Mortal Kombat 11


Just throwing my $0.02 in, I tend to feel that having an interesting variety in wardrobes is tons better than having girls in nothing but bikinis or bikini armor, etc. There are only so many varieties of skin tones you can go through before things get stale. Jade’s outfit is Killer BTW.


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If only there was a way to make a happy medium for everyone. But that can’t happen sometimes. Now I believe in a rule that a character’s design must reflect their lore in the games.
For example, Reptile’s current design reflects his origin as a Saurian more so than his human skin design.

But that’s just my opinion.


you like, put my post on a giant neon billboard and then you got some flood lights and put those on there too. ■■■■ me right? you make me sad good sir knight. so very sad. i dont know if i can continue today, or is it because its tuesday that i feel this way? yeah…i think its because of tuesday. monday’s ■■■■■■■ brother

all joking aside, i quit giving a ■■■■ a long time ago and so i will say whatever is on my mind. besides, those lunatics are so far gone i cant help but laugh and ridicule them. especially when they tried to come in to the death metal scene to change it for themselves. yeahhh that didnt work out, and things i say on here are rated PG compared to what they got rofl

@justathereptile honestly for me, id be ok if every single character that is OG had their OG costumes, thats all. nothin like some Klassic Kostumes to be added to the huge pile of goodies we are getting. its part of the game, its nostalgic back from the Midway days, why not? now the people sayin they want to see jade and kitana in G-strings thats their ■■■■ lol. there are also other games that will have plenty more options for that sort of thing and you wont see them get mutilated worse than a plane crash.


Well yeah, we can always add classic costumes as an alternative. It’d be a win/win to have Reptile’s human skin as an option which I’d be all for. What makes it a win/win is that the developers can give reptile’s default the scaly skin that he’s had in most recent games and they can add human skin as an alternate.


i actually liked his human skin set up more, it was like he was camoflage’d and added some mystique to him until he revealed his saurian look eating somebodys head lol.


Wait, I just want to be clear on this… Are there actually people threatening to boycott MK11 because the women don’t show enough skin? I haven’t heard or seen anything to that effect, but I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in the comments, so I just wanted to know if that’s actually a thing.


thats partly why, ill explain more to you in the next round of PMs


Sounds good, man! Much appreciated. Crazy, I hadn’t heard anything about this.


all ive heard was posts getting locked on steam community forums, kinda like what is also going on with vampire the masquerade bloodlines 2. but the storm over there is similar but also different, which i will also explain to you.


Cool, that’d be great. I never played the first one, but damned if that reveal trailer for the second one didn’t get me curious about it. Not sure where else I’ll get my Blood Omen / LoK / awesome vampire fix anytime soon lol. Sucks that there are issues in that community too.

Sucks… :man_facepalming:


Hey, there’s a small amount of footage of the new character here.

Nature chick, huh?


lmao no pun intended haha! i was quite thrilled to see that game getting a sequel, because it deserved to get another shot. its original release back in the early 2000s was quite the disaster involving now defunct troika studios. however, because of just how amazing the storyline is reputed to be, the PC modding community stepped up to attempt to fix the game. even to this day, they are still working on it. so there’s your back story for my next PM

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming of all things MK11


Cetrion was revealed in GameInformer! She’s like this multi-elemental nature goddess and I love her already!


Link the the Game Informer hub for MK11, they’ll update it with new stuff throughout the month:

I think this is a first with them giving a game this spotlight coverage in the same month it releases, though it’s not like anyone is complaining.


Trailer here.


Raiden: “I am the god of thunder and lightning and I’m awesome.”
Fujin: “I’m the god of wind and that doesn’t blow!”
Cetrion: “I am the goddess of… Huh let’s see… Plants, fire, water, wind, rock, I mean… Earth I guess… What else…”
Fujin: “But… But… I do wind stuffs…”
Raiden: “Thunder take you?”
Shinnok rolls his head in to the room “Don’t forget death! Weeeeee!”

She looks awesome and her moves look fun, it’s just kinda odd that she has so much going on while every other god in the game has one specific theme. I’ve read before that she’s the goddess of life, perhaps? Thought she was going to have more of a plant theme, but I guess they decided to give her more. Anyways, I hope she’ll be one of the characters broken down this week along with Noob.


It said specifically that she’s a ELDER god. Not a regular god like Raiden. One of the glowing blue heads.




She is AMAZING​:trophy::trophy::trophy::star2::star2::star2::star2:


Shinnok is an Elder God and he’s only the god of death. Raiden has also been elevated to elder god in the story before and I don’t recall him getting much of a promotion, but maybe I’m mistaken.

Honestly though, it’s really no big deal. I just thought it was a bit odd is all. She looks awesome and her gameplay looks fun as hell. Love the vines grabbing and slamming the opponent to the ground, and the amplified version that allows you to continue a combo. She’s got some cool stuff!


so captain planet got usurped lol