Mortal Kombat 11


Brazilian MK11 stream at 3pm CST:



I’m kidding lol.

Learned something new today. Thanks!


I’m hoping to hear news on Reptile this time. But I doubt it will happen this time. January is the worst month of the year for me.


Wait, isn’t r between the centers of the two objects, so you have to add ~4,000 miles for the radius of the Earth? I didn’t have the sense of scale that you’re only 5% farther from the center of the Earth on the ISS, so your weight is 1 / (1.05^2) = 90.7% of your weight on the surface. Holy crap!

EDIT: Oh wait, 2.2x10^7 ft is (4000 + 200) * 5280


Kano made it.


Mileena is already part-Tarkatan. I don’t think we need to do that again.

Li Mei is actually a character that I think would be cool in this game. From an animation standpoint, the way she moved in DA actually made her stand out from the rest of the cast and I’d hope they find a way to do that again in the future. Not sure if they ever will though.

On top of that, she was in MKX so it’s not like they want to forget about her.


So. Kano.


What happened to his old knives?


Yup Kano is back. I’m happy for the Kano fans.


From the look of it he favors kukris now.


Looks like a younger Kano, so probably from the past, like Liu Kang and Kung Lao.


He looks good!


Exclusive skin for Brazil. Very wise. :disappointed:


Haha. Yep! And yeah, doing a simple ratio for the radii in question is actually a much faster way to make the comparison :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t5:

Back to MK, I actually don’t really like the new Kano art. I thought MKX Kano was the best looking version of the character, and so far MK11 isn’t doing anything to change my mind.


Kano made it! No way??? I really thought he wasnt going to make it and his son would be his replacement! Im glad for sure! He is my main in X but…something about this skin looks odd. I dare say I dont like it… I really really loved his look in X, especially his default, Kold War, and retro. THe tournament skin was my least favorite. THis skin looks to plain. Im guessing its his young skin like the Lui Kang and Kung Lao skins we have seen in the story mode. Hopefully his current look will be an addition to the MKX look!


You guys seen this??

As a Kano main Im not liking this look too much. I dont like how the heart battery is in the center of his chest. I prefer the MK X look of the heart core and the facepiece and how the wires run up his back/neck and over to the side of the eye piece. So hoping there is a MKX skin.

The MK11 Injustice 2 Facebook page is outta control! they post some funny stuff over there!
“Millena Konfirmed!”


My first reaction too. The reaction videos I’ve seen so far seem to dig it, but it doesn’t click with me.


If you’re wondering about Kano’s BR skin, it comes from these 19th century outlaws.


Steven Tyler got some new dentures I see.


That’s not what the joke is. And if it is what I think it is I am not happy. In fact I’m both hurt and furious. But I’m trying to contain myself and not rant.