Mortal Kombat 11


My favourite characters are not part of the roster stables, so I’m forced to be rather flexible when it comes to maining characters in MK.

MKX pre-DLC had none of my faves, however, it did have Kitana and Mileena which I’ve always liked, so I at least had those to play. I also like Ermac, Kenshi and Reptile, but again, they’re not my go-to characters. However, I found a new favourite in Takeda who became my main until Tanya became DLC who then became my main, as she’s indeed one of my favourites. I also very much liked Smoke in MK9, so played Triborg’s Smoke variation a lot too… but I absolutely hate Triborg as a character and hope he will never return and forever be non-canon.

I don’t think Tanya will return, but Jade seems to have a high chance of being on the main roster of MK11, and since she’s my top fave, she’s definitely gonna be my main. ^^


I know It’s unlikely and I’ve brought it up before, but I can’t let it die. I really want an Everyone is Here situation. Even if we don’t get quite EVERYONE in base and have to pay for a few extra as DLC.

Also, Imagine if these were the DLC Guest Characters we got. Ash Williams, Micheal Myers, Spawn, The Joker, Neo, and DoomSlayer. With Shago/Orchid on Xbone, Sweet Tooth/Bloodborne Hunter on PS4, and Bayonetta/Somebody else on Switch.


Believe me I’d love an everyone is here too. That way everyone can get there favorites. I do still hope for reptile to return. But there’s other’s I’d like to see return is

1: Cyrax
2: Smoke
3: Baraka
4: Rain
5: Noob saibot
6: Jade
7: SIndel
8: Kabal


I always assumed Triborg is canon in that he’s intended to be Sektor’s new body, which Sektor will assimilate and transform like Bison does in Street Fighter. I mean, the old MKXL reveal trailer had Triborg stealing Sektor’s head from the Lin Kuei temple, and he already acts like Sektor, so it makes sense that Sektors nanomachines would take over and become a more evolved version of Sektor (and the other cyborgs become separate bodies like in Triborg’s arcade ending). MK did similar things to bring characters back in older games, so I wouldn’t put it past them to do this.

Hsu Hao, Mavado, and Kintaro were all killed off in the MKX comics. Also one of Erron Black’s intros implies he killed Kobra. In the past they’ve also expressed dislike of certain characters like Hsu Hao, and rather than remake them like Tremor they killed them off instead.

Of course, the concept of alternate timelines in MK11 allow them to bring anyone back (even Zombie Liu Kang if they wanted) so maybe we’ll get some surprises.

Oh I just remembered something bad, but what if the Switch exclusive character is Khameleon, because every other appearance she had was exclusively on a Nintendo system (N64 MK Trilogy, Wii MK Armageddon)? The worst part is that unlike male Chameleon she actually had a proper story about wanting to bring back the Saurians. I really hope if she comes back she isn’t exclusive again, she has so much potential to be interesting and making her only on one system would be a colossal waste IMO.


He isn’t. ^^
Not unless NRS confirms him to be, and they haven’t. He was just a means to an end, to use the variation system in MKX to make all the cyber ninjas playable. That’s all.


Oh, and this was tweeted but later deleted again:

We might have a new trailer coming soon.



you didn’t have to blur it. granted I never cared for the 3 characters you mentioned either. But this timeline does mean that characters like milleena and baraka have a stronger chance of returning despite being killed.


In other forums over the years I’ve seen people get violent when they saw anything that remotely looked like a spoiler. So as far as I’m concerned: Yes, I did have to.

All of the characters that got killed off could have been remade into something far more meaningful, just like Tremor was (and prior to MKX, he was also nothing worth caring about IMO). Instead they kill them just to show off the characters everyone likes (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, etc.). But maybe that can change because of the new timelines in this game’s story.

And speaking of which, it’s a good thing timelines are now a thing since Sektor would otherwise not be playable again (he’s just a severed head in the Lin Kuei Temple now, if Triborg isn’t canon).


Well of course you can make characters better. Heck every character has the potential to be written good or poorly. Heck even Scorpion and Sub-Zero have a chance of having bad writing/


@CausingThought6 Out of curiousity, did you like MK Armageddon? Did you think it was a good game that played well?

