Mortal Kombat 11


I have always enjoyed Kabal but I’m not digging his new look. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

I think it’s great that D’vorah made it in. She’s a really unique character design and will carry over some of the aesthetic of MKX, which is nice.


I think this is the best Kabal has ever looked, and his moveset seems interesting and cool. Think I liked D’Vorah’s design a bit more in MKX (they put all the new carapace angles in her face it seems), but really glad to see a cool X character returning.

Incidentally, just rewatched the MKX story mode not long ago, and still maintain that the kombat kids were great additions to the universe. I hope most, if not all of them, make it back.

And yeah, I’m with you Seraphs - I don’t like Sonya voicework here. Sounds flat.


I kind of knew to expect that when they announced Rhonda. She’s not a voice actor, and people who don’t do it for a living tend to suffer in the booth. There’s an art to it that they just aren’t well versed in.


True. You can kind of notice it in this Kombat Kast, when they play the Skarlet/Sonya matchup. Skarlet sounds more like her character than Sonya does, as if Ronda just spoke the lines she was given with a little effort to sound tough.

Yea, the new mask is pretty cool though I’m not a fan of the unburnt version, needs some tweaking there. The moveset is pretty awesome, Nomad Dash still seems OP and the buzzsaws are way more interesting. So much more hookswords though, beautiful.

The personalities they were given weren’t exactly mass-appealing so I see the hate but they’re good characters nonetheless, except maybe Jacqui because they really did nothing with her. I’d like to see the other 3 back though.


While I liked the Kombat Kids and wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them return, they’re pretty low on my priority list. Below original trilogy characters left out of X, below potentially redeemable 3D Era characters, heck below other MKX characters. There are just other ideas i’d Rather see.


Not even.


Why does an insect have breasts? If we ever do encounter alien life there’s going to be a lot of disappointed nerds…

@FallofSeraphs76, @STORM179 was there ever any doubt that if you take a professional voice actress and replace her with an MMA Fighter the quality of the voice work would take a huge hit? When they announced this change I thought it was a completely bizarre thing to do - but Rousey seemed so genuinely excited about it I feel kind of bad being critical. Hopefully Sonya isn’t the star of the story mode.

As an aside, whenever an actor turns in a less than stellar performance you have to give some of the blame to the director and the writer. They could be helping her get it right. I felt this way about all the shade thrown at Peter Dinklage over his Destiny voice work (which I still think was better than the replacement).


Nope. None at all :joy: I was hoping she’d do a decent job (which other non-VA celebrities have done semi-regularly), but something about her delivery is off-putting to me for some reason. Wasn’t expecting fantastic quality, but was hoping for something more serviceable if that makes sense?

I think one of my favorite things about the movie Arrival was just how alien the aliens were. It was super cool to finally see a movie that legitimately tackled the question of just how foreign life could be if it came to be on another world. Highly recommend a watch if anyone hasn’t seen it :+1:t5:


Great to see D’Vorah. I love monsters. Humans must be very special, otherwise they become generic. I would like Geras to have a blue-skin skin to fit with his blood and each ninja to have a fully covered-single colored-traditional ninja skin.

Nice to see that all the leaks were fake.

The game becomes better and better. I am hyped after yesterday.


I thought the lore behind Devorha was she was a female body that had be taken over by the insect horde and the insect colony working together was what was actually animating Devorha to be “alive” so to speak. There for she has the curves of a normal female body with the plating of insect nesting and body parts.
I dont recall where I read this…but I know I didnt just make it up…maybe someone else made it up lol

Here we go, from MK X Wiki

The Kytinn are a sentient race of colonial, insect-like humanoids from the island realm of Arnyek, a realm that was conquered by Outworld under Shao Kahn due to not having any defense against outsiders. Kytinn grow from the form of maggot-like larvae inside of victims’ bodies, emerging with wings in a humanoid form from them as if they were a cocoon, at times within seconds of their implantation. The stronger the host of the Kytinn maggots, the stronger the resultant Kytinn will be, with, as an example, Kytinn emerging from one of the Elder Gods being nigh unstoppable.

Almost all information known on the Kytinn is from a single female specimen, making knowledge of a male version, if it exists, difficult to come by. Grown Kytinn women possess highly toxic blood and the ability to excrete very potent toxins from their bodies through their hands or mouths, to the point of allowing it to drip from their extremities without harming themselves. They can release bugs from their bodies to heal others by devouring bullets and sealing wounds, pick locks through a large amount of gnat-like creatures, heal from seemingly fatal injuries by application of bugs to wounds to regenerate, or release a swarm of bugs from their bodies through their torsos, which have a readily available slit at the abdomen level to remove Kytinn maggots on a whim. Kytinn women also have four poisonous ovipositors that emerge from their backs, as well as the aforementioned wings, all of which can be used effectively in combat as well as to stand upon. Furthermore, women of this race have yellow skin and bald heads.

In Kytinn, insightfulness and loyalty are known to be uncommon traits.

Under the reigns of Mileena and subsequently Kotal Kahn in Outworld, D’Vorah, a member of this race was a leading force, at one point the First Minister of Kotal Kahn. Beforehand and even during these reigns, Kytinn were seen as disgusting by many.

Notable Members


i always thought d’vorah was cool because of the creepy insect appearance


I kinda wonder how this story is going to go now that we have a playable human form of Kabal…

I don’t want the story to be disrupted with plot holes and confusing twists.


well this is a universe where Reptilian humanoids can spit acid and a universe where Humans gain powers that are not scientific.

I actually feel the same way. Also, if I’m being honest, I think Reptile’s recent designs we’re a perfect way of making him unique, and a sign that they are taking advantage of the technology they have at their disposal.


So, the MK wiki has a list of “confirmed” characters, but there are a few on here that I know we havent seen gameplay for. I know Liu Kand and Kung Lao were in that story trailer, but can someone just refresh me on where we saw these other guys?

  • Kitana
  • Jade
  • Johnny Cage
  • Cassie Cage
  • Noob Saibot
  • Rain


Kitana, Noob and Rain are artwork tiles in the Game select menu of the demo.

Johnny’s character select reflection is seen in the behind the scenes interview video.

Cassie is in the story mode trailer, speaking Kitanas name, Kitana is also shown from behind in the story trailer
Jade is no where to be found and has only been listed as Sonic Fox’s main for MK11. people have taken that and ran with it.


With how much certain people have been requesting Jade, I think it would make sense for her to come back.


Yeah I’d be really surprised if Jade didn’t make it in. I think it’s a bit premature to call Jade, Noob or Rain “confirmed” at this point, but they certainly seem likely.


@CausingThought6 and @FallofSeraphs76

So if assuming these characters are confirmed hypothetically. It means we have 19 slots taken for the base roster. and that leaves about 5 or 6 left.

I only hope Reptile will be among those characters.


What about Ermac? Are we willing to leave him behind for a game? I mean, it’s looking like Jax won’t be back so…


Both Jax and Ermac would be on my list. Especially sense Jeff would love have someone besides scorpion.