Mortal Kombat 11


Indeed, a lot of people like Street Fighter just because it is Street Fighter, and will defend it to the bitter end, even if undeserved.

Mortal Kombat as a franchise lives well on its own without concerning about how Street Fighter fares. There’s no competition between the two. Maybe SF fans think there is, but MK fans definitely don’t. It’s like having a couple of neighbours where one of them thinks he has to prove he’s better than the other, while the other neighbour is just doing his own thing without caring what the other one is doing.


Mk9 came out one year after SFIV which signalled the FG renaissance. I believe it wouldnt have happen otherwise. Same MKX happened one year after KI signalled the next era of FGs. I do not remember of me having an wow expression when seeing a new mortal kombat. But i remember that when i saw SFIV with the new graphics and the dynamic camera angles, and with KI with the next level graphics and animations and everything.
So is MK11 going to bring something really great to the scene? Is it going to take FGs to the next level. Or will it be an ordinary netherrealm game. A little better than the previous one. I dont know, maybe i have very big expectations for the next gen. I hope they go wild but they never do.
Dont they ever get tired of copying the same ninja? Didnt anyone even had the idea of making them look completely different? Are they going to give to this game some fresh air?
Also gameplay-wise will they ever make all the button combinations possible? I do not want their choices for combos. I want to make my combos. So no solid 2,1,3s or 1,1,1s, but anything the player wants.
And no shaders. Let me make my colour variation. Just give me the colours.
They are bringing weapons, great. Will every character be able to have access to any weapon or it is just a weapon for every character? Weapon combinations? Or instead of that they will make an option for the stage to spin around making me dizzy?
And take that gore away. The game doesnt need that. No fatalities. They are useless. Finish them.

It feels like i dont buy a game to have fun, it is like i buy the opportunity to play their game the way they want.
It is like one guy brings a ball for all to play, but he doesnt allow them to touch it.

I dont hate MK. I want it to be better. And it needs a lot. Come on.


Ummmm. I don’t think you like Mortal Kombat. Especially sense most of what your saying is objectively wrong. Like, the Ninja characters are VERY different now. Especially in MKX I don’t know if you could even call Ermac and Tremor ninjas.

Also, while I do advocate for a T-rated vs. Injustice apron off title, I would never say to remove the gore from Mortal f’in Kombat! That’s removing a core part of the franchise identity. That’s like saying KI should loose it’s combo system. It’s one of the main things that sets it apart.

Honestly I think you’re lying to yourself. I don’t think you actually like the series considering you want it to become something else entirely.


I see a lot of “I want” and “I do not want”… Just sounds like MK is not for you. Which is alright. You want MK to be something it’s not, but those things aren’t going to be changed. MK will always have gore. MK will always have Fatalities.

If you don’t like that… well… too bad.


KI also had fatalities but luckily they were removed. Also I do not think fatalities are part of MK combo system. The game is the button combinations. Not a ready made ending. Come on. I do not want to see kung lao’s lange intestine to have fun. Who does? NR is trapped in older perseptions of FGs.


People who are fans of MK.


KI’s No Mercy Attacks? You keen the things that tones of people asked to have back every day here during KI’s height.


Imo they are completely unnecessary. All the after battle aspects. Even ultras and ultimates. I do not like them. We could have 2 in-battle features instead. The game is during the fight not after that. At the end they are time wasting and salt.


It’s alright that you don’t like them.
What I’m saying is, they aren’t going anywhere.


They finally tweeted the full render of Raiden:


With this costume direction I’m almost certain that we’re looking at Dark Raiden.


Yes, he’s still under the influence of Shinnok’s corruption here, as he was at the end of MKX.


Can’t wait for his war with the NetherRealm!


Well, MK11 is coming out on current gen platforms so it’s not a “next generation fighter.” But I’m thinking you mean fighting game generations? Those don’t overly exist. I mean, you could say that there are fighting game eras. The 2D era with Street Fighter and MK and all the various 2D offshoots. The 3D era with Virtua Fighter, Tekken and all the other 3D games that were more popular and prevalent in the early aughts. But as far as MK11 goes, I’d still probably put it in the current era that began in 2008 with SF IV.

Since then we’ve had three Netherealm games (soon to be four), a bunch of stuff from ArcSys, a new Tekken or two, a new Soul Calibur, Killer Instinct came back and so on and so on. But I’m not sure how KI is a dividing line between a SF IV era and a modern era. To me it was another fighting game. Granted, it was the first fighting game that came out on this generation of consoles, but if we’re ignoring console generations and going by fighting generations or eras, I don’t really think it’s separate from what came five years before and in the five or six years since.

So why would MK11 really be a difference maker in this regard? Perhaps more importantly, what do you specifically think MK11 would have to do to usher in a whole new era for fighting games, since it’s obviously not going to usher in a new era from a gaming generation standpoint?

