Mortal Kombat 11


I get that you like them, but honestly I’d prefer they sit out this round. I’d rather see some redeemed 3D characters, newcomers, or even a few less common trilogy characters like Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, and Sektor.

I do think Mileena will come back though. Call it a hunch. And after all that online support for him, I’m pretty sure we’ll get Fujin this time.


Anything is possible at this point. But so much of this speculation is only based on what people want to see. “I want Jade” “I want Fujin” “I want Sareena.” That’s fine but there’s no real discussion to be had there. Maybe a general discussion about the mix of trilogy, 3D and MKX characters on the roster and why, rather than just “I want more…”.

I’m not criticizing anyone, just pointing out that people seem dead set to argue when there’s really nothing to argue about.


Whats wrong with saying what specific characters you want to see come back?


Achievement leaks implying Erron Black

For me Reptile caught my attention as a kid. At the time I was really interested in reptiles (still am today) Plus he ha some of the best theme music given to him by fans and other media. I see Reptile the same way I see Riptor and Aeon. I can’t see them being left out of the base roster or out of DLC.


Storyline wise I think Fujin should return. He hasn’t been playable since MKA.


I dont trust the square pattern of the demo roster. I dont think the shape will remain like that and Im certain the shape will even out as i had described a few times earlier int his thread.

So I wouldn’t get hung up on 5-6 spots left. Dont worry reptile will be around…he might be DLC though. Just make sure to raise a lot of rukus if he doesnt make main roster! then they will maybe go for DLC.


I can only hope he’s DLC if he doesn’t make the base roster. But from what I heard, they said 25 is a pretty solid number. So it might end up being 25. Not to mention the first 6 characters are fan favorites that were not seen in a long time.


Well, that and guest characters. I think it’s right to question the layout though. It’s a little too wonky.


I would like Jade to come back because she has an interesting fighting style due to her Staff, but if she comes back, I’d like her to be less sexualized than she is. I have always felt like she could be fleshed out more in terms of story and lore. For the most part, she doesn’t really have a huge part in the MK Universe besides being part of Shao Khan’s Assassins like Kitana, and being General of the Edenian Army. After that, you really don’t see her stand out in anything else. I just don’t want her to be “hot pole dancing assassin” or something like that. She has an interesting enough background, and being so close to Kitana, I’m sure they can make her out to be a really badass character.


I just made this…

I can only hope… ^^


Well, there are so many people’s favorite characters. I think the number of the basic roster will change to 36(6x6) and with 2 dlc of 6 characters and 2 hidden ones, it will finally be 50 characters.


Startled me for a second when I logged onto this page LOL


I think Jade is a safe bet friend. I’m still worried about Reptile personally. But lets hope they both make it in.


I understand you’re point. But you can be both a fleshed out character and sexy at the same time.


We get it. You want Reptile. You don’t need to say it every single time you post.


No need for rudeness towards him for it.If someone spoke like that to you,you would have ranted about it for 15 posts.


How dare you! Don’t you know I’m in a fragile emotional state! Why I never…

15 posts later

And that’s all that I have to say about that!

Joking aside, yeah. I admit that was pretty rude. Sorry @justathereptile


I wonder who the female is for next week Ed already confirmed it isn’t D’vorah but there’s Kitana Cassie Sonya & Skarlet already


I will say one character who I disliked to fight against was sheeva




It could be Frost. Or Mileena. Or Li Mei. Or Ashrah. Or Sareena. Or a new character. (You know what I want)

Aside from that though, Kitana and Cassie are only soft-Confirmed and haven’t been officially revealed. So it could actually be one of them. Or Jade.