Mortal Kombat 11


The D’vorah fatality is sick! Love it!


Have you guys seen Johnys 2nd fatality??? OMG its fuggin hilariously sick!


I see what ya did there lol


All the characters they showed off this week look fantastic. I think Kitana looks better than she ever has, both in terms of moveset and overall outfit/aesthetics, and Cetrion looks like an interesting zoner. I have a suspicion that she winds up being very powerful in the early stages of the meta, with teleport counterpicks being a consistent way to deal with her potent space control.

D’Vorah looks good in the sense that she’s interesting gameplay wise, but they really doubled down on her insect nature in the most gross ways possible. She’s gonna give some people fits with all the giant legs and clicking and oozing and whatnot :sweat_smile:


I literally had to take a cold shower after seeing her Bug Baby Fatality. That is just next level disgusting.


It was hawt.


This whole mileena ‘controversy’ is getting out of hand
There are fans of Shujinko that are having to deal lol

On a more serious note Jade fans dealt with this last game, but back to the issue, there are so many characters in this game that certain fans will have to find other characters to be inspired to play, it sucks but at the end of the day, people threatening Boon to cancel their pre-orders over Kitana’s trailer is extra


saw kitana, she looks cool but i think her costume is alright there are others with better, like revenant jade’s. i wont be playing her so i am not very excited to see kitana beyond at least her getting into the game. shes become a staple since the glory days of MK2!

8 days gents, 8 days…


What controversy? Oh wait, your referring to people getting upset of the character mot making the roster?

If I missed your post please let me know.


who the ■■■■ is shujinko lol


Shujinko was the main character of Mortal Kombat: Deception’s story mode. His gimmick in the story was that he could copy other characters’ movesets, but as a playable character he had Kung Lao’s styles as normal moves (he was basically Kung Lao’s replacement in Deception) and used other characters’ special moves. For example, he had both Scorpion’s Spear and Sub-Zero’s Ice Ball as specials. He was basically the Chameleon of MK: Deception.

He was referenced in one of the MKX Arcade Endings as well.


I am on vacation & I got a chance to watch a lot of reaction vids and podcasts on mk11 and online reaction to kitana’s Trailer & gameplay breakdown in which she has a feature of mileenas sai and drop kick teleport like the mournful version of mkx with jade’s moveset properties of staff etc
Although a rumor was that mileena would be unlockable many are disappointed that it allegedly points to mileena not being present this game :woman_shrugging:

unless they get creative & introduce another fl es h pit clone… THAT would be amazing


Well I know how they feel for Mileena being left out of the game. I know Jade fans reacted in the same way. So all I can say is, I’m sorry that their favorites didn’t make it. I pre-ordered MK11 myself. I wasn’t going to yet until I knew if Reptile was gonna make the base roster. But for reasons I’d rather not share, it’s on my xbox one waiting for release. So I’ll give the game a chance. It might feel like KI2 and SCVI with my favorite snot being present, but I still have hope for DLC. And there is no way I’m i’m gonna let someone stamp out my hype any more than already had been.


April 23rd, hurry up.


Sindel was my one of my connections to Mortal Kombat besides Kenshi and I bought MKX with a little disappointment that she didn’t make DLC, as well as Psylocke not making mvc3 or mvci- it is what it is… I think Psylocke missing mvc3 was similar for me as what the mileena fear seems like for this game. While I’d love for kenshi nightwolf & Ashrah to make mk11, I’ll settle for Cetrion and keep hope that they bring Sindel back. It’s a given I will try most default characters to find if I connect, I’ve been surprised with rosters before where I found a character to be quite fun beyond my initial impressions-

If there is no Sindel yet again, I will look to the other characters for inspiration



With Ki I was able to try out Glacius and Sabrewulf. It didn’t do anything to lessen the dissappointment in Riptor’s absence, and the only time I’ve played nightmare and Astaroth was in story mode. Most of the time in SCVI I’ve used my own character Slith. But that’s a story for another time.

Still it did suck for me that reptile got left out of the roster. I’m not gonna immediately call the game bad for it though. Even SCVI is a good game to me. But great things can come to those who wait.

Here’s hoping the story is good though. I loved MK9’s even though reptile got beaten by stryker of all people and in MKX they did give him a bigger role but still lost. But MK9’s story was still better in my opinion. here’s hoping MK9 does good with there story too.

Speaking of the story, sense Kronika is not playable I’m gonna guess that she won’t be the one to fight at the end of the game. That’s just a guess of mine though.


Oh my goodness…

PLEASE be cool. I want to play Frost just on aesthetics and outfit alone.


“Press X to Purchase”


You’re ■■■■ right I’m pressing X :joy: