Mask of the Ancients?


So did you actually unlock the dossier file for Mask of the Ancients or did you just get the mask as a SL reward? Or put more clearly, did you get both the mask AND the dossier?

I finally got the Hatchery III dossier last night, so all I have left are Umbral Milital III and Mask of the Ancients, at least as far as world dossiers go. I still have a TON of character dossiers to get. :rage:


Nope the dossier is still locked

On other odd news, I won a fight on Aria stage with my music on mute and spinal’ sinewy chewy moist bones sounds are horrifying lol

Props to sound design team


No kidding! Wow…

Has anyone unlocked this dossier yet?

I remember a guy tweeting at James that he had 100% so I’m assuming it’s not glitched.


Yea I remember some guy boasting 100%_

I have the umbral ones
-I only have one disavowed dossier


Is it the thread that says 100% missing Kilgore?
If it is that post then he is missing that one also.

I can’t get the Owl dossier that is by the crimson dossiers to unlock either.


Any tips on unlocking Jago dossiers? I swear I can’t get a Jago dossier to save my life


Nah it was some guy on twitter showing James a pic. I think the guy took the tweet down though. If I recall, he was showing James 100% completion.

So @developers is there any chance that you could confirm whether it’s possible to get the Mask of the Ancients dossier right now?

Really? No kidding. I got that within about five matches of having the owl equipped and fighting people with it.

Strangely, I got the crimson fractured ward dossier before I even bought one lol. So I’m not sure if equipping the owl is the way to get the dossier to drop, but that seemed to help me with the owl, tiger, watcher and crimson bat.


I have used a rare owl and a epic owl several times and it just won’t pop. I will keep trying. I like these dossier topics. It is a great way to know if something is bugged or just hard to unlock


Hours and hours for nothing, can you post a picture of the description of the Mask? And it is in the world section, so it is something with a quest that is not available yet. No wonder the dossier is still locked. Anyway… I am not sure if you can drop it in real. (Do not trust screenshots since you can edit everything when you know what you are doing). The developers should give us more information. I won’t play shadow lords for 600.000 points again. Waste of my time.


A description of the mask? I’m just talking about the dossier. I believe you can get a mask as a random drop for beating Gargos, but that doesn’t seem to cause the dossier to drop. There’s a mission called Mask of the Ancients where, if you have Spinal in your party, you fight Aganos. Once you win though, nothing happens.

I tried doing a stage ultra on him and that did nothing. I even got a mission that allowed me to switch to Aganos a few rounds later, thinking maybe that had something to do with it, but nothing else has come up indicating that I’m on any sort of path to getting that dossier to drop.

@developers Can anyone confirm whether this dossier drop is bugged or if we just haven’t figured it out yet?


Eye of the ancients. XD I think they will reveal it before or in the next update. Otherwise… I farmed like hell to find out but they kept it hidden really good… Dammit.


It is quest related. You may need to unlock a certain dossier to access it


I didn’t think about it at the time, but I got the mask item a few days ago. I’m guessing it’s a random Gargos drop, because that’s how I got it…didn’t have Spinal in my party or anything.


Did you get the dossier?


Nope. I was wondering if it had something to do with using the mask as an item, but I’m not sure if I want to risk it.


Were you on challenging diff? Is it even possible to get this on Normal? I’m currently still using SL mode in combination with Survival Mode to level up characters and I’m not as good with some of them so I’m playing on normal because I’ll struggle with the later levels of challenging with some characters.


I’m not 100% certain, but I think it was challenging.


I just got over 900K points on Normal and got Shadow Lord instead of the Mask, so I assume it’s Challenging only.


Only thing to me that would make sense for the dossier to drop is giving spinal the mask of the ancients and doing a fight or if he has any special quest lines? Maybe it’s a 3 turn mask and spawns a 3 turn quest?


Would someone who has the mask mind mentioning what benefit it has when equipped? I’m just curious