Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


okay, am I crazy. or did they fix dante’s face in a sleeper update. I’m playing right now and he dosn’t have those weird dark circles under his eyes.


I use his DmC costume, so I haven’t noticed.


same here. i got it in a random match and i did a double take


I really would’ve preferred Uncle Dante for MvC:I (alternate or primary costume).
Really smooth looking, and he has the best devil trigger out of any of Dante’s incarnations.


That’s my least favourite look for him. I’m not a fan of the cowboy-look they tried to give him. To be honest, my favourite look for the Original Dante is his DMC2 appearance.

The game itself is definitely the weakest of the franchise though, but Dante never looked better, imo.


I think thier UI is too much and at times ugly. It’s distracting.


When I see mods like these, I wish there was a way to use them on PS4…

That DMC2 Dante is beautiful!


I feel like DMC2 or DMC4 Dante should’ve been the default model instead of DMC3 again.


DMC3 Dante is the most popular one. I would prefer the DMC2 Dante look though.


This game is like 60% off on ps4 eshop, worth it for that price?
SFV arcade edition had a 20% discount aswell, and Injustice 2 has a huge 50% discount also, might get them all…which one would you guys suggest most though? Thinking about Injustice 2 myself…


Oh yeah. Definitely pick it up at that discounted price. Just ignore the story mode and just play vs. fights. It rocks.


What do you mean, the story mode is aweso-barfs

… Sorry, I couldn’t say it…


Infinite is actually a very fun game. I’d certainly recommend it at that price. :+1:t5:


Get injustice 2 if you looking for bang for your buck in comparison to the games you mentioned.


This is nice!

Crossplay isn’t confirmed yet though.


I think lack of crossplay can be assumed. However this is still a big deal.


It honestly surprises me when people expect crossplay between different consoles. Between one console and PC I can understand, because that is an established neutral ground, but between xbone and PS4, no way. The two companies could never get along well enough to actually link their survers together for online play.


Their might be a mutual benefit to crossplay between equal partners. But when there is a clear leader (right now Sony) the benefits of crossplay give a disproportionate advantage to the weaker market holder. So you will always see the company(ies) in a weaker position supporting it and the better position not. One of the strongest cases Sony has for new buyers is that they are buying into the largest community for gaming. Crossplay diminishes that and let’s MS console purchasers access that community.

So all the talk about cross play is marketing. If MS were in the lead they would not support it at all.

Having said that, my comment was about crossplay between Xbox and Pc. I’m assuming this is not going to happen with Marvel.


It is proven possible to Crossplay between consoles. It’s like that accidental mishap with Fortnite Battle Royal’s Servers, with them saying it was a “configuration error.”

If it’s really that easy where a simple error can have people across consoles play, I don’t understand why people don’t have Crossplay for many of their games.


It’s very possible. And considering that both platforms are using pretty standard PC architecture it’s probably not much harder than setting up a PC server. It may be easier to do it “accidentally” because you don’t have to require with any (potentially different/conflicting) requirements from the console makers. But I don’t think that’s what happened with Fortnight. I think they did it “accidentally” on purpose to show that it could work and encourage public pressure on Sony to agree to cross play.