Mortal Kombat 11


Are you not listening to what I’m saying? Injustice 2 is too big to allow another game on the cartridge. It physically can’t be in a Collection. At least not on Switch.


Why do you always get so bent out of shape? Go back and read what I wrote and please pull out a quote from anything I’ve written which says they have to be on a single cartridge. There’s nothing about the word “collection” which says they have to be on a single disk. Calm down.


Technically it would be a single cart… not a disk. :wink:

I thought I would save you the heartache of another word mauling. :joy_cat:


I’m not sure I saw where a nunchaku character can absorb projectiles before so I can’t tell you where it was first introduced, nor does it matter

Kim Wu was the first I saw, Liu Kang in mk11 was the 2nd. :woman_shrugging:


lmao mortal kombat discussion is serious business, i always have my popcorn on standby


Its in partnership with Shiver Studios and QLOC. Been very quiet on IG’s front, not sure what they’re up to these days.


I haven’t really been paying much attention to this thread, but every time I do take a peek, poor @BigBadAndy is being attacked by somebody and he counters with logic. :smile:

Just about everything has been discussed in this thread. Some of the older convos were actually kind of cool, but honestly had nothing to do with Mortal Kombat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want Kitana to be revealed already! :disappointed_relieved:

In respect to the discussion about a Kollection and being able to put such a thing on the Switch, the most obvious answer is that they would have one game on a cart and the other would have a code for a download, such as was the case for the Bayonetta collection that was released a while back. If you purchased Bayonetta 2 you got Bayonetta as a download.

In truth, I only own 3 cart games on the Switch, all my other games including Skyrim, Mario Odyssey, FF7, Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Bayonetta are all downloaded to the SD card itself.

I actually prefer downloading games versus buying physical copies.


Oh THAT counter. I actually forgot that that was what you meant. I was talking about the animation for the counter itself (which isn’t even the same), but now that I remember what you mean, he totally took that from Kim Wu lol


Is anyone planning to get the Switch version if it holds up? Ignoring the graphics aspect, I usually find FGs on the system a tough sell because of the haphazard online you usually see on it and the assumption that the online scene won’t be very active compared to other platforms. That said, I could see NRS & MK11 doing better than others in these aspects because of the rollback netcode, rich single-player features, and pad-friendly inputs.


I’ll probably get the switch version in addition to the Xbox version. I’m no stranger to owning one copy of a game for the home console for the graphics and one copy for the portable for playing in the car/on trains. But I don’t play online so… not really helpful for ya.



Cmon Kitana!
Hope they revamp her movesets

I thought it was another human cosplaying but this could very well be an in- game story scene


1.Ed Boon said the game will have 25 characters at the beginning. I wonder if that includes Shao Kahn or he is an extra character.
2.If we have 3 reveals in the next kombat kast there is only one character left to be shown, unless they will show some secret characters.


I don’t think DLC characters count. not even bonus ones.


So if someone buys the game after launch will he still have 25 characters?

And one more thing, the girl at the trailer maybe is the actress for Sindel.


So this week it’s presumably Frost, D’vorah and Kitana (as was mentioned above). Guessing the show off Shao Khan and maybe a mode or two in the last one? I could also see them having another interview with someone on the team about this or that. Either way, I’ll be curious to see what they come up with for the final two before launch.

As for that 25 number, I do kinda wonder if they’re just not acknowledging any hidden characters. I mean, that’s what it has to be, right? Everyone seems to assume that Mileena and Shinnok are playable based on that earlier leak and the fact that they have 28 character boxes on the MK 11 site. Including Shao Khan, Mileena and Shinnok though, that’s still only 27. They’ve said specifically that Kronika will not be playable, if I’m not mistaken.

So who’s number 28? Shang Tsung? I mean, I suppose they could put him in that space even though he’s DLC, but it seems like it’d be kind of an odd choice given that there will be other DLC characters, so one would think if they were putting those characters on their site, they’d have more than 28 boxes. Strange.

Anyways, as for Kollector, Noob and Erron Black, the latter was my main in MKX, so I’m happy he’s back, though I really hope he still has his tarkatan stab move and hopefully some other salvage stype moves, as it seems odd he’d only have one in MKX and now one in MK11. Also, retconning his origin in the very next game? That’s beyond lame.

Kollector looks fun as hell! Love the way he moves, love the lantern, the chain dealy, the way he fights with all this stuff he’s accumulated… He’s easily my favorite new character design in this game.

Noob… Man, they’re just giving me so many potential mains for this game! Noob, Erron Black, Kollector, Kung Lao, Baraka, Kabal, Skarlet… All those throws Jax has are making me consider him as well.


Yeah I’d have to assume that as possible. But it’s a safe bet one of those leaks were fake. If there are hidden characters I do hope Reptile’s one of them. But I’m not holding my breath.


erron got retconned? ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ lol

also i hope with one of his accessories for his look, he gets a duster. im just trying to fulfill the idea in my head of playing a Roland Deschain look-a-like in a fighting game lol.

“The man in black fled across the desert, and The Gunslinger followed…”

roland went across dimensions, so does erron. i think he may have been inspired by stephen king’s work


Just his origin. He was originally from the 1800’s, I believe, and he went to Outworld seeking adventure and since time works differently there, he’s looks more or less then same as he did when he first arrived. Now he’s from modern times and he’s black dragon member that went to outworld seeking adventure and he’s loyal to Kano. Or some crap like that. Because we need another Black Dragon member? Tasia can’t even get in the game lol.

That’s how it sounded before. Now that he’s just a black dragon thug (by the sound of it), I’m not so sure, which sucks because I dug his old origin.


Oooooh, they should have gotten Megan Fox to be Kitana. I remember she said she wanted to do it at some point, not that Kitana doesn’t look good here of course.