Mortal Kombat 11


I am expecting that. :frowning:


But Cage and Sonya have had projectiles in every game they’ve been in dating back to the first game. Plus they also explained why Cassie had the powers she had in the MKX story. Curious though, why are projectiles an issue for you? Would it be anymore realistic if Liu Kang couldn’t throw a fireball but could still bicycle kick half way across the stage? I mean, is realism what you’re going for in relation to how realistic the characters would be to who they are?

If they went by this logic, every character that wasn’t some otherworldly creature would have to use guns as projectiles and wouldn’t that get a little dull and repetitive? What would be your solution to this? Would you just have a large portion of the cast unable to use projectiles? I mean, Kung Lao has his hat, Kung Jin fires arrows, so there are some other options out there, but still.

This kinda makes it sound like you don’t like the characters in MK games very much, doesn’t it? I mean, Ermac, Reptile, Tremor… They’ve all grown out of the palette swap ninja days. Ermac looks more like a sorcerer these days and Reptile looks like a monster. I mean sure, I might want to see some more design variation if they bring back Noob, but Smoke, Frost, Sub Zero and Scorpion are all in Ninja clans, so I’m not too sure how much variation you’d see there.

Still, one would hope that the new gear / variation system will allow players to change up characters looks a bit more and help differentiate them from what might be considered generic looks. I look forward to earning those in-game, hopefully not through the use of real money or lootboxes.

Yeah, MK’s animation issues are so well known that hopefully NRS finally heeds the call for improvement in this area, not just in striking animations, but in overall character animation and activity. I’m not sure how that would play out for some characters, but I do think that there are some examples of this. Doesn’t Raiden have electricity pulsing through his body most of the time? I know they did that in the old games, but I can’t recall MKX specifically.

I think this is something that makes sense for some characters, like Raiden, Ermac, etc, but for many others, I’m not sure how that would look or if it wouldn’t feel a bit tacked on. Like Tusk’s sword glowing redder and redder looks awesome, but is there any point to it? They might’ve made something happen with that and I’m just totally blanking on it right now, but I know when he first came out, it was just for show, which seemed odd to me.

I think customizability would be a nice way of pushing MK forward. They tried doing this with customizable move lists in Armageddon to, well, mixed results, we’ll say. But I think they’re trying to do this a bit more with the gear system in MK11 and hopefully that’s a solid evolution over Injustice 2’s gear system.

Customizable stages? That would be interesting. I wonder how they’d pull that off. I mean, the current stages are so detailed, I can’t even fathom how many items they’d have to create and how they’d animate them and what not to make the stage feel alive. I’m sure it’s possible, but that seems awfully difficult. Still, it sounds cool to me!

One thing I’ve always wanted to see from and MK game was a create-a-story mode, where you take characters that you’ve created, you snap a picture of them from the head up, you put it on a matte template and you put those templates in to a select screen template. You then have more templates for versus screens, character intros and endings so you can make your own stories for your characters. Maybe that’s just for creative/writer nerds or whatever, but I’d enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Customizability has still been around for a while now. Characters have been customizable in Soul Calibur games for over ten years. Would being able to create stages or even stories be that much of a “next level” type of generational leap that you describe?


So, none.
Yet you’re harping on Mortal Kombat specifically for some reason, for not being the game you want it to be, when in fact no fighting game is like that.

Well, good luck with that.


Guys stop feeding the MK hatin troll… lets talk about positive MK discussions. He doesnt like MK, we got it, lets move on.

** The new full render of Raiden looks awesome! i cant wait! Who do you think they will show next week?

Shao Kahn
I really hope Kano’s son is the archetype for Kano fans in this game. I heard they are keeping that a close secret till near release so I dont expect them to unveil this next week.


