Mortal Kombat 11


I think he may be just jumping to conclusions based on our old conversations last week. I’ll dig around and see what I can find.

Its true…per MK team employee interview with IGN Brazil.


Dang it! I hate unplayable bosses!


I’m still okay with an unplayable final boss. To me this is more sensible than handing you the reigns to the incredibly cheap final boss only to realize that they have been nerfed into the ground and the CPU version cheats like crazy. I’m also a little worn out on the “playable boss, but turns into demon form to become an unplayable FINAL boss” trope. Let’s at least see how they handle it before we get too upset. There’s lots of character space left to go too, so it’s a bit premature to complain about the roster.


At the very least they could do what Marvel vs. Capcom used to do and give us a “Boss Mode” Arcade Mode, even if they’re unplayable in normal vs. matches.


I actually prefer this move for MK 11 since Geras would have too similar moves, the trope you mentioned is old and makes people think /want to play as corrupted Shinnok or Braniac’s extra boss moves, …but most importantly this opens up a slot on the roster for a new or returning character that everyone is hoping for.

Here is hoping for Reptile, Kotal Khan, Devorha or Erron Black to take that extra spot.


I know Geras will never be a substitute for this character to some. That said she still has potential


Kronika might be an untouchable, probably doesn’t fight at all.


tbh i dont find her interesting at all, so i dont care. but these days its normal to use boss characters


Okay in your opinion what makes her uninteresting?


Describing dullness is surprisingly hard.


Well, all we really have is a few seconds of footage of her, showing her design… and that’s about it. We don’t really know anything about her as a character or gameplay other than “she’s a time goddess” and that’s about it.


i just dont like her, she looks boring. then when i saw her i couldnt help but think back to that dexter’s lab cartoon I AM KRONUS MASTER OF ALL TIME. i miss that show

@VergoVan would you like me to write a thesis?


I think that Kronus quote was from Johnny Bravo.

Okay so, in your opinion how would it improve her as a character?


she does seem pretty bland.- I’d much rather a fighting slot go to a complex character like skarlet or Sindel


sinead isnt exactly looking very promising at the moment, maybe shes cool maybe she isnt. but right now i see the boss character and its a whole lot of “meh” with an extra helping of ZZzzZZzz


Sinead LOL… Nothing compares… to Lui !..kang


I like the fact that Kronika’s unplayable so they can build her up from the start to be a cheap, OP boss that MK is known for and not just have kinda the “safe for roster” version and then an OP boss version. Plus I think it gives her a bit more gravitas.

I think the biggest part that I’m happy about, is that it opens up a new roster spot. It also kinda disproves a lot of the leaks out there that simply put her on the roster as if it was a given. I don’t think it fully disproves them, as I’d probably need to see them be like “surprise MFers! Dairou is up in this piece!” to think the leaks are all complete BS.

As for Kano, I’ve always liked how he plays and @CausingThought6 is right… He’s the roach of the MK world. To me, that’s kind of a compliment in a weird way. It gives him personality and it’s a fun one for the story as far as I’m concerned.

His look is… Okay? Kinda looks like Austin Aries lol. Someone I was talking with on MKO mentioned that Kira couldn’t be in the game because Skarlet’s in and she’s “the lady in red,” as if that’s a disqualifier these days. I look at Kano now and think back… Fully white outfit in MK1, red and black outfit in MK3, and now green pants and no shirt. Other than the ninjas default looks, I don’t think MK really needs to hold to that standard for everyone, especially the non-ninjas.

So yeah, it’s minimalist, but I’m sure we’ll be able to customize him and put some interesting stuff on him, so I’m fine with it. I still kinda wish he’d taken a game off so I could miss him a bit, but whatever. We’re likely getting the whole MK1 roster plus Shang Tsung and a lot of the MK2 roster as well. The sun rises, the fish swim, and NRS finds a way to shoehorn as many of the classics in as possible. It is what it is.

I’m still holding out a little hope though that we see a few 3D era characters. Sareena, to me, has a ton of potential. She’s a demon, so they could maybe have some sort of transformations that show her true form, or like a demonic arm (as Razor on MKO suggested), parts that morph and what not as she attacks, almost like Glacius in a way. Plus she has some great story background with Noob, Sub Zero and the Netherealm, so potentially Liu Kang and Kitana. She seemed almost like a spy or double agent for the good guys in MKX, so they could continue with that as well.

Thing is, there are several other characters that have a lot of potential as well. Reiko, Fujin, Mavado, Kai, Nitara, Kira, Havik and so on. I try not to hold link their potential or the value of their characters to the way they previously appeared because honestly, the 3D era didn’t do a lot of these concepts many favors.

Move lists were extremely small compared to day and the graphics, especially in MK4, haven’t aged well. I look at what NRS did with Tanya, Bo Rai Cho and now Skarlet and I’m 100% convinced they can do the same with other characters that perhaps didn’t start out as well as they could have. I’ll take some of those; some legit surprises over seeing Jax for the 95th time.

I like Jax, but like Cage, Sonya, Kano, Reptile, Ermac, Mileena, etc… I just need them to miss a game so I can miss them like I missed Noob, Smoke, Shang Tsung and Jade in the last game.

Oh, and as for the polar vortex… I live in Chicago and that was some insane cold. Every store, business, etc was closed. No mail, no garbage pick up. Any time I’d go out and smoke, my tongue would sting from taking a breath. It was BAD. Seventeen people died due to the cold.

I was honestly shocked that they were even going to do a stream until they cancelled it. If anything, I was relieved for them. Here’s hoping we see some awesome stuff on the 5th!!


dude, i heard! i also read that a fedex worker died from exposure :frowning: he was at the facility, cover and warmth so close yet so far. btw, i quit smoking! i feel so much better these days, and my wallet doesnt hurt as much. 8 bucks a pack adds up


I wasn’t being sarcastic.


Skarlet is already in the game though. she is technically a boss character so she can’t ever effect the inclusion of any characters. Besides she’s not playable anyway so don’t you worry about that. Still hoping for Millennia to return though as well as Reptile.

Still what would you and @R1stormrider do to improve her?