Mask of the Ancients?


Yeah, but I’ve honestly done that questline at least thirty times now, probably more, and I have absolutely no idea what to do for it. I’ve had a perfect win, I’ve won with an ultra, I’ve won with a stage ultra on Aganos…

I do tend to wonder if there’s anything related to the Rumors of an Ancient Relic questline, but I don’t think I’ve ever received anything beyond the consumable rewards like Spirit Cores or whatever. If that had a dossier drop, I dunno, maybe there’s some clue in there as to how to get the mask as part of the rewards for the actual Mask of the Ancients questline?

I dunno, I’m grasping at straws here. No idea. This is going to be one of those exceedingly obnoxious things where once I find out, I’ll think two things: How the hell did it dawn on someone to actually do that and yep, I had no chance of getting this on my own. Arg. I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it lol.


Same, I’ve tried quite a bit, dossiers have hints but some should have better hints than, play the game. Lol.


I’ve never played godlike.
Only challenging

I wish I could game share it for you who want it so bad lol

I’m sad orchid doesn’t have any rare relics like this to find in the game


I only got the Shadow Lord item myself, the Temperance and Vengeance item continues to bug me, I’ve found no quest that I can use it for since I’ve earned it… Could there be a possibility of the quests being one and the same? Some hidden requirement in what items you have?


Not only you, buddy. IG should give us no secrets anymore and just tell us how to get it lol.


So… No closure with this dossier? I got all the World, Guardians and Items dossiers, except the Mask of the Ancients one. It’s really ticking me off.


Temperance and Vengeance can be obtained by Mira in a non captain mission.

[spoiler]You fight Maya, then have an option of Sparing her or biting her, turning her into a vampire. Choose to bite her.

You fight Maya again as a Vampire (Black Retro Outfit), then you choose the option of killing her. You gain Temperance and Vengeance but increase corruption everywhere.[/spoiler]


Sure that’s where you get it, but it’s a quest item so where do you use it, what quest is it for, what secret does it unlock…


None. It is an item. Similar to shadow talisman or the shadow lord item you equip it to one of your characters. It is in the Legendary items tab near the end of the list. The item gives you 25% melee damage boost and 50% projectile damage boost for 5 turns. That is all that it does. It is not part of any quest afterwards.


I’ve had the Mask of the Ancients item twice now. The first time, I put it on Spinal for his Eye of the Ancients quest, which did absolutely nothing.

I had it for three matches, and hoped that maybe the dossier was a normal drop, so I played three matches with Spinal and no dossier. Now I have the mask item again and thought I’d use it on the Mask of the Ancients quest match for Spinal but strangely, it’s not coming up AT ALL.

Since getting the Mask again, I’ve used Spinal for my captain three times in a row on Challenging, playing 30 rounds, 50 rounds and 100 rounds. The quest is not appearing.

I dunno. Could be just s random dossier drop if you have it equipped, but the fact that the Mask of the Ancients quest no longer appears for me seems odd.

I dunno. Either way, all I have left are a few Omen dossiers, some Kilgore dossiers and this. Can’t freaking believe this still isn’t dropping lol.


If you highlight it, it identifies it as a quest item, a few more quest items are the trackers and codes from the Riptor quests, the Eyedol fragments, and a few others but all the quest items I’ve found so far all have only one thing in common… They aren’t earned from quest specific tasks but are rather used at a certain point during a quest.


I know it’s early for 3.7 but anyone have any updates on this dossier?


Nothing yet. I tried to ask if anyone in the Shin Hisako Beam stream knew and I was ignored, which is fine, as that could very well mean that no one had an answer. I’ve asked @rukizzel a few times if this is bugged or if he could give some sort of hint on how to unlock this, since it’s been months now and no one seems to have any idea, but I know he’s busy.


Yeah, seems to be mia at the moment sadly =/ Hopefully soon we figure it out.


I took some screenshots to point out what I had mentioned earlier. I added the Fulgore plates to show that it wasn’t just items you get from quest exclusive events.


Yeah it’s strange. All of the items that you highlighted, you can get from doing actual questlines in the game.

I don’t believe that Ceremonial dagger requires a quest, though it might, but I do know that there’s a quest that you can get one from if you make the right choice. I believe it’s the one where you choose to eat with the villager. Most of the time, you get calf liver, but occasionally, you’ll get the dagger.

Temperence & Vengence, Maya’s Blood, Security Codes, Wyvern X are all quest items that you get from various quests. I know that for certain.

Fulgore Plating, if I’m not mistaken, can be gained from Kilgore’s Hot Lead quest, so it’s strange that this item is not listed as a quest item. But maybe it’s not because you can seemingly only do that questline once? I’ve never been able to do it again since the first time, but maybe others have?

As for the Mask, I feel like I’ve tried everything. I get them by scoring over 600K but less than 700K. I found out last night that you don’t actually have to beat Gargos, you just have to finish with a score that falls within those parameters.

But I’ve equipped a mask on Spinal and I did the Eye of the Ancients quest and nothing. I put it on Sadira and just played and won a few matches with her, thinking maybe the dossier just drops randomly so long as you have a mask equipped like how you’re more likely to get Crimson dossiers by using a different level of the same guardian (that’s how I got Crimson Owl, Crimson Tiger and Crimson Watcher recently). Nothing.

@rukizzel, @developers I’m humbly imploring you, can you please tell us how to get this dossier? Or at least if the way to get the dossier to drop has been confirmed to be working properly? Is it just a random drop, but you have to have a Mask equipped? Is there a quest you have to play to get the dossier to drop?

Because I believe Spinal has a quest called Mask of the Ancients, however, that quest doesn’t come up at all when you actually have a Mask in your storage. I’m 100% certain of this considering the fact that I’ve had Spinal in my group for SEVERAL play-throughs on each difficulty, many lasting 25+ turns and one lasting 100 turns. When you have a Mask in your storage, that mission does not pop for Spinal.

Any help, any hint, any confirmation that this dossier isn’t bugged would be immensely appreciated.


I don’t know myself, I assume that the Fulgore Plating in not a Quest Item because it has no use once you get it during the Hot Lead Quest… I know you can just craft the Ceremonial Dagger, but if there was one I would guess that it would be from the Infiltrate the Cult Quest during the point you become involved in the ceremony, but it seems a bit out place… Maybe it’s a stretch but the gamer inside me says if I could collect all the Quest Items not already identified as being used in any known quests the answer will show itself… I don’t have Maya’s Blood though, I keep forgetting to go get that… has anyone held on to Maya’s Blood, Temperance & Vengeance, the Ceremonial Dagger, and maybe even the Mask of the Ancients all at the same time with someone like Kan Ra in their group…


I got the mask, but I don’t remember what I did. It was on the second play though on challenging with a team of Jago, Thunder, and Fulgore.

I had no idea it was so difficult to get. I haven’t played Shadow Lords since.


Which did you get, the mask quest item or the mask dossier?


I just double checked to be sure. It is the actual item, but there wasn’t a quest associated with it. 3 turns of instinct, right?