Jonhhy Cage is not a ninja. Ninja’s myth contains superpowers. Kung Lao, Liu Kang and all these guys reflect shaolins and kung fu super power potential. Sonya is a very human general, johnny cage is a womanizer. They are humans. Were did they get their superpowers? It is only adding because of character balance. Also their animations are those of normal people. What are these guys doing in a fighting game? It would be better to put a cook throwing foods. And they are not xmen or something. And again for me those characters that do not have the potential of a greater being (lets say) shouldnt be in the game at all. They gring the game down.
About ninja variations, i liked them back then but following the same path… i dont know, i becomes predictable. I mean i guess the next ninjas will be a white variation called air and a brown variation call soil.
And whats more they all have the same ninja costume. That black with the coloured pillows. Why don’t they make scorpion a yellow ninja. I think it would be better.

For the stages i wouldnt expect much object customization, but weather, brightness, day/night, colour, fog. I do not think that this is very difficult and it would give the impression of time flowing.

And about character customization i would like for me to choose every part’s colour, and every move s input, because some moves hurt my thump, and in any case make me feel uncomfortable.

I like the idea for making stories and characters. The only thing missing is creating moves. Could we expect that from the next generation? i mean just give us the engine at last. :blush:


KI showed the way on that so i am expecting the next level.


So anyways, moving on from the nonsense…

Noticed Raiden’s staff in the render is different than the one he summons in the trailer:

It’s hard to see the staff when he summons it, as he swings it around a lot, but as he bashes Scorpion’s head in with it we get a better shot at the design of it, and it appears to be the same staff Raiden had in MKX. But in the render, it looks completely different! Could indeed be an example of different pieces of gear shown.

Also, in the trailer we see that the ribbons on top of Raiden’s hat are red, but in the render they seem more dark greyish.

Could be a hint to the customisation giving us the option to change the shader of individual pieces.
Just a few observations and theories. ^^


I hope the soundtrack is improved too. MKX had a boring soundtrack which I couldn’t really bring myself to listen it on YouTube.

And NRS needs to leave the dynamic tracks alone too. KI did it way better and had more emotion. They need to consider bringing out some Leitmotifs.


Imagine if Mick Gordon did the soundtrack for MK11… I’d be in heaven if that was the case.
I’ve never really thought much about MK’s soundtracks, because they were never really all that noticeable for me. They’ve always just been kinda… well… dull, really. Just a bit of drums and guitar, and that’s it.

However, I’ve never really cared all that much about other fighting game soundtracks either, other than singular tracks I liked here and there. KI’s soundtrack was what opened my eyes for good fighting game music! Because of Mick Gordon putting his heart and soul in it, and I absolutely loved every single track he made.

I don’t expect all that much different in MK11 though. But I could be surprised.


I’ll bet the next one is Sub-zero.


No Sub-Zero, we riot. No questions asked.


I am a Mortal Kombat fan since 2005. Sadly the only chance to play Mortal Kombat was MK4 on PC for us with my brother, which was totally great in that time IMO! There was no extra gameplay features or any other stuff, but that game came out in 98’, its understandable. After a few years i grabbed the PS2 era episodes, and Deception is the BEST MK game for my taste. Fun and long konquest mode which is separated from the basic 1v1 fighting, puzzle combat, chess kombat, and a pretty fun online feature. Deception had so many content, current generation fighting games has less than this! Mk vs. DC Universe is not existing.
I played 2 weeks with MK9, after that i was bored which is strange because the game was not bad at all. Horribly cheesy story mode which was fun, ladder missions, and the overall fighting mechanics was pretty cool, only the movesets was very limited. MK:X is technically, graphically is the best Mortal Kombat game, but somehow i lost my interest very soon after i started for the first time… finished the Story Mode which was 20 minutes of gameplay and 2 hours of cutscenes, modified ladders are meh, and the online was unplayable anything above 150 ms ping. We have a good internet connection, every game works fine online, but MK:X was not a good experience overall… and the AI was horrible.

