Mortal Kombat 11


Wait, what’s his new origin?


And as we all know, Ed Boon is known for nothing if not his straightforward PR.


Aw man! they should’ve kept it. It was a good story too. We’ve never had a character with his kind of origin before. Why make him a member of the black dragons? they could of added Jarek for that one.



“The best shot in Texas left home to seek adventure and excitement in Outworld with Kano and the Black Dragon. Outworld turned out to be the playground of Erron’s ultraviolent dreams. He decided to make his home there as the deadliest outlander and Outworld.”

So I guess he himself might not be Black Dragon… It’s a bit unclear if he just traveled with them, or if he’s one of them. Either way, this retcons his original story ending in MKX.

“Nearly 150 years ago, Erron Black was hired by Shang Tsung to assassinate an Earthrealm warrior. In return, Shang Tsung slowed Erron Black’s aging process.”

Granted, arcade endings are rarely canon, but usually its events that aren’t canon, not factual information. Maybe that’s the loophole they’re trying to use here, that it’s an ending and therefore not written in stone, but that seems like a really weak argument to me.


Well that stinks. I liked him being an immortal remnant of the Old West.




For the most part, I think it’s a more fleshed out version of himself, rather than a retconn. There wasn’t much to go from in MKX, which sucks, since Erron was one of the cooler characters in MKX in my opinion who didn’t get enough story wise.

Arcade endings for MK usually aren’t canon I feel.


I mean, the origins of Johnny Cage’s powers were revealed in an ending.


The possible kitana variations

It’s a given her fans are a gear slot- would the others be the head gear/ leg gear?
Skins would fulfill the revenant/ modern/ etc ?


I read all those novels. The movie wasn’t great but was it WB? An Idris Elba Roland skin for Erin Black would be awesome.


Nah, it wasn’t Warner Bros.

The movie wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. It (and to be honest, that fantastic trailer) was at least good enough to get me to pick up the series. Matthew McConaughey was a really good Man In Black I thought, and Idris was a solid Roland. It had some really cool moments and none of the characters were bad per se - it was more that the film had pacing issues and a palpable sense that man, you just were not getting the full story. It felt super abridged even from someone like me who had almost no knowledge of the actual series… :sweat_smile:


idris played a good roland, i was happy how he at least made the character stoic and deadly just like the books.

@STORM179 the movie was like a skeleton and still missing parts of it lol. it was pretty terrible, but thats because im up to book 6 atm and i seen alot of the adventures that have taken place. i particularly enjoyed wolves of the calla

@Iago407 dude that retconning just sounds bad, wtf man. but at least hes from TX lol :slight_smile:


Noob saibot vs Cetrion!

This is definitely how I play zoners.
Corners are for fools. I don’t spam projectiles- I will find her combo/juggling potential

I use a rushdown theory and utilize pressure & dominance to overpower under-aggressive opponents.
Block if you want to, I WILL find a window

Ewwwwwwww noob’s (face)


Nintendo switch ad shows split second of kitana intro


I’m glad Kitana ACTUALLY looks Asian.


Was she really ever? She’s Edenian. I mean, I’m fine with it but, was there ever any indication that she SHOULD have been besides the fact that it’s Japanese and Chinese inspired. Like, does Edenia even have the same racial features as humans from Earth?


I dunno, with a name Kitana, kinda makes her sound Asian. Also while Talisa Soto isn’t Asian herself, she certainly gave Kitana a very exotic feel. Soto played Kitana in that old MK movie. Thank goodness they only made one. Can’t imagine how terrible a sequel would have been. Rain would probably got screwed. :joy_cat:


or reptile phased out of existence ouch lol


No question. And actually the books are far from perfect but they are deep, so it’s nesrly impossible to even imagine a 90 minute version that is going to feel satisfying.

McConaughey was good as was Elba. But there wasn’t enough time to develop the other characters.


New GI article describing D’Vorah’s major changes:

Gotta say that hood and cloak really completes her character design. Don’t think I’d ever play her without it.