I think it’ll likely have the best story mode of any fighting game, at least in terms of length and depth. But that’s practically expected at this point. Beyond that though, what are your actual expectations in specific terms and how would MK11 be able to meet those expectations? Just curious. :slight_smile:

For me, at the highest end of my expectations, I’d like to see a cast that represents all of the eras of MK well, I’d like for the animation to be more fluid, I’d like the story to be well written and compelling; charting a new path forward for the story that finally puts all this timeline stuff to bed and I want a gear / collection system that’s fun, rewarding, and doesn’t require money and lootboxes to enjoy.

Beyond that though? I mean, like I was wondering before, what else would you logically expect? It’s easy to say that you want MK to take it too the next level, but rather than putting that on the devs to simply figure out, I want to know what would take this game, or the genre for that matter, to the next level. What is that next level and how would a game get there (in your mind)?

The only thing I can really think of is an even more organic storytelling with more depth of character, more complex themes explored and an overall tale that feels epic and has some real weight to it and even then, I wouldn’t call that taking anything to the next level. That would just be improving on what’s already been done. What’s the next true evolution?

Or perhaps Outworld? I could easily see a scenario where Earth is the invading force this time, leading to a new tournament. It’s interesting now though, isn’t it? We have three viable factions, where before, it’s traditionally been Earth versus Outworld, Earth versus Shinnok and the Netherealm, Earth versus Onaga, etc.

Now we have Kotal Khan, Erron Black, Reptile, Ermac, Bo Rai Cho, Li Mei and Outworld. We have Raiden, Scorpion, Sub Zero, the kombat kids etc for Earthrealm. Then we have Liu Kang, Kitana, Noob, and the revenants for the Netherealm.

How will each of these factions form up? Who will defect to another faction? Will Raiden going dark drive away some or even all of Earth’s warriors? Will Earth splinter in to a Raiden faction and a Fujin faction? Perhaps most importantly, how will this time goddess and time itself play in to all of this? Could we see a fourth faction with this lady and perhaps some new or even existing characters?

ARG, I can’t wait until the reveal stream!!


Nothing about what you posted makes you look like you don’t hate MK.

“Take the gore away”?

Not taking anyone serious with quotes like that.

Take it how you want to but even a suggestion like taking gore out of a game like Mortal Kombat down right annoys me.


So let me ask you this. Would anybody be a fan of a non-gory Mortal Kombat today? Because last time I checked, when Mortal Kombat vs DC came out, very few were pleased.


I wouldn’t mind seeing the gore toned down a little, but taking it out altogether seems really strange to me. It’s hard to judge based on MK vs DC, though that’s mostly because there was so much other stuff around that game that I didn’t enjoy (namely the button mashing minigames, the fact that half the roster was DC, etc).

Would MK be far worse if it just had the blood splatterings during hits and fatalities that looked more like the MKX brutalities? I’m sure some would hate that. Perhaps many would. I wouldn’t mind, but then again, I’ve always been a fan of MK more for the characters, the gameplay and the story than for the gore.

That said, I don’t think the gore will be toned down at all and that’s fine with me too.


I’m asking because nobody else is going to.


Gore is for the show. Its ok to see that once. Like the story. After a while it gets annoying. I would like them to focus on the gameplay. Release the characters from ready made combos, back 3s and uppercuts. They make them play the same way.

@Iago407 first of all super character designs. That is the most important. The characters must be extremely vivid and accurate to their identity. Plus their identity must be far away from ordinary. They must be super entities.
You can not make a fireball if you are Sonya, or Johnny Cage. That is just adding whatever. I dont like ordinary people with super abilities. I like super humans , gods and beasts with epic abilities. Not cassie cage man, what is that. MK is full of generic characters. Generic ninjas, and ordinary people. Even alien and predator looked like a guy in a costume. Look at their legs. And no personality. No detail. Look how sabrewulfs hand is shaking, or his head. Look how there are are veins or something that flow inside glacius. Look at fulgore chest , those parts that makes those movements. and more.
Those are things that i expect from this era designers. In MK they are all built up dead. Dead costumes. Couldnt Raiden’s hat make electric sparcles connected to the ground? Or to the sky? Coulds he make an ultra thunder beam to the sky? Like a god. Or spinning and shining during that. Giving the impression that a lot of things are happenning. couldnt he transform to a lighting self during the battle? He is a lighting god. Not a chinese farmer of 90s. He looks like a figurine ready to be abused. His face looks dead maybe because he already knows what is going to happen to him.
Then i expect more awesome and customizable stages-locations, weather conditions, more interactibles, destruction enabled, anything. Give me the stage to make it how i want. Today people have access to these things. The culture is differrent. The games must allow the players to be creative and not only receiving. And more.


Can you mention one fighting game which gives you all of these things?