Mortal Kombat 11


Who is the voice of Shao Khan lol sounds like Tyrone magnus


Where did this come from!?! That Frost looks amazing! Can’t wait to get this game in my hands.


Tracer ‘Frost’ Degeneres :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also: lol!


Is flesh really a censored word? :joy:

EDIT: nope, it is not :-p Feel free to post it without the spaces next time!


Ed Boon’s twitter comments.


Ugh…more spoilers. I will never understand why you’d want your first experience of a character to be ■■■■■■ cell-aimed-at-tv quality instead of just waiting for an actual hi-def trailer that shows the character for a minute. :unamused:



I take them as teasers. Something for the waiting.


Those were dark days…



Because I want to know NOW and NRS is holding back. Seriously, just show the whole roster at reveal.


Yes yes yes!

Does someone have a copy of it or something?


Yes, maybe


I hope we find out soon what they meant by “secret characters”


7 days remain, and so far it appears i may grab this game on day 1 for the PC. now im starting to debate if i should use a stick, or just plug in one of my switch controllers. likely for this game i may be using a controller because the block button placement could be awkward as all hell


Did Ed Boon mention secret characters? I’m sure that was just the leak. But if we are getting secret characters then I’m hopeful for those who arn’t even sure of their favorites yet.


It wasn’t ed boon. It was some other guy I can’t quite remember. But it was said in an interview shortly after the reveal.


I’m guessing they were thinking of frost-
There can’t be any way a playable character without a slot just turns up without the DLC option (i.e. Shang Tsung)

Unless the rumour is about npc’s?

THOSE STAGES ARE PURE ART loving the new autumn garden stage & looking forward to the cyber soldier stage, D’vorah stage & the ship storm stage


What is the deal with Frost anyway?


What do you mean?