Mask of the Ancients?


Constant instinct activated for 3 rounds, but your health slowly drains while it’s active.


Oh damn, that sounds like fun to play with. Guess I oughta procure one next time I get to play


Off topic If anyone is still curious I got that militia umbra 3 dossie or whatever it’s called


I was reading these posts and a though occured to me, what if it’s not ONE single quest we’re missing. Perhaps you get it by recreating the events thus needed a 3-man team of Kan-Ra, Spinal, and Aria; each having their own part to play in the story, or perhaps even Kan-Ra, Aria, and Aganos, as Spinal was really a punching bag the whole time.


Or the old Babylon team of spinal, kan rah and aganos


Also slightly off topic is eyedols titan vengence a droppable dossier or do I need reset his storyline and kill him?


I tried the two combinations I had listed above and saw nothing. As for the Titan’s Vengeance Dossier, you have to recruit Eyedol and have him join your team, not sure if playing with him normally works too.


To anyone who has the item, I’m also curious if it would be possible to take a screenshot of the item in your storage, maybe seeing it there would provide some clues.



I did

To the other guy- I’ve NEVER recruited aganos
I did allow eyedol to join a mission once


I mean inside the shop, lol. You can view your current items in storage, it will also tell you if it’s a quest item, a usable item, a tool, or a standard equip. Like the sacrificial dagger, the trackers, and even Temperance and Vengeance are quests items. Although I’m not sure what quests the daggers open.


Man, this is getting frustrating. I’ve beaten SL about four times since the last time I posted here and all I get are the Shadowlord consumables, no mask of the ancients.

I’d love to see what using the mask would do if you equip it while playing the mask of the ancients quest with Spinal, but who knows if that even does anything. I asked James on Twitter for even a tiny hint and he didn’t respond. :cry:

Can @developers give us a small clue? @rukizzel? Anyone?


The item just gives you infinite instinct but drains your HP. I doubt it would have an interaction with the quest though. You need just over 600,000 points on challeging when you beat gargos to get a mask


Thank you, SullenMosquito, now I can try to unlock it later. I wonder if unlocking the dossier has anything to do with the quest you use Temperance and Vengeance for, I have you to find it’s use outside the barracks…


Any clue approximately how many turns that is? Ballpark I mean as some people may gain more points/fight than others.


I got that much in about 24-25 turns.


I still have no clue on the dossier


Yeah I’m at 25 turns on Challenging and I have about 615,000. Gonna skip a few rounds, fight Gargos and then see what happens. If I manage to unlock the mask, I’m going to try and equip it with Spinal once the mask of the ancients questline comes up to at least eliminate what sounds like the most obvious thing I can think of in terms of how to get that dossier. If that’s not it and, like most of us assume, there’s some other way of getting the dossier to drop, then I’ll be at a complete and utter loss.


Yeah I’ve been asking around with no luck. Only other thing I can think of, we have to get a killer mask from godlike? I hope that’s not it though. That’s a hard challenge to meet.


You get it randomly (I didnt got it on challenging with something like 600.000 points screw it) or not i believe it is fake and if not its a quest related item atleast the dossier.