What i want from MK:11? A great experience which has single player content too. Most of the current fighting games are so focused in online, they are totally forget and miss out every single player gamemodes. I love to play online, but thats the endgame for me, when i finished everything the game has to offer. And of course, MK needs to be brutal, absurd, and funny at the same time, just like before.


Personally I want to see Reptile’s Render.


Even if Sub-Zero isn’t going to be revealed at the event, we all know he’ll be in the game.


well of course, you can’t have a truly good MK game without him or Scorpion for that matter.
Heck I think it is not truly MK without Reptile, but that’s my opinion. But sub-zero is my second favorite just like Glacius.


I don’t play any of those, so I honestly don’t care if they’re in or not.


Maybe but me, my bro, and a lot of fans do. But I’m also hoping that Reptile makes it too.


I don’t play him so I don’t care if Ryu is in Street Fighter. I don’t play him so I don’t care is Mario is in Smash Bros.

Or the kicker

I don’t play them so I don’t care if the X-Men are in Marvel vs. Capcom.


The game is a little over three months from release, so my feeling is that they’ll likely want to get a decent chunk of the roster out there so people have some clue as to what they’re preordering. Some I’ve seen on forums think they’ll show as many as 12 characters. I don’t know about all that…

I think I’d be relatively pleased if we got six characters (in addition to gameplay from Scorpion, Raiden and Shao Khan). My guesses are:

Liu Kang
Cassie Cage
New Fighter
New Fighter

Liu Kang and Kitana seem all but certain at this point, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if they put them out there because they’re iconic, but also to kind of get a few of the more obvious characters out of the way.

I think they’ll put Noob in here since he’s a fan favorite, a highly requested character, and one that they can show off some cool stuff with.

Johnny Cage seems to be heavily rumored because Boon tweeted out something like “Carlton confirmed” when someone asked him if Cage would be in the game. Thing is, Cassie’s real last name is Carlton, so it wouldn’t shock me if Boon was messing with people and was actually referring to Cassie.

They showed a fairly decent number of new characters during the MKX reveal, so if we’re going with the minimum number of six, then I think we’ll see two new characters.

You’re kinda reaching here. If we’re talking real lore about ninjas and monks, there are no super powers. They don’t exist. So you’re pretty much left with Mortal Kombat’s lore and in MK lore, most characters have super powers of some sort. Jax has an energy projectile and can fly across the screen with his fist out, Kano can defy gravity by spinning in a ball across the screen, Erron Black can slide for a fair amount of distance along the ground.

No matter the character, you’re going to run in to some sort of special move (or several special moves) that require some sort of super powers or gravity / logic defying abilities. That’s really just the way it is, regardless of which characters seem like they should have these types of abilities. Even Stryker, who’s supposed to be “the normal human” has moves that defy gravity / logic.

Thing is, you’re going to run in to this in just about every 2D fighting game. Dee Jay in Street Fighter seems normal, yet he can throw a projectile. Same with Guile. Look at virtually any fighting game and you’ll see moves that no normal human being, regardless of training, could be able to pull off. All characters in Virtua Fighter, one of the most normal, fighting style oriented games, can jump about 20 feet in the air.

Even in Killer Instinct, you have characters like Orchid, TJ Combo, Maya, etc who, in spite of their story, can still do things that no normal human being can do. They’re not monks or ninjas.

So if you really want to play and enjoy fighting games, it might be best not to get hung up on who should have special powers and who shouldn’t. You’re really only creating unrealistic expectations that will disappoint you.

So you liked the ninjas more when they were all just palette swaps? I mean, that’s fine if that’s your preference, but I’m assuming with the new gear system, you’ll likely be able to equip those kinds of costumes to the ninja-based characters, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Eh, I’d imagine that it’s harder than you think. Relighting the stages in KI, which on the surface seems far easier than weather, brightness, day/night, color, fog etc, was quite the project. Now you’re talking about adding in things that will do even more to the stages. I like the idea of having stages like how you’re describing, but I can’t imagine it’d be a relatively simple undertaking.

