Mortal Kombat 11


MK XL Top 8 from KIT 2019 (Starts at 5:55 )


Yeah I’d definitely like to see Noob and Sub resolve their conflict for better or worse; really hash things out. I also think Sareena should be involved in that somehow, as I think a Noob / Sareena story has long been in need of exploring in the main games.

I also really want to know what happened with Jade and that mysterious woman from her MK9 ending. Is Jade possessed? Does the shimmering woman have anything to do with the current plotline? I hope all of this gets explored more in MK11.

Also, what will happen with Takeda and Jaqui? I know some people hate love story type stuff in MK, but I liked these characters and how they played off of one another.

Another somewhat larger storyline… The revenants. I really think this needs to be resolved in some way. Will they side with Liu Kang and Kitana? Get free will now that Quan Chi is dead? They seem to be in kind of a weird place right now and I hope we get some sort of solution.

As for the main storyline, I really hope they use this time goddess as a means of bringing back some of the better original timeline stuff, losing some of the worse new timeline stuff, and ultimately finding a way around Armageddon and in to some sort of new story so we don’t feel like we’re replaying old events in a different way like Trilogy, Shinnok, perhaps Onaga, etc.

Lastly, I’d like to see some character development from the Kombat kids. Less of their parents hanging around them, less of the attitude / humor stuff and more of a realistic response to the situation.


those are interesting, and your right about throwing sareena in there. So to summarize mine.
Reptile finally finds someone who is saurian like him and helps him understand his situation.
Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot make amends.

I don’t expect Onaga to turn up because of the potential antagonist we have in this game. Surprisingley she would be the first female antagonist which is something MK hasn’t done before.


Full render of Shao Kahn as seen in the reveal trailer.


I new shao khan was not human but dang!. What is he anyway?


His true origins have never been revealed, however, in MK Deception during the Konquest mode, Damashi (the light that guides Shujinko) reveals that Shao Kahn was much like Raiden is to Earthrealm. So he could’ve been a protector god of Outworld once. Maybe he lost his godhood when he killed Onaga and took the throne for himself.

He’s never looked like that before though, so people speculate he might have fused with Onaga or something.


That design man… is a bit busy.

But looks ok.


Not sure what to think on that onaga fusion bit, sense he’s a downloadable character this inclusion isn’t canon sense he’s likely still dead in the current timeline.

But considering the different kind of design he has compared to the last render we might be getting something that may even satisfy both camps in the Reptile Fan base. But that’s just me.


Did he always have long black toenails?


What’s up with the Baraka arms?



We don’t know why he looks like that yet! :stuck_out_tongue:


He looks like that because the original “muscle man with shoulder pads and a helmet” isn’t going to cut it in 2019.


I mean…

… I would. :wink:




That said, his new design looks really cool. I’m a fan.
But with the gear system making it into MK11, people can most likely recreate his classic look. I mean, in the trailer we clearly see a classic Scorpion, and then there’s this render of Shao Kahn which shows him with his classic helmet:


You’re probably right. Hopefully they take the feedback and de-link the gear from character stats and powers.


Oh lords yes! No gear stats and no RNG loot boxes! As long it’s cosmetic only, I’m good. I love customisation, but Injustice 2 kinda ruined it.


Agreed! gear stats sucks! I cant stand playing EX on Inj2 and being fully outmatched by someone that paid to have their character to Full lvl 30 and they still use that character even though you pick a lvl 7 or 11 character. And then wont turn off stats.

We need fair and square EX with ability to have whatever gear you want and what ever moves you want and all stats are equal…hell there shouldnt be any “stats”. This is the characters health and defenses and thats that.


Here’s hoping they don’t have gear stats. If they do, I’m perma-using them and that will affect my personal rating for the game in it’s entirety.


Raiden render teaser: