Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite




Really wouldn’t expect Asura coming to MvCI.

I don’t think Marvel would risk using an offensive character like that.


Why is he offensive?


Are…we thinking of the same…Asura? Not seeing how offensive he is. In fact Asura is the worlds #1 best dad hands down


I’m just really hoping they add Psylocke & Storm.
I’d buy 2 copies for that news. Even if I had to wait til Xmas 2018 for her to be released.


This. :heart:


@TheIncubusLord @BblackorchidD

Ooooh ^


Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Venom trailer.

Edit: LOL, you posted it right as I did! XD


Seems you beat me to it :joy:

Did you watch it? I’m SUPER interested in Bucky for sure.

Edit: You got the trailer lmao


How is it that even without an original Japanese voice acting that the actors have to mimic, they still sound like they’re dubbing something. Does Capcom actually give the note to the actors “try it again, this time, like this isn’t your native language”.


I saw Max react to it, then went to find the original trailer.

WS and Venom are definitely looking cool.
Black Widow, as much as I love her… her gameplay looks rather boring in comparison.
But I do love what we see though. Her grapples, her grappling hook, the batons, the kicks…

She will definitely be one of my mains. :heart:


She seemed super interesting. I might play all of them to see which one I like. WS looks amazing, and animated really well. BW has a lot of faints and grapple moves. It may be just me, but I’m kinda getting a Jill Valentine (UMvC3) vibe from her.

Venom looks cool too! He’s got a lot of space controlling moves.

Can’t wait!


I wish Cammy in SF got some of all those grapples. She and Black Widow have so much in common as characters and playstyles.


Lol, Venom voice acting it’s horrible


They saying that Venom’s voice sounds like Carnage, right?


It should have been darker and more menacing, indeed.


I agree. I like the more, Darker and grittier sounding Venom.



I love that street stage


I don’t think it’s the acting as it’s more that Venom doesn’t have his voice filter, which he is almost never without. I found this after watching the trailer and if Capcom had just done this, there would be no complaints.



That’s more sounding like how I think Venom is. Why in the world would they not put a filter?

Like don’t get me wrong, the VA is awesome, but that brings it home for sure.