Mortal Kombat 11


It seems a lot of talk about MK vs IJ. There are things that I don’t like about both of those games design-wise that I hope they DO NOT repeat.

This is probably going to sound extremely nit-picky, fair warning. It’s basically a “What I don’t like about NRS games list” lol.

  • Mortal Kombat
    I hated how there were so many 50/50 overhead/low strings. I get that this is how offense would work since the game has a block button but it was annoying to have to just guess after a restand (■■■■ restands). These overheads/lows shouldn’t happen in the middle of strings either. Not at the speed NRS wants them to go.

Oh and this might just be me, but the characters in MK don’t really FEEL different for the most part. I’m sure there are characters they play very unique compared to the roster but it feels to me like the game plan for the majority of the cast. Injustice I feel doesn’t have this problem because every character has those traits that give them unique moves and properties. Not to mention that they actually do play very differently as a whole.

  • Injustice
    Why are the wakeup moves either safe or you can meter burn it to make it safe? I admit to never really labbing out an optimal way to punish these moves but it just felt wrong to not be able to simply block and punish.

I might as well talk about the gear system while I’m at it since it’s essentially gonna be in MK11 too. I don’t really mind it and I still feel that it can stay, but I don’t think people can keep talking about it as something important. Sure you can take the casuals into account, but the most important people are going to be the ones showcasing the game at a high level and I don’t think they’ll be allowed to do that with whatever custom moves they made. It’s the same thing with Smash, and they didn’t even bring them back for Ultimate.

  • Both
    Special-cancelling really needs to be more lenient. You know how some people mention how doing combos is like inputting a code? This is how I actually feel about NRS games with how fast I have to input it.

Also, the control scheme. I tried playing these games on stick multiple times, and clearly these games were not designed with arcade sticks in mind. The problem is that there’s too many buttons and two of those buttons have to be organized a certain way just so I can get a Super. I end up having to use a controller that hurts my thumbs when I try to do Specials in a combo.

I think you should take another look.

There are also some other things about MK vs DC that I’m glad didn’t come back as well.

For starters, I’m glad they didn’t keep the throws the way it was. Making throws, of all things, Rock Paper Scissors was not a good idea IMO. Stage transitions are one thing, throws are another. It’s nice to see they took some mind game scenario from it though in the form of Clashes.

I’m also happy to see that RAGE was scrapped entirely. Having a comeback mechanic that gave you not only a major power buff, but armor for the whole duration is too much. I wouldn’t mind a universal comeback mechanic at this point since most games have one now, but that’s going too far.

Ok… I’m done.


Didn’t MKX tone down the 50/50s later in its lifespan due to player feedback?


Yeah wow, line for line, I agree with all of this 100%. Great post!

I could see MK vs INJ happening, but I’m honestly not sure they’d be able to find a way to bring the best of both worlds to a single game. Stuff will get sacrificed. Granted, I think it’d turn out a LOT better than MK vs DC did, as both series are of much higher quality IMO, but I think it’s probably best to keep them separate.

When it comes to customization in MK11, I’ve heard what you’ve heard and to me, that sounds awesome. I really hope they’re not going with a gear style system that affects gameplay and it sounds like they’re not. Definitely glad about that. Seems like there might wind up being a lot of aesthetic options, which sounds nice. I’ll take that over a few outfit packs, especially when some characters got a ton and some kinda got left out in the cold.

I love the idea of customizing move sets though. If that’s their big change for this game, then count me in. Well, depending on how it’s handled, I suppose. Probably shouldn’t jump all over it before knowing more. But if you have, I dunno, three or four slots to fill (on top of some mandatory moves) and a bunch of moves to choose from, that sounds great to me. If it’s more than four, I’m down with that, if it’s only a few, that’s fine too.


I agree…if you dont know the combo string…you can barely block it on reaction. I hate how Lui kang and Sub zero have 1 button mash string with ows in it that people spam on your wake up. Once you memorize it you can block it, but then the switch it up with an overhead and your screwed. Its frustrating.


I actually bought MK vs DCU at least twice (maybe three times) because I kept wanting to like it but never really could. Like all the 3D era NRS games, it had some innovative ideas and fun moments but I think it’s a stretch to say it was “good.” It wasn’t terrible either but the online was trash and the mechanics weren’t what I would call polished.