A big hang-up NRS has mentioned in getting other characters in MK has always been that the owners of said property have to be ok with him/her getting killed and/mutilated in horrible ways (or dealing death in the same way). With the new grotesque and over-the-top nature of modern fatalities, I imagine that difficulty has only increased. Neo isn’t going to be shoving someone’s own spine and ribcage down their throat, and Sega isn’t about to let Bayonetta be hoisted by her own entrails.

Thank you for your caution. I hate it when people casually spoil even minor plot points.


I’ve never played Armageddon. I know people don’t like it. That’s why I want to see them do the idea again. So they can do it right.

I don’t actually want Neo. I just remembered them talking about it so I thought I’d float the idea again. Plus he’s owned by Warner Bros so they wouldn’t have to pay a license fee.

As for Bayonetta, I’ve never gotten a game over sense I play it on easy, but judging by what she does to the enemies in the game… I think it would be bizzare if SEGA weren’t okay with it.


@JEFFRON27 and I both share the same sentiment.


Well, 2 things to note.

  1. Nintendo owns her nowadays, SEGA only has the rights to re-release the first game at this point.

  2. Spoilers for Bayo 3 teaser trailer: That trailer clearly implies she gets cleaved in two after a fight she was clearly losing.

I’m not saying Nintendo will just allow it one and done, but considering how they are recently allowing games they would outright refuse on their platform in the past, anything is possible now.

Just imagine everything good about Deadly Alliance and Deception being thrown out the window, and that’s Armageddon in a nutshell. I do agree a good version of the idea would be great, but I have no problem with MK11 existing instead.

Also I’m sure the Neo jokes was because of Kenshi, they even made another joke in MKX (Cassie calls Kenshi Keanu in one of her intros).


The new teaser has some snowflakes which do not exist in the original one,so maybe you can change the weather or the time at the stages.


Implication isn’t something Mortal Kombat is known for. I’d put money on Nintendo not allowing their Smash guest character to appear in another game where she gets decapitated and harpooned through her eyes.


Explain the SEGA copyright at the end of the Bayonetta 3 teaser. With no mention of Nintendo at all in the rights section. Trust me. I trace copyright the way people trace genealogy. It’s kind of my thing.

Nintendo definitely has a steak in her IP, but she’s not first party. She’s kind of in between 2nd and 3rd party.

Like I said, I think it would be bizarre, and almost hypocritical, if they didn’t allow it. You’re entitled to your opinion and I mine. And I’m certain neither of us know the exact circumstances potentially surrounding this issue. I hope I’m right. No hard feelings. :blush:


None at all. I don’t actually care, and accordingly don’t have any attachment to the ultimate decision that gets made. More just that I always think it’s good to manage expectations. People often get super invested in these things, and then get all salty when their preferred cast isn’t the one that actually ships with the game. If you want her then more power to you and I hope she gets in, but she’s an exceptionally long shot in my opinion -shrug-


Nintendo is apparently allowing certain games uncensored now, something that never happened prior to 2018. I’m not saying you are wrong, but Nintendo is clearly changing in ways I would never have expected in a million years. I mean, they are allowing DOA Extreme 3: Scarlet on Switch, a re-release that is confirmed to be censored on PS4 (yes I know it’s a JP-only title, but it still shows their new sense of willingness).

I was referring to the fact that both Bayo sequels are 100% exclusive to Nintendo systems, they may as well own her at this rate. There’s a reason an ocean of salt was created by the community when they heard Nintendo acquired the IP, since it meant the sequels would never be on a non-Nintendo system.

Also it did mention “exclusively on Nintendo Switch” at the end of the teaser, which is enough to set people off on the theory that they basically have her for good.


Bayonetta’s rights are complicated, and I doubt any decision can be made reguarding her without Nintendo. But I’m fairly certain that SEGA has ultimate control over creative decisions and marketing. End of the day, she’s a SEGA Character with a game series that exclusively releases on Nintendo platforms.


I thought Bayonetta was a Platinum Games character…