Mortal Kombat 11


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Okay assuming you guys got that out of your systems I think we should move on to other things on MK 11. If not you guys will need to settle it on private messages.

anyway, does anyone have any personal wishes for MK11?


I want a huge roster. Like 50+ characters. Maybe even an “Everyone is here” type thing. I think it would be a fun developer challenge to make some of the bad characters from the past into cool fighters. The time travel story would definatley enable it. I also hope it catches the narrative up to where the previous series ended so we can move past the Armageddon Pyramid and have some completely new story beats.

I also hope we get some sort of redemption arc for Liu Kang and Raiden. I don’t like how the story is going so far, to much of a downer.

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But Mario’s just a salt-of-the-earth everyman trying to save his lady from her suspiciously repetitive abductions. His murder of hundreds or thousands of goombas and koopas in the process is merely incidental :cry:

In terms of MK11, I’d like low normals that don’t look insanely jank. For some reason the trailer also rubbed me the wrong way for the slow-mo blood spurts. It’s pretty clear (and I’m happy to do a mea culpa if it turns out I’m wrong) that’s going to be the evolution of the x-ray system, but for some reason I found it gross. MK violence has never really bothered me before, but for some reason the violence in the MK11 trailer turned me off. I dunno, maybe I’m becoming prudish in my old age. :man_shrugging:t5:


I found 9 a bit unsettling and x gross. It’s not the crazy “hey look a spine!” or weird sausage giblets of the old days. We’ve crossed into a place where it’s realistic enough to be jarring.

I don’t know if the blood spurts are worse or better for me than all the bone breaking of the last one. But it seems pretty clear it will be replacing the X Ray mechanic.


That comes with the perks of new tech. X-rays are gone ay? whelp the x-rays were fun while they lasted.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention another thing that I hope they do but I don’t think they will.


This is partially why zoning is so strong at times. Since projectiles don’t stop each other, zoning is always a one-sided fight where people can throw them out with little risk and the one closing in’s options are only so limited. If projectiles collided, then MK could have a proper fireball game where someone would have to close in eventually to stop the other from beating out their projectiles.

Either this or give characters better options to deal with projectiles in the first place. On a casual level, those gun characters like Jacqui, Deathstroke and Deadshot were the ones everybody complained about because of their guns. At a higher level, the most people were able to do was simply walk them down only to be pushed back again from an enhanced version of a gun shot and start all over. If the games allowed for better ways to defend against stuff like this, it shouldn’t be this much of a problem. I’m aware that Injustice 2 had their little roll mechanic, but if zoning was still seen as an issue even with it, then there’s room for improvement.

But again, I don’t think they’ll do this and I can accept that people are probably use to it already so they don’t feel the need to change it. It’s just one of those things that I don’t like about NRS games.

PS. Those gun characters might still be kinda cheap though even with projectile colliding considering how fast guns are. lol


Yeah, definitely not going to happen. Projectiles not colliding is as endemic to MK as projectiles colliding is to Street Fighter. It’s a core design concept at this point. -shrug-


That’s what I was thinking too. I just can’t accept that in my own mind lol


I agree they are very unlikely to implement projectile collisions.

Zoning in NRS games has always been kind of a problem. It’s somehow even more “lame” than zoning in other games and I’m not entirely sure why. But it’s been an effective strategy in every MK game. In the recent games it’s worse because the firearm based projectiles are so fast if you want to avoid them you have to anticipate or respond to the early animation. You can’t hope to react to the projectile itself. So that makes it feel bad.

Some characters (Sub Zero) have great tools for dealing with this while others just don’t.


NRS projectiles tend to be both faster, cover more space (think Erron Black trick shots), and more damaging than projectiles in most other fighters. On top of that they’re non-destructible, and then as the final cherry meter can often be used to negate recovery and send out another projectile that punishes you for navigating around the initial beam/bullet/whatever.

Think about how many other fighting games even have hitscan projectiles. They’re not very common across the industry, but in Injustice I can think of 3 off the top of my head. Lame play is so much more lame in NRS games because the tools to zone are so much stronger, and the tradeoff for when you finally get in a lot of times isn’t really especially high. Fate can zone you to kingdom come, but the SOB also has a metered reversal he can rely on the instant you get in. :sweat_smile:


I hope Xrays are replaced with the more realistic outside view. yes the bone / leg breaks i half but you see it from the outside and not the inside xray point of view.
Thats what i prefer… more realism.


hmmm I liked the X-rays. It gets a better reaction out of people when you here them go “ooohhhh that looked like it hurt”

I remembered the first time I saw it too.


For whatever it’s worth, I’m not really a fan of huge, open world sandboxes. I honestly get bored of them rather quickly. I played Metal Gear Solid V until I beat it, but it was probably my least favorite game in the series because so much of it was just traveling to different places and doing largely the same things, though I suppose some might argue that’s how it is in the whole series lol.

