Mortal Kombat 11


Sorry @justathereptile

Reptile is gone forever!

Your soul is mine!


really? eric draven (the crow) being on the roster? thats interesting lol. get mark dacascos to do it, he did fill in for brandon lee after his unfortunate passing :frowning:


I think the DLC will be

Shao Kahn
Shang Tsung
Micheal Myers
Ash Williams
Doom Slayer


@Iago407 I’d leave out hydro sense we already have a blue cyber ninja like frost.

@CausingThought6 I refuse to give it up. Besides unlike reptile characters like rain was already DLC and Ed Boon said they don’t do repeats. On top of that i’m not letting you or anyone else stamp out my hype anymore than it already had been.

Besides I think characters Daegon can’t really be in without Taven considering how tied they are to one another in the lore. Though considering triborg i probably should’ve left out Sektor and Cyrax cause they were already DLC in that way. Despite the fact that they would always have my support.

So that said, I’d likely do it like this instead.

1: Shao Khan Confirmed already
2: Shang Tsung Confirmed Already
3: Reptile
4: Mileena
5: Nightwolf
6: Quan Chi
7: Shinnok
8: Sareena
9: Kai
10: Guest Character (from a video game)
11: Ermac
12: Sindel
13: Fujin


Yeah there’s probably gonna be around 4 guest characters in the DLC if the past few NRS games are any indication. Personally not a fan of it either.


Same, I always believed fighting games can stand on there own. Not to mention I’d always hate to hear a phrase X game with Y guest character in it. but if we do end up getting 4 guests it would have to be like this.

1: Shao Khan Confirmed already
2: Shang Tsung Confirmed Already
3: Reptile
4: Mileena
5: Nightwolf
6: Guest
7: Guest
8: Sareena
9: Guest
10: Guest
11: Ermac
12: Sindel


THere was a couple updates…its not a new app…its the same MKX app…I think maybe its just called MK now. I havent played it in a while. I need to reinstall it…Ihad a ton of stuff. All the MKX skins and a baddass Kano.


official Cetrion image


Yeah I’m sure it’s about a zero percent chance of happening, but it’s something I’d like to see if we had to have guests. I also brought him up because I think they’ve been trying to get a Crow movie off the ground for years now, so maybe that makes WB / NRS consider it? Highly doubtful, but I could think of plenty worse characters they could pick. :slight_smile:


if they put him, they should put top dollar as well. he is one of my favorite movie villains and a fancy swordsman at that. michael wincott has done voice actor work before, he was death in darksiders 2


Oh man, I’d be all in favor of that!


Bit of a stretch if you ask me.


put the church rooftop duel as the stage too lol.

anyway it is friday, i am happy and my work load is all but done. guess ill be looking up MK11 vids to see what else is going on. release draws closer, and it appears my character picks will be:

noob saibot main
baraka 2nd
scorpion 3rd


live in less than 9 min


Hell yeah, here we go.


■■■■■■■ youtube man, gotta mash that F5 key because theres so many viewing


Devorah’s design is disturbing abit but well designed. The hive is also a nightmare for someone who doesn’t like wasps or bees. On top of that, her shoulders look like a hornet’s nest.


So now it’s just Frost and Shao Kahn left to showcase


yeah im waitin for them to showcase her. cetrion is ZzzZZzzZZz


I don’t get why people aren’t feeling Cetrion or Kollektor. I think they rock!

Can’t wait for the 22nd stream.