Mask of the Ancients?

Has anyone figured out yet how to unlock this item/dossier? I would naturally assume it requires Spinal to be in your team, but I have yet to trigger any sort of quest and it’s kinda bugging me since it’s the only World dossier left that I need. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also curious about this…

No idea. I was assuming like some other stuff, the content associated with it wasn’t available yet.

No, I’m pretty sure it’s there. Like, it was explicitly mentioned in the new patch notes (the “top-secret” item), whereas the Owl and the Crimson Guardians weren’t. I just don’t know where to start looking.

if any, I’d make a team with spinal, sabrewulf kan-ra, to find out. Ma throw aria in it if the original team lends no results.

So nearly a month after this thread was started, I realized that I also didn’t have the Mask of the Ancients file, and when I tried to research how to obtain it online, it brought me back here.

Has any of us unlocked the Mask?


The other day I had a questline pop up that was straight up called ‘Mask of the Ancients.’ It had me fight Aganos in his stage and the idea was to get the gem in Aganos’ head to reawaken the mask or something to that effect. I stage ultra’d Aganos and then the game froze. Of course when I booted the game back up it said Spinal was dead and I got no prizes. So sad stuff, I hope to see the questline again soon. For the record, Spinal was in my team but was NOT the captain.

^ I beat that one multiple times, but it never resulted in Mask of the Ancients getting unlocked.

Bummer, welp, tis good to know I didn’t miss out on anything super rare :slight_smile:

Have it- it definitely requires spinal
I’ll screenshot tmw

Haven’t used it

Was he the captain?

I don’t think so…

On second thought it may have just been a random reward for finishing SL. Looks like I had Kim Orchid & Kilgore.

I know I started using spinal but finished with Kilgore after the inclusion of the hot lead quest

But I cram to remember I had Kim as my captain but spinal on team

I have the fulgore plating but scared it is only one use like daggers

I take screenshots of EVERYTHING lol

That is a pretty good SL score, I tend to rush through playthroughs unless I’m grinding for the Shadow Lord item, so my average scores are remarkably low. I’ma try and finish in that range and see if I can obtain one as well. Thank you for posting these screenshots, comprehensive help is always very appreciated :slight_smile:

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A week ago I tried having Spinal and KanRa in the team and played for over 30 turns, but I didn’t get the mask, maybe you need to be in challenging difficulty? because I was in normal and your reward screen is in challenging.

What’s that Fulgore color reward? color 10? and what about that flask that looks like a chilipepper? … maybe I should stop being lazy and play in challenging…

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That’s colour 11 (olive green-ish), colour 10 is the red one that comes when you buy the toy.

The chili pepper is Maya’s blood. Have Mira in your team and you’ll get it.

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Yea maybe challenging will get it :grimacing:

I asked because I have color 1, 2, 3… …9 and… jumps to 11… I’m a bit old to buy toys… please, Iron Galaxy, color 10 with lots of KI gold? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll try that after beating the current SL game (I only play to do 3 Shadow missions for the daily rewards, fight more until I see at least another Shadow mission, and then I quit until tomorow with that mission waiting for me), I have enough skills to play Godly without failing in less than 7 turns, so Challenging will be ok… and what about that chilipepper looking flask? can you give some details, please? I’ve never seen that item before.

Color 10 is a thing? My fulgore isn’t at level 50 yet

The chili :hot_pepper: flask lol
Obtained using Mira in the sibling rivalry quest using Mira on team
I believe it’s specific to what you select after beating Maya’s sibling fight with Mira (as in if you select one of three wrong, you still don’t get the vial of blood)

Sooo… next time Mira is in the team and fights Maya I won’t have mercy after beating her… thanks for the info.

I wish there was a KI/Shadow Lords wikia… that would come in handy to look for which options we need to choose for an item, or which characters’ unique missions have more fights with X character to get dossiers (like Omen dossiers by using Omen and the mission fighting 2 Omen, but looks like they don’t drop).