Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


Honestly though. I just want Trish back. Her and Jill (ideally MvC2 Jill, but i’ll Work with whatever)


Characters I want, but know aren’t happening:
Hiro and Beymax
Howard (is a Duck)
Sean(street fighter)


i used to be a proponant of Baymax back when Big Hero 6 first came out, but it just isn’t as relevant now. It didn’t really stick around.


Well there is that cartoon series…


So, I think we can all agree Capcom needs to do something to gain back favor with the MvC community. Even if the leaked DLC is right, and we do get all of the right characters, that will only help so much. So it got me thinking. How could they win us back. Then it hit me.

Remember Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. An HD remake of Street Fighter II using sprites dream by UDON comics. What if they did the same thing for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. An bundle containing the original game, and an HD remake with new sprites, Capcom characters drawn by UDON and Marvel characters drawn by, of course, artists at Marvel. I think that would do the trick.


No. This is not a good idea. A remix of an old game isn’t going to bring back anyone. At most, you will get a few people who will play it for nostalgia. Seems like a good idea except that it can pretty much kill Marvel Infinite as well. “A rerelease of an old game has more characters and looks better than Marvel Infinite.” I rather they give Marvel Infinite the SFV treatment. Just add good characters, rework the HUD to something that isn’t boring, and fix up some models. Maybe add a comic filter.


I’m not saying they shouldn’t do that. I’m just saying that that won’t be enough to fix everything. Why don’t they do both.

Edit: if they were to do it, ideally it would release close to the end of infinite’s lifespan. Like, after season 4.


If they did it, I would make it free for Marvel Infinite supporters.


How would they do that? Some sort of kickstarter-esque setup? Buy the Season 3 and 4 pass and get it free like KI Classic? It’s not exactly an easy thing to set up. And just giving it away to everyone who buys the game seams unrealistic.


Something like that. Buy Season (insert last season) here and get this as a bonus.


Ok. I’m replaying SFIV for nostalgia, and I’m reminded of how much I miss Bison in the vs. series. Why did they drop him in favor of Akuma in 3. Bison is much cooler and has a more unique moveset. I hope he ends up in infinite.

Edit: Also, the menus and HUDs in this game are just as simplistic as Infinite. What gives people!


It’s not the simplicity that is bad. It’s just bland. Health bars, I can forgive. But the meter and stone guage just looks generic.


The health bars have this really uninspired design to them with this ugly green and yellow color for the health bars. It also doesn’t help that the middle of the bar is darker than the rest, making it look worse. Despite how simplistic the HUD is in SFIV, it still has a bit of flavor to it (health bars fade into red at the end, super meter has electricity surging from it, ultra meter is overflowing with power). MvC:I’s hud is so unbearably bland.


You just wait until MvCI Arcade Edition overhauls everything, it’ll definitely be good then! /s

Simplistic is nice and all, but games like KI and MvCI need some flair to match the kind of games they are. Look at GGs UI, so beautiful. I can see the appeal in simple looks, but me personally, I would have gone totally apeshit. Like use character logos for health bars, have your super meter set ablaze etc.


Because Akuma is cooler…?

(jk I just wanted use the gif)


I don’t care. I think Bison is cooler. Plus, unlike Akuma, he actually has a unique playstyle compared to other fighters on the roster. And would probably have worked with Doom and Wesker in their cabal. (That’s part of UMvC3’s very minimal plot. Doom and Wesker work together to conquer the world, and the fighting accidentally summons Galactus).


I always liked Akuma better tbh…


The reason Akuma was in Marvel 3 made sense. He was the first one that crossovered with Marvel and it made sense for him to make it. He did start it all with his appearance in X-Men Children of the Atom. He has more influence in that regards compared to Bison.


I guess. I’m fine with him being there. I just want Bison as well. They should have dropped C. Viper. De just didn’t belong, and her grab lookes completely ridiculous when done on Amaterasu.


Bison is my favorite Street Fighter character next to Sakura, R.MIka and Alex but I really like Akuma too

I think Bison would fit be a good choice for this game as another street fighter representative (Rashid being my top pick) but only if Magneto is in the game as well since they have always been rivals in this series. Akuma can fit in any crossover game with no complaints and he could work well.