As far as a crossover between Injustice and MK, arguably we already have this - albeit with only one direction where MK characters show up in Injustice. But Scorpion, Sub Zero and Raiden have all made it into Injustice. And I think this is where they should leave it. A full fledged 50/50 roster crossup will just serve to highlight how much NRS uses template MK characters to fill in the Injustice roster and is there really anyone who’s just dying to see how Sindel matches up against Gorilla Grod?

I really think both series are in a good place right now. After MK11 and Injustice 3 it might be fine to re-evaluate but right now they have plenty of space left to grow both games without resorting to a cross over and I don’t think people would be happy with that game even if they like the idea in theory.


I confess that I just don’t get the excitement behind this idea. I like to watch NRS games, but I’ll pass on playing them, and in any case the two games have wildly different core design philosophies. Number of buttons, block button versus B2B, the entire combo construction of Killer Instinct versus dial-a-combo…the two just don’t play similarly, and KI’s constant two-way interaction philosophy is pretty unique among fighters. Tekken 7 has shown that you can merge disparate systems into a FG in a way that works, but I just genuinely don’t see it working particularly well for the two games in question.

Lol. Were you selling it each time it didn’t work out or something?


I dont really think it would happen…ijust mean Id like to see Ki in anything…better than nothing ya know? Ut MK is fun man…you just have to really give it time and a chance. I can play MKX story mode all day! Playing now actually! MK9 story mode is great too!



Resorting? Your acting like making a crossover (assuming it’s good, which is a gamble with ANY game) is some unforgivable low. I am DIEING to have another crossover between these games. Full fledged. I don’t care it it doesn’t “advance the series” in any way. I just think it would be cool. And I think a lot of other people would to is it’s marketed correctly, especially sense there are very few fans of one who aren’t fans of both.

Point is, we know that MK characters work in an Injustice setting. It’s the proper way to do these characters with a T rating. They even could include a finisher system if they wanted, but instead of making them super gorey, you make them super cool. Like Super Moves. I just think it’s finally time for this to happen. Sure. If I HAVE to I’ll wait till after we cycle between MK11 and Injustice 3. But I really don’t want to. I thought that now was the perfect time to do it, but then they announced MK11. Ok. I guess I’ll be excited for it. But I was really hoping we’d get something different.

Honestly, I thought that the next game they’d do would be that Slasher movie Fighter we’ve been asking for. It would allow them to continue on with MK’s gameplay while giving the story and characters a bit more time to rest. Then they do Injustice vs. Mortal Kombat for similar reasons. Waiting that extra bit longer would make the return of a full fledged MK game all the more awesome. But, whatever. They decided to do what they did.

I can’t believe I’m actually slightly bummed at this game’s existence. I mean, we get to play as Shao f**king Kahn! And the time travel plot means that ANYONE can come back and the story isn’t going to go where everybody thought it would.

But then I think about what could shave been and how they’re STILL on this customization kick (pretty soon there are gonna be NO preset fighters and you’ll just make your own roster because “creating characters is FUN” :unamused:). Uhg. Why must this dev team constantly take one step forward and two steps back.

Wow. My tone did so much of a 180 I left skid marks on the website.



I’m not actually sure that I know this. If you line up all the Injustice 2 characters and say “pick out two that don’t belong” I’m pretty sure you will get a high percentage of people picking sub zero and Raiden.

Pretty much. The point of a cross over is to borrow the hype from one franchise to another by combining their two fanbases. To be honest, Injustice already accomplished this all by itself by being an NRS fighting game with DC characters.

Fighting game crossovers started as a way to make “new” games without spending money drawing new sprites. You can decide that crossover fighting games are the highest form of art if you want to, but it’s always been a way of generating sales for franchises that weren’t selling well. And they generally don’t sell well. People act like MvCi was a flop, but none of the MvC games ever put up good sales numbers. Neither did MK vs DCU.

So yeah, I don’t see any reason NRS or WB would want to take two franchises cooking along just fine and mash them in together - ensuring fans of neither are happy with the result.


Whatever killjoy. I want it. You don’t. Don’t try to kill other people’s fun. I love crossovers.

I don’t understand why you think that fans of neither would be happy with the result. As I’ve said before, if you’re a fan of one you’re most likely a fan of the other. At least that’s been my experience talking to people.

You’re opinion is like, the ultimate evolution of being anti-guest character.


If you think I’m the one standing between you and an Injustice MK crossover I don’t know what to say to you.

You do this all the time. You offer your opinion. Other people offer their opinion. You don’t agree and come back and say “why are you being so negative?!?” I’m not being negative I’m sharing my opinion on this forum. Which is what a forum is for. I’m (still) not going to apologize because my opinion is different from yours.

