Mortal Kombat 11


yeah i’m sure they would respect the character by making jade her own character,


To make matters worse, Tanya’s Dragon Naginata variation was a better Jade than Mournful Kitana ever was. Mournful didn’t have combos with the staff.

Honestly I’m at a loss on how to feel about the Custom Variations system, I’ll just have to wait to see how far they’re taking it. Hopefully it doesn’t undermine the game as a whole.


DOOM SLAYER FOR MK11! :sunglasses:


My personal wish now: Spawn, Doom Slayer, and Beavis and Butt-Head as guest characters in Mortal Kombat 11.


That video was a complete waste of time,13 minutes ill never get back…and doesn’t confirm a ■■■■ thing.


I hope if Jade returns, she will have some of Tanya’s naginata moves.


Only way to find out is to wait.


Yes, but of course :wink: :grin:


I just hope Reptile shows up soon. The other characters that are obscure that I’d like to see is Khameleon and Chameleon. If not then at least introduce a new saurian for the story.

I’m also wishing for the return of Baraka for his fans.


Wow, Mortal Kombat Online just unveiled on stream their new website that’s been rebuilt from the ground up and it’s live now and I must say, it’s pretty great!

Not sure if any of you ever posted there before but this was my go-to forum for MK dating back to Deception. Really glad they finally updated the site to the modern era. :smiley:


Cool! Ill check it out! I join the forum when MKX came out and I never got comfortable on their forum like we are here. It just didn’t feel the same nor did the members seem as friendly.


What if they finally did that idea they had for MK9 and did Neo from The Matrix



I really hope not. I wish we could finally go back to the MK9 way of doing things and just have a lot of pre-set characters. I’m sick of resources going to customization and not to a large unique roster.


Considering how far they worked they likely have the roster already. we just have to wait till they reveal it. Hopefully we have big enough roster reveal since the game will be out in about 4 months.


Maybe in MK12 the RPG-ification craze will die off and they’ll finally stop.


that may depend on how well received this will be. But who knows. I’ll buy this game if Reptile makes it in. since we don’t know the roster right now.


I don’t think Mortal Kombat as a franchise will ever go back to being another standard fighting game. It will most likely continue to have some sort of gimmick. It might change from game to game, with some of the more popular ones probably becoming the new standard which will appear in each game henceforth. These variation features could be something we’re going to see in every MK game from now on, just a bit different than what was shown in the previous installment.

I don’t mind customisation like this though, if it’s done properly. The stats on gear and the loot boxes in Injustice 2 were a case of it not being done well, but people liked the cosmetic part of it, so I would not be surprised if gear customisation in MK11 would be purely cosmetic. And then instead of choosing between a set of variations, we can now customise our own, within certain limits of course.

However, I’m sure each character starts out with a standard set of gear and moves you can just choose to use instead of taking part of the customisation should that not be your thing.

As for the roster size, we have no idea how many or who will be in it. People complained about the MKX roster, both being a bit small but also who they chose to return, so hopefully NRS have listened.


Hopefully that does not imply they wanted to prevent other characters from returning.


I remember picking out the characters I wanted to see return pre MKX and almost none did. I wanted (and still want)

Shang Tsing
Shao Kahn

Thankfully we did get a few. We got Tanya, Tremor and Bo’ Rai Cho. And Tri-Borg gave me a taste of my Cyborg overlord, but lacked Sektors cold insanity.