Mortal Kombat 11


New stage


Good match footage of Scorpion vs Sub-Zero narrated by Ketchup:


Deleted for redundancy.

Carry on, nothing to see here


So apparently we’re getting two fatalities for each character. I hope they didn’t leave out other alities. I wouldn’t mind them bringing back anamalities as long as they get it right. I wouldn’t mind a new ality too.


There’s always been two fatalities per character.

I think that it was said somewhere that the Brutality system would come back.
I’d like animalities, but it would require a whole new asset to be made for each character that’s only used for this one thing. It dosn’t seem practical.


True, though they did make a dragon model for Liu Kang’s fatality in MK9. Granted that’s like Reptile’s tongue fatality.


The more I see Subs in action, the more glad and excited I get to play him.


I played Sub in MK3, but Scorpion has always been my colored ninja of choice whenever he appears in a game. I really like the direction they’ve taken his look and playstyle since Deadly Alliance.


Nice! Maybe we can have Hype Sub/Scorp battles!


Something off putting about Sub in this game is how light he is. He looks less bulky than he has in the past, it kind of bothers me.


We have already seen many Brutalities in the demo clips for MK 11. THey are the exact same style as MK X. SO nothing has changed Fatality or Brutality wise.

OBviously there isnt any Faction kills as of right now…I wouldnt mind Factions to return with Faction kills…I just dont think they are going to do this.
Id prefer it isnt Babealities or Friendships… Animalities…meh… they end up being silly. ID rather there be something like Fatal blows end up having and extra scene for a 3rd Fatal blowtality or something.


I seen this on FB, figured some of you would enjoy this… lol…you can make your own dream roster for MK 11!


How does it work?


I dont know…apparently it only works on PC if you have FLash player. It doesnt work on my chrome book and I seen where it didnt work on someones phone and a reply said PC only.
But still cool if it worked for me…I just dont feel like going to get on my regular PC right now.

BUt apparently it has all the MK characters ever and you can drag and drop you prefered roster.


OK. Here’s mine. With the officially confirmed characters, the soft confirmed characters, and my preferred additions.

Wish he had a few extra spots for the DLC characters and Shao Kahn


I saw some things that I won’t be discussing. I just hope some or all characters get skull related gear (ex. skull masks).


What. Did you go to some secret underground event and see the whole roster


Next question.


Oh my god you did didn’t you. It’s okay. I understand you can’t say anything. I just wish I could ask you more questions. But I don’t want you to violate you’re NDA.


I’m already satisfied with Scorpion and Shao Kahn so I’m good. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it however.