Mask of the Ancients?


So the members of the team don’t matter? Just get 600k on challenging?


I know that’s wrong. Again, I got 790K on challenging and just got a Shadow Lord item.


What I don’t like the most is that how you find this item or dossier is so vague and nebulous that no one really knows how to do it, or what it does, that all we have is rumor. I would love some kind of definitive answer from the developers.


The dossier is MIA, the item is around 600k Challenging Shadow Lords points no team requirement. That much I know for sure. I’m testing a theory on the Dossier though, just requires completeing some quest chains to get there… Friggin Ai changes make Eyedol such a pain in the arse…


Here you go, it doesn’t say much, like I said.


What’s the theory, I’m sure just about everyone on here would be willing to help test it.


Not what I expected at all but that is helpful… Going to try to collect Maya’s blood later then and see what that says.


Yeah, like I said before the “but…” is it slowly drains your health.


Based on a tweet I saw asking about it, it was asked. "Have you completed the eyedol quest chain?"In response to the question. So I’m playing through multiple times with eyedol. Looking for any missions, drops, fighting Omens and Spinals with him.


Interestingly enough, I did not get serious into collecting dossiers until AFTER I had Eyedol…I almost wonder if having his quest line NOT completed is actually the way to go?


No, his quest chain not being active doesn’t do anything. I just redid it wondering if it was supposed to trigger something else by chance. Still working on playthroughs.


Just got the dossier. I was using a team of Tusk (captain), Sabrewulf, and Orchid. I used Tusk against a Cinder mimic on turn 4 (normal).


Just got it as well from a random mission.

I wonder if they fixed the Hatchery’s Secret III one, as it’s the only other seemingly glitched one for me.

@rukizzel any idea if there were Shadow Lords fixes?


Exactly what I wondered. I have 4/5 of those transceivers, so we’ll see.


Well eagle has been added to the list of dossiers in SL so we know they did something to SL


I got my Mask dossier, so I guess it’s just an ordinary random drop now.


Certainly seems that way. Got this dossier about three fights into SL last night before my gold, gems etc all disappeared.


I just now got it after a shadow match. Has finding the relic itself also become easier?


Also hope they fixed the dossier drop issue. I know they promised to fix that in 3.7 but I haven’t seen an omen dossier since 3.6


No I think the relic is still standard “finish with 600K.”