God yes. I’m trying to remember the last MK game that had a compelling soundtrack. MK2 maybe? MK3 had a good song here and there, like the church, for example. But as far as memorable soundtracks, I tend to prefer MK1 on the Genesis and MK2.

It’s kinda crazy, because when you read reviews of MK games dating back quite a ways, they always ding the games on the music, saying it’s unmemorable, background noise, you barely notice it, doesn’t add anything, etc. I know John Vogel’s been doing the music since the original MK game, but man… It’d be great if they got some new blood in there to at least help him.

I think moody and atmospheric music fits MK just fine, but there’s nothing compelling about the music in the last, I dunno, seven mainline entries. It’s all just kind of “there.” Hopefully they really make this a focus in MK11 and finally turn that weakness into a strength.

Mick would be amazing! I know he’s more known for the heavy guitar stuff, but I think he really knows how to capture the tone of a stage / character. Orchid’s music fits her perfectly, IMO. Same goes for Jago, Kan Ra, TJ Combo and none of them sound similar. They all have their own flavor and they all add a significant amount of adrenaline or excitement to the matches.

I’d love to see Mick come in and create music for each character or stage that really does a good job of capturing the tone and actually adds to the overall experience of fighting in this game, in that particular location. I’m kinda done with the atmospheric, non-descript music we’ve had in MK games for a long time now. As I said above, the music always comes out as a negative in reviews. It’d be great if they could turn that negative in to a positive.

Seems like Scorpion and Sub-Zero have introduced the last several MK games. I’ll be honest, it struck me as a bit odd that they didn’t have Sub-Zero in the reveal trailer. Maybe they just wanted to try something different, maybe they didn’t want to just keep kicking Sub-Zero’s ■■■ when they introduce a new game…

Or Maybe…

Maybe they’re holding him until the end? Maybe they’ve come up with some interesting stuff for him that changes him in some significant ways? I can’t imagine they’d leave him out. He’s the only character that’s appeared in every mainline MK title. They wouldn’t put him on the shelf for a game… Would they? No…

This is a little strange to me. Don’t the newer MK games have a lot more in the way of special moves, combo variety, etc than the 3D era games? Maybe I’m mistaken. But yeah, either way, MK:D did a lot right that MK:DA didn’t. I prefer the stages and overall atmosphere of Deadly Alliance, but Deception really improved a lot of areas where DA felt kinda light.

Absolutely! The more single player content, the better. I’m not overly in need of stuff like chess kombat, motor kombat or things like that, though I did enjoy them. But it’d be really nice to have a Shaolin Monks style brawler that kinda takes you through the story of what happens between MKX and MK11. I doubt they’ll do something like that, but I certainly wouldn’t mind it.

As for other single player content, it seems like a good bet that the bulk of our time will be taken up by the story mode as well as playing some type of mode that’s centered around unlocking gear and customizing characters, which sounds good to me.

I kinda hope they don’t do a ton of the time specific events though. I know it’s a way to keep the fanbase engaged, but I kinda don’t enjoy the appointment gaming aspect of it. I’d rather play when I want to play and unlock stuff that way, as opposed to being forced to play at a certain time on a certain day or whatever. I also hope the challenges aren’t geared toward forcing players to pay real money. We all know WB will find a way to get us to keep pumping money in to this game. They did it with Injustice 2 and loot boxes, so I’m curious what MK11’s money maker will be.

Either way, I’m looking forward to it. I just started playing MKX’s story mode again last night, and while the logical inconsistencies abound (Raiden couldn’t help for half of the story because he had to travel to other realms and returns to Bo Rai Cho all drained because he had to undo “Kano’s snare?” Huh…), I’m still having a lot of fun with it. Can’t wait to dive in to MK11’s story!


So… what is it this time? What’s the reason for this rather passive-aggressive response to me?
You can talk to me instead of doing this, you know.