But yeah, my favorite genres tend to be fighting games and turn-based JRPGs. You don’t see a ton of the latter anymore, even if games like Octopath have shown that there’s a market for turn-based JRPGs that most companies are simply ignoring. I played about 15-20 hours of Final Fantasy XV and found it to be a dull slog. Maybe the story got good at some point, but way too many design decisions that turned me away.

It sucks, but that’s just kinda how games are now. You grow up liking certain things and whether it’s nostalgia or preference or a combination of the two, it still sucks when the industry moves away from stuff you really enjoy and in directions that aren’t really to your liking. I mean, I’m terrible at shooters and haven’t really liked one since the original Halo, but those are obviously among the most prevalent, or at least it feels that way lol.

I played GTA V for several hours until I realized I had just spent 2 hours playing tennis in the game and had no real interest in the story or traveling around that world. All of this is just a long way of saying you’re not alone in this regard. We all have things that we want that we don’t get and we all probably wish that certain things were more popular or less popular, but like Andy said, the industry is big enough right now that we can all find some of what we’re looking for if we look hard enough.

I wouldn’t want an Armageddon situation as the reason why there are so many characters, but I’d certainly take a roster of 50 over a roster of 30 or so and everyone has multiple variations like in MKX. Obviously that’s not the choice NRS made in that game, but I suppose in terms of man-hours, or something along those lines, I would’ve preferred more characters than variations.

Agree 100%. I think there are actually a bunch of characters that have design elements in them that could be expanded upon; characters that have a lot of potential, but were held back by prior limitations or design choices in other aspects of what made them.

Fujin looks awesome now, but his move set was never all that inspiring. I think they could do some cool wind-based stuff now and I think he’d make a great foil for Raiden in the story as a sort of new protector of Earth (that’s not ■■■■■■■ crazy lol).

Sareena’s another one that always seemed to fit well story-wise with multiple characters, and while I dug her cameo in MKX’s story, I’d really like to see them give her a real chance and a vastly improved moveset over her generic Armageddon iteration. She’s apparently part demon, if I’m not mistaken. I think there’s tons of potential there in terms of gameplay. Perhaps MK gets its first shape shifting character?

Others I’d put on that list for various reasons, whether it be their look, their movelist, their story or whatever include Kai, Mavado, Kira, Nitara, Skarlet, Drahmin, Ashrah and I’m sure there are others that people would put on that list as well. I think there are a bunch of characters that maybe didn’t reach their fullest potential that NRS could take and apply their magic too and I’d love to see that.

Really? That’s interesting. I honestly found what I saw in the trailer to be more of a relief than anything else. I’m kinda tired of seeing the internal view and realistic looking organs getting crushed and all that stuff, though I’m sure we’ll get all of that in fatalities, I guess. MK was always brutal, but I guess I never really saw it as gross until the X-rays. I mean, MK’s always had blood, so seeing a geyser of it when Scorpion stabbed Raiden in the head didn’t bother me much.

Yeah, that’s kinda where I’m at too. I’ve always enjoyed this series, but maybe the violence in the old games never bothered me because of the graphical limitations. Now, seeing these multi-step murders in high detail, I dunno… It’s probably the aspect that I enjoy about MK games the least. I love the characters, the crazy story, the overall aesthetic and all that, but I guess I don’t need to see crushed livers and eyes gouged out etc. The gore wasn’t a selling point for me in 1992 and it’s definitely not now.

But hey, if they think people want and expect that stuff, and I have every reason to believe they received that message loud and clear from their fanbase, then that’s fine. I’ll still enjoy the game in spite of that stuff, no big deal.


yeah but the new version look even more brutal as it looks real…you see the leg break in half, their chest cave in, their fingers break ■■■■ near off with ligaments showing. IMO…thats more of a whoooaa looks like it hurts moment."


eh everyone has their preference. But who knows, my opinion will change once I see more of it.


Though not specifically MK11 content, Luiz Mictian has posted his newest Kitana comic:


Steam info:

So the “battle packs” appear to be the gear and skins… I wonder if the skins are like the premier skins from Injustice 2.


Maybe. But how would that work in Mortal Kombat? Turn Liu Kang into Kai? Turn Kano into Jarek? Shao Kahn into Reiko?


Someone on TYM made the theory that it could be alternate skins for a character which wouldn’t be obtainable through gear, such as a Human Cyrax/Sektor, Cyber Sub-Zero/Smoke, Human Bi-Han/Reptile, stuff like that.

If they’re premier skins, I would prefer if they were of characters who weren’t going to make it into the game anyways, but are just a fun little inclusion… like a Mokap skin for Johnny Cage or a Hornbuckle skin for Liu Kang, stuff like that.

But yeah, if they gave, say, a Jade skin for Kitana and called it a day, I’d get pretty sour. I abhorred Kitana’s Mournful variation for the same reaso


I’ll probably preorder it with my Christmas money. :smiley: