Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite



…except EVO


I really hope they don’t drop this game. They kept going with Street Fighter V and that game’s great now. They just need to play their cards right, add the needed polish, and add the right characters for the right price.


And right after he had posted this video, someone sent death threats to him…
WTF is wrong with people?!


Yeah I saw the video. Also saw that he got death threats. I really wish I knew why some people were this angry, this unfiltered, this stupid, etc. It’s pathetic. It’s a freakin video game. You disagree with him, shake your one brain cell loose from the side of your skull and decide to do something else like, I dunno, watch videos from people that like the game or hate the game or whatever it is you feel about the game.

It’s ridiculous that this guy’s just throwing his opinion out there as someone that loves the series and loves the gameplay, but doesn’t like other aspects and somehow, one person or a small, select few, just can’t seem to reconcile the fact that they might not always agree with someone else’s opinion and they have to resort to crap like this. Even if it was a joke, even if they didn’t really mean it… Whatever. I don’t care if you’re 10 or 50, that’s beyond stupid behavior and anyone with a pulse should know that.

As for his video, I’m not nearly as bothered by the graphics as others are, but I agree 110% about the story mode. They tried, but the dialog, plotline, everything about it just failed for me. But again, that’s just me. I appreciated the effort though. I like that more and more fighting games are trying to have this type of thing; to follow in Mortal Kombat’s footsteps. I think the writing still has a long way to go in most cases, even in MK, but I love that they’re trying to treat the lore and the characters and their story with as much respect as many fans give it in a lot of these games.

I’d also agree with the roster. I can think of maybe five characters that really interest me in this game. I also think that leaving out the X-Men, whether they had to or chose to or whatever, really hurt the game (for me). I’m also kinda sick of seeing the same characters over and over in these games, like they have to be staples because they’re big names.

There’s like 50 shotos in SF, can we maybe let Ryu sit out a game or be season 3 DLC or something? Not that there are DLC seasons, but you know what I mean. Does Morrigan always have to be the resident Darkstalkers character? Why not Dmitri or Rikuo or Victor or Jon Talbain or Lord Raptor?

I love that they put Jedah in the game. He’s also fun as hell to use. But if he’d been in every game in the series? I’d probably be bored with him too. But since he’s not, he’s fun and cool and unique and I’m glad they took the chance on him. I just wish they took (a LOT) more chances in that regard.

I think that this game would’ve provided a much more fun and lasting experience if we didn’t have so many returnees from UMVC3. Who knows though, maybe their budget forced their hand. Maybe they had to reuse characters and perhaps many of their animations. I have no idea.

Either way, MVC2 is still my favorite in the series. These are still fun games, but MVCI didn’t really hold my interest very long. I hope the people that enjoy it more keep playing it and that we eventually get more DLC characters, but I’m not holding my breath.

I kinda wish that FGC voices and players and what not could just play a game when it comes out and enjoy the good parts of it while providing constructive criticism, rather than suffocating each game in a litany of bad press, forum negativity and all around toxicity to the point where the game appears dead on arrival. Same games are awesome at launch and keep getting better. Some games need time. Crapping a game in to oblivion the second it’s out of the gate doesn’t help that.


I completely agree with the X-Men omission, also that whether they were contractually obligated to not include them or not, I hope Marvel now sees that X-Men fans need a great fighting game and it doesn’t have to be developed by Capcom, only take notes from Netherrrealm and other great successful fighter developers such as Namco/ even Iron Galaxy contributed some evolutionary mechanic successes recently. I can really see the instinct function working amazing wonders within the mutant code of an X-Men fighter

(Emma Frost has basic tele-powers say, like grodd or Enchantress, then her MutantInstinct mode gives her diamond shield ability like Superman trait (which also gives her a full diamond skin like poison ivy has a temporary bark skin armour) that absorbs hits, projectiles and minuses damage on specials, so she can get in and do higher damage, or evade and prepare for setup combos-lasts for about 30 seconds)

I’m also kinda glad the X-Men went untarnished by this challenged effort- it could mean a great thing for an upcoming fighter title, as Injustice2/MK11 will no doubt increase proposals for Marvel’s modern version of Next Dimension.
Here’s really hoping Marvel will look into that


I dunno, I doubt being in MVCI would have tarnished the reputation of the X-Men characters as bad as say…X-3 The Last Stand or X-Men Apocalypse (both of which actually did harm the brand for a good amount of time IMO). If anything, being in MVCI would have given them much needed exposure and maybe even prevented the game from flopping as bad as it did, as a lot of people refused to buy the game due to the lack of X-Men in the first place.

Besides that, having an all-Marvel fighter isn’t guaranteed to be good; Ultimate Alliance 2 and other such games over the years are proof of Marvel’s lack of consistent quality, and especially considering how this turned out I don’t really trust Marvel to allow a true effort project to exist (like how this was used to promote the MCU, not to celebrate the rich history of Marvel’s characters like the old MVC games). Of course I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen entire franchises die because of one game that didn’t do well (Command and Conquer: Renegade, Dead Space 3, etc.), and one bad MVC game could kill any other planned Marvel-based fighter by osmosis.

Honestly I’m not surprised the game died like it did, at the risk of sounding like a broken record it really was both company’s faults for allowing things to go the way they did, while seemingly ignoring the fact that literally every other FG company was out for their blood and a chance at the throne (which ArkSys and NRS basically share at this point). Maybe in 10 years we’ll see Marvel try fighters again, it took that long for MVC3 after all.


This game was on sale last weekend so I bought it. People are always so quick to say something is “dead” or “over.” But if I just bought it so did someone else. We are so spoiled these days. MvC2 was played by Dreamcast owners on a very small number of discs for years and they had to cart that outdated hardware around with them…


I enjoyed that game in my DC years ago. Wasn’t into very technical stuff, just having fun and fooling around. Dreamcast had neat figthing games.
BTW, I enjoyed playing Jedah in MVCI quite much. It’s a shame the game was left aside so fast. But this means Capcom will have to manage things better next time.


I had it too but played it mostly as a novelty. Never really got past “beam spamming is OP” tech. I enjoyed SF3 much more but can’t pretend to have been serious about that either.


So despite borrowing a friend’s copy of the game some time back I never actually bought a copy of the game myself, until yesterday when I saw that my local Wal-Mart was selling the game for a mere $20. And after spending much more time with it I must say I actually prefer this game to UMvC3 in some ways; the pacing is slower but more controlled, and it doesn’t have that horrible input buffer that causes you to do the wrong moves constantly like UMvC3 did. At the same time, the presentation is so bland and the roster is overall just as bad as I remember in terms of variety (it really is just a rehash of UMvC3’s roster but without the more exotic choices that UMvC3 had). I’m even enjoying the story mode, despite it’s corniness and mostly easy battles.

With that said, I’m still disappointed over how the game was overall handled. Capcom was the reason I almost left fighting games for good some years back, and despite that fact I still held a small hope that they would wake up and bring back the glory days of their fighting franchises someday. I know I must have sounded like some Capcom apologist this entire topic, but seeing as how NRS (another game developer that defined my childhood back in the day) was able to turn around after the mediocre PS2-era MK games I was hoping that Capcom would at least try to care about games not called Monster Hunter.

Well, at least the game is fun to me. I couldn’t say that about SF5.


What I Hope to See at E3,
The reveal of some sort of ultimate edition of the game that will update and improve the original

What I Expect



yeah, I saw that. Max’s optimism has been Ultra Comboed as of late.


I wish people would just play the game for what it is, instead of always talking negative about it. But, that’s just my opinion.

But, hopefully this is a start of continued support for the game. It’s a really fun game.


So you’re telling people to play a game they don’t like?
Are you saying people should just accept all the crappiness that is MvCI?
Are you saying that people should stop wanting it to be better?

If people hadn’t complained, the game wouldn’t even get any updates. Capcom would label it a failure and just let it die. But because people keep pushing Capcom to do better, that is hopefully what they will do! Because they can’t continue to get away with making half-assed games like SFV and MvCI!

Wanting them to do better is a GOOD thing! Settling with crappiness is not.


I’m still hoping that this game gets the SFV treatment and we get an Ultimate Update. The damage to capcom’s long Term rep would be catastrophic otherwise.


There’s literally no way to get this from what he has said. Sometimes I just don’t get you…

no one is saying that

Definitely no one is saying this.

Prove it. Please point to one single ■■■■■■■ update for MvCi that was generated due to fan complaints. I think this is the biggest “Big Lie” of the modern social media era. Peoples complaints do not magically make things better. The constant complaining is encouraging people not to buy the game, which has driven sales numbers down, which has directly led to the cessation of support for the game. Period. A game many of them would have liked had they tried it. And most of the complaints are not from people who love the game and want it to get better, they are from people who hate the game and want to kill it. This idea that complaints on the internet make things happen is wrong and it leads people to complain over things that don’t actually bother them all that much because they fantasize that they might have someone listen to them. yeah, people listen to you run down the game you “love” and they choose not to buy it.

Since I know you love to twist everyone’s statements into incomprehensible nonsense so you can argue with your own fantasy of what they have said, let me make it clear - I am not telling anyone to buy something or play something that they don’t like. But just shut up about the things that you don’t like, especially idiotic things. I’m so tired of hearing about Chun Li’s face. I am not on the message boards and social media for games that I hate (CoD, GTA) telling people why those games are terrible and pretending that somehow this is a contribution to improving the future. We live in an era where “fans” kill absolutely everything by nitpicking and complaining about trivia and driving away anyone who might be interested in what they claim to be fans of.


-points at the video posted above-

If no one had said anything, I don’t think they would even bother with it.

Sure, there are people who complain just to be a-holes. But complaints come from dissatisfaction. And the dissatisfaction for MvCI is understandable. People giving Capcom feedback about all the things that’s wrong with it, even if said feedback is in the form of complaints, is with the goal of hoping they will take in that feedback and do something about it. To make it better.

And of course it also results in people not buying the game. If they can see that those who have bought the game is dissatisfied with all these things, then it’s only fair that other people won’t buy it. If you go into a bakery, and you hear several people complaining about the bread tasting like dirt, why would you buy their bread?

Now you’re just being an unnecessary a-hole.
People have the right to complain. And they will complain about the things they don’t like. Telling people to shut up about it is not in your place to do. You don’t have the authority to tell people that, and people don’t need to listen to you.

If you’re satisfied with the game as it is, then cool. Good for you.
If you don’t like seeing people complain about games, then you can block them or just avoid the places it happens, such as gaming forums and such. It’s not other people’s problem that you’re tired of reading people’s complaints. Just don’t read them then.


Let me rephrase my statement.

I know that there are inconsistencies with the game, and many other factors that people don’t like. Sure, the graphics aren’t the best to some people. Sure, there is not enough new characters in the cast. Sure, some of the animations and facial movement sucks. But I wish people would see past that, and play a game that is pretty amazing and super ■■■■ fun, instead of always bringing it down and talking bad about it. Show people why and what makes it fun, not complain about the graphics, or why Spencer looks weird or why the music sucks for the characters.

It echoes our position in KI somewhat. People just need to play and have fun with the game, rather than harp on things that really may not matter for enjoyment.


Thank you, I knew you would give a good and proper response. ^^
And I’m sorry if I seemed to be too aggressive with mine earlier.