Mortal Kombat 11


Dude you are being way too paranoid! ALl 3 of those photos came from a post on Facebook. It has nothing to do with trans characters… it was a funny picture …nothing more! Just stop it.
If I wanted to post it and a make a joke I would have. THis is a picture of Baraka with a wig on… whatever you think it is is in your head.

Anyway moving on.


Aesthetically, I like this simplified Kano maybe slightly more. Practically, I like characters to have features on them that make their moves more clear, which MKX Kano does better.


Ok. I can see that that’s not your intent. And I’m glad I didn’t fly off the Handel this time. But you have to admit it was very easy to interpret it that way. Especially sense it correlated with a line in one of my posts, and the only text to accompany it was repeated lols. Something that was used to mock the idea in the past. You need to think through all of the potential ramifications of what you’re going to say. Not just the one you intended.


Nah micromanaging posts make threads awkward asf


Well then don’t be surprised if you hurt someone’s feelings. Even if you didn’t mean it.

I admit that this is something I need to get better at too btw.


Yes bad timing I guess… but I figured that strain of comments has been done for nearly 24 hours now. The LOLs are exactly that LOLs they have nothing to do with the conversation you had with another member here. I still dont see where I said anything in that Kano Baraka post that correlated with one of your posts? Honestly I havent read any of your posts since yesterday so Im not quite sure what you are talking about. I can take the LOLs out the comment but Im not taking the picture out.
Also I dont need to think about the ramifications of my post and its effect on the world when all I did was post my opinion on the new Kano.
Geez man relax!


Yeah, that happened in the anti-female vampire thread. But still its funky to tip toe around everyone


In one of my recent posts I apologized and tried to bring the discussion back to some place productive by offering an actual gameplay for how i’d develop the character. One of the ideas I offered out (my least favorite option) was to have the character be tarkatan and have some throw away line about there being no natural born female tarkatans (an error I was corrected on by others after the fact). I also said in the post that people could ignore it if they felt the conversation couldn’t go anywhere productive anymore. That’s what they did. I admit, I was disappointed, but I decided to let it go. Then two days later you post your picture of Baraka in a wig with nothing but lols. Now do you see why I reacted the way I did?

And please stop calling me man. I’m not a man. And I don’t appreciate being wrongfully labeled.


I swear to Gargos I never read that post and its purely coincidental. I promise. I didnt even create that meme… it was in the same post on Facebook with the Kano pictures…I thought it was funny.

Plus I left off the actual joke of the meme…it said “Mileena confirmed” …thats what the Baraka wig is supposed to be …nothing more.


Okay. I believe you. Sometimes the universe just likes ■■■■■■■ with people. Can we agree to just let bygones be bygones?


Absolutely! No worries… carry on! MK 4 life! :slight_smile:


So kronika will not be playable. At least people can play scorpion and subzero…
Are NRS crazy? What are they doing? Are they teasing characters for not having them in the game? I am tired. Every day is a hype killer with this game.
This is the end. I am not buying. it It will be a bad game, i know already, because these people are unable to make good choises. The characters will move terrible, the inputs will be terrible and the answer will be: come on look at these graphics, we made subzero using real polar bear skin. Ed Boon doesn’t even know how to play. He only knew to give his name to noob saibot for everyone to know that this is his game and not theirs. They only suck ideas from other games. MK is a virus for FG genre. Johnny cage, sonya, sonya’s mom, sonya’s ex, sonya’s lipstick could make it, jacqui and whatever.


Mortal Kombat as a series has had a wide variety of unplayable boss characters throughout its run. Kronika is not the first non-playable big bad to grace a title, and she is unlikely to be the last.

Ok :+1:t5:


Thanks officer.


Hallelujah. (Sorry - I couldn’t resist. Handel is the composer who wrote the Hallelujah chorus…)

On a different note, based on your earlier comment I went back and looked up Lei Mei in MKX. I hadn’t actually remembered she was in there - and you’re right. The design is much better. Kind of a Michelle Yeoh thing going on. I would definitely not mind seeing them do something with that aesthetic.

As far as the new Kano… meh. They are clearly trying to harken back to his original design but his original design wasn’t all that compelling to me. I e never been a huge Kano fan, although I’m not upset that he’s returned. Is there any video out there or is it just the art?


Kano really is the MK roach. He survive anything you throw at him, and he’ll always be around to make people miserable.


So far just art… and as a Kano main Im underwhelmed with his young look and the pirate look. I want MK X Kano… that was his best look ever by far IMO. Especially his equipment. Owell…I guess making the cut is enough for right now. Hopefully his multiple skin will make up for it.

Was this confirmed? Did i miss something? If I did miss the confirmation… I have to say I made a good guess she wouldn’t be playable due to the Geras connection.


i guess baraka is gonna be quite busy this go round having to play as himself or mileena. or hes gonna start belting out aerosmith songs, either way should be good LOLOL


lmao might as well just close the forum


I want you to know that that like I gave was for the Handel reference. I respect you good sir :joy::+1:t5:

@FallofSeraphs76 I’m not actually sure. Yper said it, but I haven’t seen any confirmation on Twitter or anything (I haven’t been looking). It was my preference that she be unplayable though, so I’m personally hoping he’s right :-p