Mortal Kombat 11


Did Kitana just do Red Hood’s super?


I’m behind on the stream. You talking about D’Vorah?


No, Kitana. Her Fatal Blow.


Kitana looks AMAZING!!!


Man, I’m REALLY liking what they’ve done with Kitana and D’vorah! That bug drop teleport in to the cocooning the opponent is both an awesome looking move and a really creative idea for the bug lady. I also love the bug fighting after she dies. They did some really fun things with her.

Kitana also has a lot of great stuff in there. I’ll be curious to see what the sai stance means for Mileena. Everyone assumed she was a hidden character because of one of the leaks, but in MKX, Erron Black having a tarkatan blade when Baraka was missing and Kitana having her mournful stance for a missing Jade… Now we have Erron Black throwing Reptile’s acid and Kitana using Mileena’s sai… I’m just sayin. :open_mouth:

But yeah, her coming in on the throne, her outfits, her combos, that sweet teleport behind / slice move… They changed a lot with her while still making her feel familiar and like Kitana should and that’s no small feat.

As for Cetrion… I dunno. There’s some stuff that I like. The floating laser, her awesome fatal blow, her spinning fire twirling move, the mini-tornado… But she doesn’t seem like much of a combo character at all. I’m also kinda sad that she has so many wind-based moves and what that could mean for Fujin, who now doesn’t even seem like he’ll have much of a shot for DLC.

There’s definitely some cool stuff in there though, and some stuff I’m sure we haven’t seen yet, so I’m not judging Cetrion just yet. I should say too though that I like the character. I’m just not as sold on her moveset yet and the Tremor projectiles.

Kollector though… He could easily wind up being a main for me. Love pretty much everything about that creepy six armed tax collector lol. If I had to run through my favorites right now, just based on what we’ve seen of their looks and move lists, I’d probably order them this way:

Kung Lao
Johnny Cage
Liu Kang
Kotal Khan
Erron Black
Sub Zero

A few characters in there way higher and way lower than I would’ve guessed, as I’m a big fan of Baraka and Erron Black while I honestly wanted Johnny Cage and Kung Lao to sit this one out before lol. Either way, I’m hyped for all of these characters and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game!


I think I’m in love with Kitana LOL.

She looks so cool and interesting. I like the Mileena variation move she had. Her Fatal blow is up there with Jacqui with best in the game. I may have found my characters then. Now it looks like I’ll worry who I want to play more :joy:

I dabbled with Kitana in MKX and I enjoyed her because I liked her juggle potential (you know me with juggles lol) so maybe I’ll have a great time with her in MK11.


I only watched the reveal trailer not the Kombat Kast but I am not seeing the love for Kitana. Her moves look great but her outfit looks like a Jane Fonda workout video from the 80’s to me. I prefer her MK X outfit.

D’vorrah seems to have doubled down on gross, which is cool. Her moves look neat as well.


I cannot unsee this :joy:

Good thing we have Gear to change looks.


Idea. Cloud Strife. Injustice. What do you think?


:heartpulse::heartpulse:love Cetrions altenate costume!!!

Kitana looks her best yet in her intro and win poses.
I don’t care for the revenant costume but glad she has the human variation!

I love the of Psylocke mvc2 influence Kochou gakure

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D’Vorah is sickening on all accounts :trophy::trophy:

Also- that D’vorah STAGE :exploding_head:


That’d probably be the only character that I play. Don’t really see the connection though.


There really isn’t a connection. I just can’t help but feel he’d function perfectly in that game. Just this, strong gut feeling.


I just went ahead and bought the Kollectors edition! It was sold out immeditely when the game/ preorder was announed last December? Anyways… it just popped back up on the game stop site last week as online only. So you cant order in store or ship to store…but you can order to ship to your home and it arrive on the 23rd.
Season pass- skins, DLC ect…
Gold MK dragon magnet
Deluxe life size Scorpion mask

Also in store if you preordered the game you get an MK lunch box and cheap Scorpion next wrap/ mouth mask. But… they are extremley limited quantitties so everyone will not get one in store. Each store will probably do it different depending on how many people preorder and how mant each store receives. They say they may only get 3-5 peices so they will hold a drawing on your reciept or give them to the winners of a tournament if your store holds a tournamnet. Unfortunatley Game stop cant do any Mrated game tournament during store hours so if your game stop decides to stay past 9pm to hold the release and tournament you can play MKX or 9 or whatever. But mine…is using friggin Sega genisis MK1 so we can do it beofre 9pm…LAME!!! I was so ready to whoop everyone in MKX and win whatever they are giving out. I cant even practice MK1 LOL
Looks like about 70 ppl preordered at my local store and we have 4 stores in our town! Thats alot for 1 store. Looks like they wont be giving out 70 lunch boxes and 70 masks…no way.


Pretty sure SE doesn’t want to give people false hope that the FF7 Reboot is coming out within our lifetimes. That’s probably why we got 2B and Noctis instead of Cloud and Tifa in SC6 and Tekken 7.

On the topic of MK11:

Kitana is Kitana so no comments there, though I do find it odd she has Mileena’s Sais now. I thought she hated her. And D’Vorah has Batgirl’s teleport now? There goes the meta I guess. IJ1 jokes aside though she looks great, and the bug mode they showed in the trailer was interesting (like a side-scrolling shooter almost). Also this is one of Kitana’s best fatalities, and D’Vorah has one of the best fatalities in the game at this point (unless they surprise us with Shao Khan or other future characters).

Disappointed they didn’t show Frost, but with Shao Khan being day 1 DLC maybe they’ll show both characters at the next stream.


Pretty sure that doesn’t have anything to do with it. I think Harada and Project Soul just wanted Noctis and 2B.

But back to Mortal Kombat.

Still not digging D’Vorah. Just, not for me. I guess. But yeah, Reptile and Mileena ain’t coming this time. Slightly disappointed. But hey, they’re in every game. Let’s give Skarlet/Jade and Baraka a chance to shine.

Next Kast is definitely gonna be Frost and Shao Kahn. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if we got trailers for them before that. Probably next week at… whatever event is causing them to skip next week.

This game, my mains are probably going to be Skarlet, Shao Kahn, Cetrion, and Kollektor. I want to say Frost too (especially if the rumors of her being partly cyborg now are true), but I want to see how she plays.

Do you guys still think those extra slots on the website are for hidden characters? Or are they DLC?

Still kind of upset that we’re not getting console exclusive characters. Mainly just cause I finally want to see Sweet Tooth. I’m a huge Twisted Metal fan.


Behold, the most humiliating fatality in history. (if your on the receiving end)


Pretty funny how no one’s “favorite fatality” belongs to Shao Kahn or Frost.


likley because we haven’t seen them in gameplay yet.


This would’ve been super funny if Shao Khan was the one saying “You suck!” while throwing the tomato.


I wonder is this game is gonna have Klassic Fatalities?