Mask of the Ancients?


Are there different masks as in common to Killer?

I didn’t know there were common and rare shadow lord gems.

I saw that I have 2 of the latter and 1 of the former


Yes, 3 turns of instinct. Not sure what the quest associated with it is either. I believe Spinal has a quest called “Mask of the Ancients” but I’ve only ever seen it show up when I don’t have a mask in my possession. I’ve used two masks already in hopes that the dossier would just drop by itself, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I don’t believe so. The only masks I’ve ever been able to get show up in Killer.

Yeah, I want to say that there’s three levels of these. Two of them are green and one is orange if I’m not mistaken. Guessing the higher the tier of the item, the better random Gargos power you get? Not sure.


In think I used one a long time ago- I eventually never used daggers/ blood vial etc cause they didn’t seem to drop as frequently as I expected playing daily-
So I just have a collection lol


Same here. I have about 5 blood vials, 25 or so shadow lord items, 7 daggers, a bunch of Fulgore plating (can’t remember the number)… I used SL items back when I thought they’d really help me against Gargos, but it’s been a while, so yeah… I tend not to use these. Only ones I’ve been using is the mask and that’s only in hopes that the ratsafracken dossier will drop.

It’d be really awesome if someone at MS or IG could give us a hint of some sort on how to get this. The mode’s been out for several months by now and I have yet to run in to someone that has that dossier. If the @developers could at least point us in the right direction…


What does the mask do? And was there a mission name when you did


This may be wrong because it’s been a few weeks since I got/used it, but it was a Gargos drop (medium difficulty I believe, maybe easy), and IIRC it gives you full always-on instinct at the cost of slowly draining your health. I’m wanting to say it’s a 3-turn use as well.


I just got it, I beat Gargos with Spinal on medium difficulty and had over 600,000 points. No dossier though.


Spinal as Captain or does that matter?


Would you be able to highlight the item in your storage?


I did have him as captain, not sure if it matters though.


I mean I guess I can take a screenshot tomorrow after work if it matters that much, I only got the item, I still do not have the dossier.


That’s fine, I’m just hoping if seeing it’s description in the storage will provide some clues.


I just beat Gargos on Challenging with a Rash/Kim/Eyedol team; I got around 790,000 points. No mask, just another Shadow Lord item. Looks like Spinal really is a requirement to earn the item, though the dossier is still up in the air.


I think you get the dossier by using the item. Sucks that they force you to use such a rare item


I’m really thinking the dossier is just not currently in the game. I’m sure @developers wouldn’t want to spoil any Shadow Lord’s but it would be nice if they could tell us whether or not it’s currently possible to 100% it.


I guess it does make a difference. I just beat SL on challenging with spinal on the team, not team captain. But I went into the gargos fight with spinal taking point and whooped him good. My end score was like 365,000 and change. But alas no item, and no dossier.


I saw someone say on Twitter that they got the 100 percent and the platnum gargos skin… But seeing how the counter now goes up to 104 percent it’s possible that the mask is the one thing that person didn’t get.

I would be inclined to agree, it doesn’t seem like the mask is part of the package yet. I don’t know if what I have is concrete evidence, but I don’t see anything the makes mention of the mask, not even the other dossiers, I don’t see the mask alluded to in the story. At one point I thought maybe if I load my team with the 3 oldest characters

Spinal, Kan Ra, Kilgore (story wise)
But maybe I should have gone with S1 characters like jago, saber, and sadira? Is that an S1 combo?


If that were the case I’d have the dossier…and I don’t.


I’m going to wait on Paramisery, I’m still fixed on the idea of some convoluted quest that involves a great deal of effort and preparation… Judging from the remaining unsolved quest items, Temperance and Vengeance, Ceremonial Dagger, Maya’s Blood (maybe), ECT. Perhaps some sort of ritual quest… Perhaps even and alternative to the Infiltrate the Cult quest that’s already in the game in which you give your blood for an unknown ceremony. I want to say someone once said they tried the quest with Gargos and was greeted with a slightly different line of text.


To get the Mask of the Ancients Item, not dossier, you need just over 600k points in Challenging SL. I don’t know what the high cap portion of it is, but once you get higher, you get a Shadow Lord gem. I think the range is probably 600k-700k. I’m testing a theory on the Dossier though, will let you know if it works.