Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


The edited voice sounds way better but honestly just a lower pitch version of the voice we got would have made it perfect. Venom always had a deep voice. I don’t know why they didn’t give us a lower pitched voice. We don’t even need the cool chorus effect, just a deeper voice.


I don’t think Venom needs a lower pitch, even. Take his voice from Marvel Nemesis: RotI, which has a surprisingly high pitch compared to the 90’s animated series. Despite the higher pitch, the voice still sounds great because the filter evens it out.


I definitely agree. It doesn’t have to be deeper, but it doesn’t sound right, IMO. I grew up with the dark, deep sounding Venom, but I’m not too picky.


This, with the dark and menacing tone following his own voice, is PERFECT for how he should sound like!

Just another thing Capcom effed up… Add it to the pile.


Poor Capcom. They used to be a giant of the industry that could do no wrong. Then they misunderstand what will keep them on top and now everyone hates them. Things we used to tolerate are now the most horrible mistakes you can make.

Capcom games never had good voice acting. At least, not in SF or MvC.

Also I will never understand why people say that the game and menues look bad. I just don’t see it. Maybe i’m Incapable of comprehending it. But I just don’t see it. Even when it’s directly pointed out to me (like Chun-Li and Dante’s “official art”) I think it looks fine.


No question there is a lot of “snowball rolling downhill” effect that magnifies people’s complaints online. But some of it is just that expectations are rising.

The thing that’s “new” to me is that now all the SF fans are the ones hating Capcom. It used to be KOF and MK fans.


What I’m seeing is this. Capcom makes full fighting games for years with no story mode. KI comes out on the seasonal model. NRS starts doing story modes and both become really successful. Capcom then thinks that that is what’s needed to increase sales.

For Street Fighter V, they tried to outdo Killer Instinct. They offered more characters at base than any season of Killer Instinct, and they promised us (the Killer Instinct fanbase) two things we have been wanting but still haven’t got. A Cinematic Story Mode and an Arcade Mode. That being said, it failed because none of the extra features were there at launch, the story mode sucked, and we still haven’t got the arcade mode.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite comes along and they’ve got bigger fish to fry. They want to topple both Injustice 2 (which would come out the same year) and their own reputation. So they make a much larger launch roster than SFV, a full arcade mode and story mode at launch, but another problem came along. Time. Because they gave themselves such a limited time to make it they poured so much work into the story mode that the rest of the game’s aesthetics suffered. Coupled with a HUGE price tag on the Ultimate Edition, and the certainty that even more will come with just more money required. Add inherited problems from the current state of Marvel Comics, and you left an average game that everyone is perfectly fine calling garbage.

Moving forward, Capcom needs to do two things.

  1. Stop copying other companies and do what Capcom dose best. Making great fighting games. Because the actual fighting in both games is still great. They don’t need all this extra fluff.
  2. To quote Maxamillion Dood, they need to aggressively make people happy. They still even have the potential to do that with SFV and MvCI. And if the recent leaks about them are true, well then they are on the path to redemption. And maybe when these games have settled, and Capcom is finally ready to move on. Then they can get out of this rut and start being great again.


There’s a lot of truth here. But I don’t think people were comparing MvCi’s roster to other games - rather they were comparing it to other MvC games. So much of the launch roster is re-skinned MvC3 characters that people are kind of wondering what they are buying here. But to be fair, that’s always been true for the vs series of games. They started life as asset borrowing MUGEN style mashups.


I also think that is a symptom of the limited development time. They wanted to have a big roster quickly, so the easiest thing to do was take assets from the last game.


So, playing all the characters, I think the Winter Soldier is my favorite. Venom is super close.

I didn’t play much Black Widow because she’s super technical. I have a friend that plays her at a high level, and I can tell you this:

That trailer did her no justice whatsoever. She’s the hypest character to watch in this pack, IMO.


I am legitimately surprised she wasn’t on the main roster. She’s not exactly a character who could sell units (people critisising the fact that the pack has 3 marvel characters and no capcom characters all say to drop her and not Winter Soldier, my least favorite character), but she’s a character Marvel wants to push. It just baffles me.


Well, Disney owns 20th Century Fox now so…


This game is so all over the place I hope x- men missthis version and are well- represented in next.

Heck, a new X-Men: Mutant Academy reboot would be even better.
Capcom could develop still

Now, If they do a DLC pak next year of about 4 X-Men for MVC I that’d be ok as well- I’d still buy it because the new game would take 2 years


Playing DMC for the first time, I know not everybody loved it, but how about Kat for Marvel vs. Capcom. I think she would be really cool


She’s not really a fighter, but that hasn’t prevented Capcom from putting such characters into the series (Phoenix Wright, for example).

I like Kat and I like DmC too though.


Have her use the spray paint in normals and let her special moves be paint with special magical effects. She’s a Wiccan, so that would be believable. She could even use limbo gates for teleporting herself, or as a trap for the opponent ( I know she couldn’t use them, but i’m Taking liberties with the source material for the sake of gameplay).


I’d much prefer Nero or Lady. The Devil Bringer would be super cool to have in the game, and Lady would be a really fun zoner with her handguns, shotgun, and Kalina Ann.


Lady was leaked by a guy who also correctly predicted Enchantress and TMNT in Injustice 2, SFV’s third season, and Soul Calibur VI’s existence. So my guess is we are probably getting her.




Maximillion Dood has a video where he talks about the leak. And he provides a reddit link to the original leak. If you’re interested in checking it out.