Mortal Kombat 11


That is so rad. I love Kabal. Glad he’s back.


So far that’s the most creative fatality I’ve seen in MK11 so far.


They brought back the speed lines that I didn’t like from MKX and IJ2. At least the way they used it makes sense…for now.


D’vorah also confirmed!


So Kabal is back, and thankfully the fireball spam was de-confirmed on the stream. Also D’vorah was a surprise reveal during the Xbox event, I was actually expecting another classic character but considering how I liked D’vorah in MKX I’m not complaining.

Also they added subtitles to intros and per-round dialogs. Geras also got an in-depth showing of his moves. Overall a good stream, hopefully they keep up this pace for future reveals.


YES!!! So glad MKX will represent!


Kabal looks and plays amazing!! So hyped for him.

Really kinda surprised D’vorah made it, but I’m really happy she did! Can’t wait to see her in action.


Kabal and D’vorah look awesome.


INSTANTLY better without the hood.


I do have to say I do not like the flat tone of Rhonda Rousey as Sonya. It just doesn’t fit…its missing some perkiness or something.


It’s nice to see that “fan favorites” includes characters from all eras. I think many, myself included, assumed they were just finding ways to bring the Trilogy cast back, so D’vorah, to me, goes a ways in disproving that.

Along with just about every leak I’ve seen so far, which really makes me happy.


Kabal looks awesome. So glad he lost his twin raccoon tail hairstyle. That was hideous! His masked version looked awesome, and his unburned version was just hot! His VA sounded like Captain Cold’s in Injustice 2, and his gameplay looks pretty cool. Overall satisfied with him.

D’vorah looks AWESOME! So glad she’s back, one of the best MKX newbies imo alongside Takeda. And she’s fully naked, so hey, now people can’t complain about female characters being all covered up anymore. XD

Also, it would be kinda cool if one of D’vorah’s accessories was Mileena’s skull.


Also the number of the stages was increased to 21



Man, it would be cool if Kabal got a Fulgore costume or something similar enough to show love for another franchise. I always got the impression that NRS and IG were on friendly terms with each other; therefore, it would be a neat way to show support to one another.


It’s not Mick Gordon, but I like it…


Ooohhh it’s getting serious up in here.


Not D’Vorah? Cassie Cage maybe?


Gonna guess Kitana. Something tells me they’ll get a more obvious character out of the way, then maybe follow that up with more of a surprise, but who knows. I sincerely doubt it’ll happen, but if it ends up being Sareena, I’ll completely lose my ■■■■ lol. Gotta keep hope alive! :slight_smile:

Either way, man… This was a good day for this MK fan! So great to see leaks disproven, to see another very well-designed MKX character isn’t one and done, to see my MK3 main back and WAY better than ever… I’m so happy!!

I’m just floored. Kabal’s gameplay looked so varied and so fun. I love that they went all in on the hook swords, and the moves they have with them work really well. I also dig the change to his projectiles, the use of the gas, the air dash, and the fact that we haven’t even seen all of his moves yet has me very excited to see more.

Plus his visual design is, to me, his best ever, and I don’t think it’s even close. I could take orvleave his third look, but the initial look and the maskless look we’re perfect.

Now I just need Erron Black and my three favorite characters (along with Baraka) will be in the same game. Here’s hoping!


How do you know that’s not armor that’s colored similarly to her skin?