsung makes it, I’ll be way more hyped.
Fighting games sometimes need Master Characters.

Shang Tsung is the most fearsome Master Character ever created.


Honestly though, I really hate the confines I have to work with. I wouldn’t have brought back some of these characters, and I’d have done more than just 25. At least 30-32 on base. I wish he gave us the freedom to add slots or something. Like, I still want Nightwolf, Sareena, Daegon, Stryker, Kobra, Kira, Onaga, Goro or Sheeva. All kinds of characters.



I cant stand Dynasty… they always have the most far fetched BS videos. Sometimes they are good and make sense and sometimes it just click bait. This one isnt too bad since its trophy data code names.

BTW…Kotal Khan biatchez !!! FTW!!! lol I hope some of these are true!!!

Also Mercy’s as the new “tality”? WHat was Mercy’s? I dont remember that one?


I might join twitter JUST so I can ask Ed boon directly what did Sindel do to them to be treated so badly lol

that roster is


That leaked roster is not only in dynasty’s videos though. It is everywhere.


Right… but still I dont care for Dynasty…but like i said this one was pretty good. BUt before the MK 11 reveal…DYnasty’s videos where garbage…super clickbait videos.


Now, about the characters i still wonder why jacqui and cassie are there. Sindel and Mileena would have been so much better.


Just read the trophy list. Who is CET? And TER?


They are new ones. KOL is the kollektor


Is that a guess or do you actually know?

I mean. Yeah they’re obviously newbies but how do you know KOL is a character named Kollektor?


There was another leak a week ago and one guy said that there will be a new character named kollektor. In the recent leak there are the letters KOL for one character, so i guess this is the Kollektor


Oh. Ok.

What’s cool is that if you mix this leak with the character who’ve been soft Confirmed you get exactly 25.

1. Scorpion
2. Sub-Zero
3. Liu Kang
4. Kung Lao
5. Raiden
6. Kitana
7. Jade
8. Sonya Blade
9. Johnny Cage
10. Kabal
11. Cassie Cage
12. Jacqui Briggs
13. Kano
14. Baraka
15. Noob Saibot
16. Rain
17. Frost
18. Skarlet
19. D’Vorah
20. Kotal Kahn
21. Erron Black
22. Geras
23. Kollektor
24. CET
25. TER

Kind of disappointed so many of X’s newcomers are coming back. Like, D’Vorah and Erron Black are all you need. Maybe Kotal so you can have him fight Shao. I just don’t see the need for Cassie and Jacqui. Well, without Jax I see more of a point to Jacqui. But still.

Sort @Justathereptile. No Reptile

Also no Shang Tsung or Sektor. Maybe CER or TER can be cyber ninjas.

What if TER is Nimbus Terrafaux? Or the Terminator?


I guess they keep all the fun favorites for dlc’s. Maybe 3 dlc packs because the roster also looks small.


I mean. Frost is a definite win as far as I’m concerned. I just hope some of the 3D characters are DLC. If they did 3 packs I’d have it go

  1. Nightwolf
  2. Kai
  3. Fujin
  4. Sareena
  5. Ash Williams
  6. Spawn
  7. Sektor
  8. Khrome
  9. Nitara
  10. Ashrah
  11. Micheal Myers
  12. The Joker
  13. Daegon
  14. Shang Tsung
  15. Li Mei
  16. Havok
  17. DoomSlayer
  18. The Terminator


My list for dlc would be

  1. Triborg

  2. Ermac

  3. Fujin

  4. Sindel

  5. Mileena

  6. Noob saibot

  7. Kenshi

  8. Quan Chi

  9. Shinnok

  10. Reptile

  11. Shang Tsung

  12. Ashrah

  13. Spawn

  14. Predator(again)

  15. Terminator

  16. Shredder

  17. Skeletor

  18. LionO

  19. Snake Eyes(+)


Meh I don’t belive leaks until officially confirmed. I believed leaks when SC-VI was in development and it told me Aeon was on the base roster. Even though he wasn’t.

So I still think Reptile has a chance.


I don’t know. This feels different. It’s a list of coding for steam achievements, i’m pretty sure. Not some text leak from Vergeben. I think this is more believable.


Shang Tsung without the power to morph into all the other characters is not that interesting (although I would take him over Quan Chi any day). Maybe someday we will have the memory bandwidth to allow that to happen for a 3D Fighter, but it seems unlikely.