Mortal Kombat 11


That was pretty much my take. Cool concept, but I was very “meh” on the actual execution. And if you’re gonna have 6 arms, actually use the 6 arms :-p

But props to them on the “creature-ness” of him. He really does look different than anything else we’ve seen in the world I think.


Yeah he is a very lean guy indeed.


Technically speaking, he does use all 6 of them though I know what you mean.
He’s a little weird gameplay-wise, has some interesting tools but not as impactful as I thought he may be.


I think Kollector looks great! Very Scarecrow look and feel from INJ2. Scarecrow was one of my favorites in INJ2. THe only characters so far in MK!1 Im not feeling is…
JAX - I never liked Jax, and I dont like his new fire arms. I do like his sawed off shotgun though, thats about it.
Cetrion- ehhh…I dont think she fits from what Ive seen. Especially the giant woman coming out of the planet fatality. That is super dumb IMO… but… once I play her and see her more IM sure I will change my mind.


It’s funny, I have not historically been a big fan of Jax, but I like this version. To each his own. I don’t feel like they have to make every character appeal to me. I wouldn’t say Kollector is a “bad” character. I’m just perplexed by the decision to give him six arms and have two hold his backpack. He really doesn’t appeal to me, but if he does to you that’s great.


Vapor Ring variation creating condensation on the main screen :trophy::trophy::trophy:

That Ship Stage in Kollector reveal trailer :trophy::trophy::trophy:

stage with Dragon :trophy::trophy::trophy:


Max just put up his reaction for the last Kombat Kast. He said Kollektor was “in the wrong game”. Like, why? He’s cool looking, and looks like he will play really well. I’d like to know what he thinks MK characters should be limited to if Kollektor is “in the wrong game”

Also, Cetrion is awesome too. All bow to your new godess.


I may be the only one, but I continue to see almost 20-30 ki 2014 inspired nuances in this mk game.

since ki is done, I know it’s not necessarily a huge thing to take little things here & there in game design, nor was ki the innovation of the decade that owns the rights to a punch or kick, but the shin -hisako type floating orb for kollector, the Liu Kang nunchaku Kim parry, the kilgore Jax heated arm, the Kotal Khan tusk-like sword ground flame lol
Will kitana have an electric firecat and a neon stun-fan shockwave as well? If this trend is a thing, so, I’d love for Sindel’ s new special to cartwheel with a hair sweep and give her electric batons for weapons to customize :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just kidding

Cetrion has the golem boulders & the one gargoyle- ki character’s floating objects lol

All that pressing Ed boon to look at ki paid off- if only to inspiring their new playstyles for mk11

In the end, just noticing similar fighting game animations, not a gripe. It’s great to see such awesome moves/ ideas recycled in any fashion


IMO Baraka and THe Kollector have some Hobbit / LOTR inspiration. Thats cool I guess. Maybe even Noob too with his armored Ring Wraith look going on.


I will go far and I will say that kronika will be unlockable.
My thought is that there are only 3 new characters and that she has customization


No, you are not alone. I see a lot of KI gameplay ideas being used in MK. You could add Jax’s heated arms (from both Tusk and Kilgore) and both Cetrion and Geras put up walls on the stage - though they do not persist like Aganos’s. There are others but I can’t think of all of them now.

I think it’s very clear (if unsurprising) that NRS has studied the character and fight design of KI - as I’m sure they have all of the other fighters out there. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and KI is itself a collection of tropes that have been given a new spin. But NRS doesn’t have a history of borrowing too many ideas from other fighters and I think there’s quite a bit of KI in MK11.

Since the Switch version arrives later, it seems like a port. Does anyone know whos porting it? It could very well be IG. They have previously ported games for WB and theybhave had good success porting things to Switch.


I just hope that we also get Switch ports of MK9, MKX, Injustice, and Injustice 2. I NEED these games on an HD Portable.


While I would be happy to see those, it would be a bit surprising. There was a WiiU port of Injustice 2 which was on par with the Xbox and PS versions - but did not get all of the updates that launched on other platforms and had a very dysfunctional online.

But maybe if MK11 does well there will be a collection.


The switch is NOT the Wii U. It’s basically a portable Xbox 360 or PS3, so MK9 and Injustice 1 should function perfectly. Plus the games are “finished” now so updating them wouldn’t be an issue. Besides, if they feel like they can put MK11 on the thing, then I’m sure they could do XL and I2, which are also completely finished with no updates needed.

Plus, the NRS developers reportedly LOVE the Switch so I think they might just want their games on the thing for their own enjoyment.

Also, I can’t see them being done as collections. MKXL and I2L would need their own individual cartridges because the games are so big. Maybe pull a Bayonetta 2 and have copies of each come with digital download codes for 9 and I1 respectively.


Yes Aganos I forgot his name lol
I hate they didn’t show her costume variations, at first, wasn’t keen on the earth rock as her main powers but after seeing her slot choices such as ring of Fire and vapor ring the abilities are growing on me… love her lightning fire ground projectile , also love that the colors in the powers change with her skin

I’d like to find other great similarities

For those that loved the epic music in Cetrion trailer, it’s here🤭


I didn’t say it was. And I think k the Switch is substantially more powerful than 360 or PS3. But I don’t know how it would run Injustice 2 or MKX. We will see how it does with MK11.

The reason for the collection is that I don’t see huge interest in older games when the newest game in the series is already out.


I don’t know about that one. Maxi’s had that parry before all of them. Besides, who do you think they get it from?


I can understand that, but it’s just not possible to put MKX and MK9 on the same cartridge one game is just too big. And putting MK and Injustice on the same collection would be bad marketing. Parents would have to buy their kid MK to let them play a superhero fighter on their switch. That’s not good.


I think there’s more likely to be an Inj. 1+2 collection on Switch. I’m not sure MK9 or X really make sense.


kollector was pretty meh, erron was really cool. not sure how i see myself using his lever action rifle and then having to reload it, without getting beaten to a pulp for it, but we shall see once i get lab time in and ring experience. cetrion/aloy looks cool, but i dont see myself playing her. idk why but looking at her i just think of her being someone’s auntie, being an elder goddess i suppose thats what they were aimin for