Mortal Kombat 11


Tomorrow 3pm cst.


Hopefully its going to take place in the same you tube channel too.


It’s on twitch:


So what do you all think we’ll see tomorrow between the Kombat Kast and Inside Xbox? Think we’ll get any character reveals?

My guess is that we’ll see Kabal gameplay, variation and special move breakdown as well as his gear and then they’ll answer some questions with either vague answers, some “we’re not talking about that yet” and an answer or two to questions no one really wants like “who’s your favorite so far” or “how’s the weather in Chicago now?” lol :slight_smile: Maaaaaybe a tease for the character for the next Kombat Kast? Maybe they show off one the stages we only got a glimpse of before?

As for Inside Xbox… Is XB1 the lead sku for MK11? Either way, I could see them focusing on some stuff we’ve already seen before, but ending with the first gameplay or a gameplay / reveal trailer for Kano.

What do you think?


The London reveal event did focus a lot on Xbox One promotion whereas the US one was on PS4. I’m not sure who they’re favoring this time to be honest.

Yea, this sounds about right. Maybe delve a little more into Gear Augments and explain a few of them?


I hope they reveal REPTILE!!!..please.


Hate to break it to ya, pal, but that’s not a pirate.


-shrug- You give a one-eyed guy a tricorn-looking hat and people are gonna think pirate.




Kombat Kast countdown timer:


Holy cow… do you people not read the comments except the ones you want to ■■■■■ about?
WE ALL know its not a pirate per say… its a Cangaceiro! But when someone doesnt feel like remembering the exact spelling or term…you just say “pirate looking skin”!!!
We’ve already covered this 2xs before you made it 3.

Everyone please refrain from the words Pirate to describe Kanos Brazil exclusive Cangaceiro skin! Mods can you add pirate to the censor list please? lol


pirate kano! im gonna use that all the time when i pick him. ARRRR MATEYS

also im going to start rushing my rush jobs that i was told to rush on so i can make the kombat kast and sit in my office to watch it today. yep, time to move lol


I kinda am excited about not knowing anything.
I hope my eyes are opened and my jaw dropped.

Aworking today until 6 but hope to see something by lunchtime


me too!!! I think I can catch some here in my office if Im not too busy during the stream I wish I had the patience to wait till tonight for the replay but too many spoilers here and on Facebook. Id rather be surprised at the reveal then from some picutre online.


Kombat Kast youtube stream:


I hope they give us video of pirate Kano.


Oh, and btw, there’s an Xbox thingy after the Kombat Kast!


Kabal’s new look


Kabal looks coo. Rejoice Kabal fans.