I promise you the next time I see my close personal friend and confidant Ed Boon I won’t lobby him not to make an MK Injustice crossover.


Oh come on, attack the argument, not the person. No need to get offended just because someone has a different opinion.

I’m a fan of Batman and his universe. The rest of DC does almost nothing for me. There are some cool character designs in there, but if I had the choice between a new MK or a new Injustice game, I’d take MK 10 times out of 10. If the choice where MK or an MK / DC crossover, I’d also take MK 10 times out of 10.

Granted, when it comes to MvC, I’m more interested in that because for one thing, it’s the only way I’ll ever get Darkstalkers characters, but also because while I like SF, I don’t love it, same goes with most Marvel characters. So seeing all the good ones from these series in one game is fun. I don’t really have that issue with MK since I like that series a lot more and like most of the DC non-Batman characters a lot less.

But that’s just me. If you want to see another MK / DC game, you’re more than entitled to that opinion.


When I share why I don’t like something or why I want something I’m endlessly told why I’m wrong. I’m just trying to do the same.

You can say you don’t like the idea. But you don’t have to sound like a jerk. And I don’t care if you didn’t mean that when you wrote it. Because you can’t have gone of voice when texting you have to inject that in yourself. Either through emoji or choice of language. You can guess how that works. You’re choice of language made me read it as you being negative and condescending.

And once again I’ll never get my dream game because nobody else wants it. Or more accurately, everybody wants the opposite. :pensive:

But feel free to not care because apparently I’m a huge ■■■■■■■. :angry:


Im literally eating popcorn…enjoying the forums light back up if only for an hour or so LOL
I missed these type conversations the last few months!


I know I miss the orchid & Kim Wu fights lol


Andy’s kind of a jerk. It’s like 23% of his charm. [Note: this figure was scientifically ascertained and proven to be accurate within -23/+77%]

It’s ok. I’m kind of a jerk too :grimacing::+1:t5:


I never said you’re an ■■■■■■■. It’s totally fine if you want something that I don’t. We don’t have to agree on everything. It’s not like I haven’t agreed with you before on other stuff. You’re stating your opinion and I’m stating mine. No harm no foul. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I don’t think a few people having a conversation on a KI forum would do anything whatsoever to negate your ability to get something that NRS makes. Again, we’re all just talking here. No problem.


It’s not just the people here. The entire gaming community seams to want different things than I do. Everyone wants huge expansive sandbox worlds where you make your own character and level up and combat is more about strategy than power. So no more linear hack-n-slashes or beat em ups. No more linear 3D platformers without having to pay that smug plumber. No more Banjo-Kazooie (literally the only “open” game I like). No more fighting games with huge rosters of preset characters. Why would you need to when everyone just wants to MAKE THEIR OWN! :triumph: I know the gaming industry isn’t meant to cater to just me. But there have to be other people who don’t like this direction either and are just as disappointed. I’d start my own studio to try to supplement the market, but I have no friends and no money. Which means i’d have no employees. So no studio for me.


Actually, there always seemed to be issues when they were included.

When Scorpion was put into the game, his teleport was way too good. Seeing how the game had you hold back to block, Scorpion’s teleport way faster than in MK9 and people couldn’t react in time to block the other way.

I can’t really say too much about the Injustice 2 characters, but I hear that Sub Zero had a hard time opening people up so he was largely considered a lower tier character. Not sure about Raiden in terms of gameplay. There was a rumor that he was put in place of Static, and I think the majority seemed to prefer Static over Raiden.


We’re getting pretty off topic here, and I don’t want to kick you when you’re down but it seems like you’re having a bit of a melt down. For what it’s worth, it’s very rare for me to enjoy an “open world” game. And when I do it’s typically despite the fact that it’s open world rather than because of it. I have drifted away from platformers, although I have to say super Mario Odyssey is a beautiful and brilliantly fun game.

The good news for you is that we live in an era of gaming where the market has never been more accessible and I actually think you can find the games you are looking for if you are willing to be open minded about it.

Dragons Crown has what I think is a brilliant hack and slash model that is compelling and fun. If you can put up with the sexist art it’s great fun with lots of replay ability. I don’t know why Some other developer has not copied this model yet. Yuka Laylee got mixed reviews but it’s a platformer from the Banjo people. Devil May Cry 5 looks to be a strictly linear action game.