Mortal Kombat 11


Liu Kang lol


Just about every character in the current MK cast/roster :slight_smile:


That Shao khan’s nude chest looks like it is over the uniform or it is a piece of a uniform itself . I think it was a bad idea on raiden in I2 and it turns down my design expectations for MK11. Also it is open for no reason. I mean he is dressed like a dinosaur and his chest is open and completely human. It is like we do not know what to do with that piece so we live it open. Maybe his backside pants will be open as well. :worried:


Shao Kahn has always had a “nude” chest with just some straps over it, to be fair.


Well, i am not an expert on MKs designs. It just hits bad on my eye and logic. And makes me sceptical about the potential of the designers in netherrealm studios. In which i doudt already from I2. I mean for example look at Sabrewulf in KI. His neutral posirion and movement, his accessories. They all depict a personality. They are not random parts of uniform. Then look at gorilla grodd. He is just a generic gorilla with random parts. Very poor. Look at shao khan. All these pieces refer to what. They do not even make a proper armor. Mostly they make you think that this guy forgot to wear all the parts of his armor. Imagine a medieval knight with only the upper part of his armor. Then look at raiden. Is that a god of thunder? They could make so much more on him. They could for example add parts that generate electricity like active clouds flying aroud him or metallic bars following him, changing position on his thoughts. Something different than this bad copy of the bad designs of the first MKs in which they were used only designs that could be fabricated for real people.


You don’t need to be an expert, just know about the themes the different characters are built around. That you’re not a fan of those themes are fair enough, but it’s something that’s not going to change.


That is what i am saying. The character designs do not support any theme. They are practically human uniforms imitating the first availables. What is Shao Khan’s theme? What is he? He looks like a generic bad guy and that is all.
He mostly looks like a guard dressed after his master’s bad tastes. He has a belt before his naked chest, as if he could have it on his head or he could be completely covered by belts for no reason. Completely random.
I dont know i think those guys are rushing to catch the deadlines, they make a bad game and before people realize that they make a new one. I think their policy is just curring always the label “new” on their product no matter the quality. And not only about the designs, but also about the characters’ moves, the disrespect on the characters(xrays, fatalities and all that splatter thing), the support they give to their games after launch, the way you acquire things inside the game. It is only being lucky or spending money.:neutral_face:


Your crazy…Shao Khan looks bad aasss this go around! SO far the newest SKin with the open chest and shoulder armor looks the best IMO.

** I never really liked Scorpion since the beginning of MK for some reason, but Im playing around with Scorpion tonight and I’m having a lot of fun! I still dont like the Hanzo Hasashi skin, but the rest with all the fire and demonic imagery has finally won me over!
I have EVERY skin in MKX as I worked my butt off for them in the first few months of the games release… only one I cant get is the Scorpion skin that comes with the Ultimate edition of the game with Scorpion statue. I wish I had that one to complete the game :frowning:


He is a warlord and a conquerer with a mix of Asian themes (Mongolian warlord, Japanese shogun) and old-school Heavy Metal posters (skull helmet and spikes on his armour), a powerful force who don’t really need a lot of armour as he is close to being immortal and invincible.

Why he has draconic features this time around is unknown, but people are speculating it might be because he’s somehow fused with Onaga, the Dragon King, or maybe somehow influenced by him. What the actual reason is, we don’t know yet.

Again, you might not be a fan of it, you might think MK is a bad game, it might not be for you. Fair enough. However, a lot of people DO like it. It’s one of the best selling fighting game franchises, and has been since MK9. So a lot of people disagree with you on this.

It doesn’t mean NRS games are perfect! People within the community voice their opinions about the things they don’t like, and all we can do is hope NRS are listening. Each game presents something new, keeping the stuff people like, but also improves upon the things that recurs with each game. It’s a growing franchise, and the fans know this.

The franchise was close to being shelved forever when Midway went bankrupt, but then WB swooped in and hired Ed Boon and the MK team, which in turn resulted in Netherrealm Studios who then created Mortal Kombat (9). And since then, it’s been growing to find out what its identity is, what the team wants the game to be, what is the new standard, etc.

But it just might not be for you. And that’s alright. No one is telling you to like MK or to go buy it. Instead you should focus on the things you do like and go have fun with that instead! We live in an age where fighting games have kinda been reborn as a genre. There are plenty to pick between, so if you like fighting games, find one that is to your liking and just enjoy it. :slight_smile:


I always enjoyed the character Viewer in mortal kombat X heck when we looked at Reptile one of things me and my bro always did was look at the scales to guess what animal the scales are based off of. It’s mostly a combination of various reptiles. Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards ect.

I can’t wait to see what they do with him in MK11. I’m also excited for that Event. Though I don’t expect them to reveal half the roster at the event even if the game is 3 to 4 months away.


I’m excited. Only 8 days left! :heart:


Still not sure if this Event will be streamed though.


It will, on their official twitch channel!


I am speaking as fighting game fun. I worry that because of MK is considered one of the best games, the whole FG family is going down. And because it has access to bigger audience, better games like KI disappear. MK9 happened because of SFIV. MKX because of KI. Only to suck the hype from these games. Netherrealm supports their game for one year every time. I have them all except I1. All the times i felt like i was stolen. I really hope MK11 does better than being a fast copy of I2. I hope it is a good game. I doubt it. Let’s see.


I love KI to death, but to say MKX happened because of KI is simply untrue. There’s no reason to think that was the case at all.

It sounds like you should probably just avoid MK. Never mind that I don’t understand how it’s a ripoff to only support the game for a year. Seems like every time I turn around people are pining for the days when games never had any updates or support at all. But whatever floats your boat man. I would definitely not be worried that MK was going to “bring down” other fighting games. That’s not really how it works.


To be honest, I have bought the last two MK games and all dlc but I still played them less than SFV, a game I do not particularly like. I guess I will buy the game to support it lol.


Mortal Kombat is not struggling when it comes to support, so you don’t have to buy it if you aren’t planning on playing it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it’s more like supporting my habit of collecting fighting games rather than supporting Ed B$$n :smile:


Hehe, fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair that’s been there since the beginning, since MK was designed to be a more brutal alternative to other fighters at the time. I honestly see no problem with MK’s characters tearing each other apart since that was the entire point of the series. It’s true modern MK has gone the route of other gorefests like Gears of War and Dead Space, but to say it’s disrespectful to their cast seems off since ultra-violence was a constant theme in the series over the decades.

Now if Street Fighter started letting characters like Akuma and Bison rip peoples’ heads off, then I could see your point on disrespect, since SF was never about that level of violence.

And speaking of which, the way you feel about MK is the exact same way a lot of people feel about Street Fighter. MK has never been terribly big outside of casual audiences but SF was and still is the face of fighting games, even at it’s absolute worst. Even when it’s failing SF still overshadows games (like KI, Guilty Gear, Tekken, etc.) and many other good games died off because they weren’t Street Fighter.

I understand MK was able to escape this fate and became of the big boys in terms of influence, but even to this day it still feels like a pittance compared to SF where it counts. Maybe it’s because I never saw MK on the level of other fighters (despite respecting the series over the years), but I never felt MK was “sucking the hype” from other games. Street Fighter on the other hand sucked a lot of attention from games I deeply felt were far superior to it.